Your hairdresser in Eisenach and more, stylish by christin schilhabel

our philosophy

Customer service is our concern. A smile and the answer: "Yes, with pleasure" are a matter of course for us. It is important to us to convey a "warm" feeling to the customer. With every hand movement you should feel that we see our profession as a vocation.

The craftsmanship is determined by current and innovative techniques. Our top priority is to keep your naturalness in line with fashion trends.

Our "salon motto" is therefore:
"Your salon, where you can feel unique and comfortable".

Our services

Fashionable hairstyles

Received from us she an stylish and modern Hair styling. We offer:

  • Women Men- &
    Children haircuts
  • hair extensions
  • Updos
  • Color and streaks

Perfect wedding hairstyles & Bridal styling

We do our part for your perfect day.

  • Updo, long hair- & plaited
  • Shooting – styling
  • Show – styling
  • Incorporation of hair pieces and hair accessories

Hairstyling & Make up

On request, you can also get the right make-up for your desired hairstyle.

  • day- & Cover-up
  • Evening makeup
  • Styling for shootings
  • Extras, such as rhinestones or artificial eyelashes, and much more …

Stylish by Christin Schilhabel: the first salon in Eisenach to be classified as a hairdresser

The hairdressing salon "Stylish by Christin Schilhabel" was classified in April not only as the first salon in Eisenach but also as the first in Thuringia by the hairdressing classification Germany in Cologne – and with 4 stars.

Christin Schilhabel is happy about the success achieved. “Hairdressers don’t have it easy these days,” she says, “undeclared work and poor quality discredit the entire industry. If you want to be successful, you have to guarantee above-average performance. ” She and her team do what confirms the positive result of the hairdressing classification. This neutral classification procedure is intended to make it easier for hairdressing customers to find the “right” hairdresser. U. a. Education, training and further education, service offerings, space and equipment as well as customer communication.

“Of course, customer service is our main concern. It is important to us to convey a "warm" feeling to the customer, "describes the young hairdressing entrepreneur, who is moving her salon this May after the rooms of her shop, which opened a year earlier, burst at the seams, her philosophy. From a technical point of view, tailor-made haircuts are used, the entire team of "Stylish" is focused on the core competence "hairstyle".

Every time you move your hand you can feel that a team of hairdressers works here who sees their profession as a vocation. Every customer is warmly welcomed and can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing. There is enough time for an individual consultation and of course the treatment. The range of services is characterized by creativity, professional competence, professionalism.

Key data that ensure a successful performance in hairdressing classification. The hairdressing classification Germany has set itself the goal of providing better orientation for customers and potential staff with an independent and transparent assessment. In this way, classified businesses stand out from the “black sheep” that discredit the entire industry. As part of the classification process, only measurable and objectively ascertainable quantities and facts are recorded. The hairdressing classification is based on the tried and tested procedure of hotel classification.

"My team and I are delighted that there is now something like this for the hairdressing industry, there are measurable criteria that we can communicate to the outside world," says Christin Schilhabel. "During the classification period, over the next two years, we will work on maybe reaching another star next time."


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