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March 27, 2020 — by MCutts0

Come on. 3500 words are certainly not a problem. You cannot spend more than half an hour reading. And I ask for comments.

Does this look extremely dark or extremely good? The decision shouldn’t be difficult, even if there is something more behind it. My clear answer says, unfortunately, the former. Googly eyes, colorful hair and short skirts wherever you look. The rest then mostly consists of sports and potential Yao series. However, that is only one side of the coin.

At the same time, I may assess most of the things as bad, but it can certainly entertain me. "Entertainment" or simply "entertainment", if you don’t want to use the German language, has recently become an important part of my vocabulary. This is due to the simple fact that most of the newer anime otherwise have no real qualities. It is certainly all very entertaining, but not good. Rarely does something rise above the 5 or 6 point rating. For the next season, the exact same pattern is emerging.

I have fun with fanservice / Moe / Comedy / Brainless Action. Why not? But at this point it is not funny anymore. That I had just written an "ß" instead of the "ss" was probably also wishful thinking. And yet I continue to look at all of this and at the same time lead myself to better, old series. So let’s take a look at this selection, in which 80% could have "guilty pleasure" as a reason.


Content: The protagonist named Koto enters a kind of parallel world, meets equally mysterious people and experiences adventures. According to Cartdriver, she is chasing a rabbit, which makes Alice think in wonderland, which is a popular motif for anime.

Notes: Whether Kyousogiga is a film or a series is divided on different pages opinion. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned here, starting from an anime series. the studio is Toei Animation and among the notable Seiyuu are Rie Kugimieya, Saito Khiva and Kitamura Eri.

This series looks exceptional. This concerns the drawing style, the trailer and the story description. That is not to say “exceptionally good” or “exceptionally bad”, but simply extraordinary. And in the sense that Kyousogiga is typical again. Almost every season there is some anime that turns out to be experimental. He then experiences a lot of hype.

Evil tongues are ironically referred to in advance as "deconstruction". All I can say: It will either be awesome, very miserable or mediocre. When the rooster crows on the manure, the weather changes or stays the way it is. In any case, it is worth it just because of the hype to follow it and also to see if it will be one of the few series that really becomes something special with the experimental concept and does not only do so.

Milky Holmes 2nd

Content: A second season of Milky Holmes, which certainly does not have any major differences from the first. Surely they will try again this time to get their lost toys back.

Notes: J.C.Staff

We are already with the googly eyes, and here in extreme shape. According to the content, little can be said here without letting it degenerate into a review of the first season of Milky Holmes. I liked this because of the humor, the characters and the shallow story. I expect the same thing here, that in the end there was this stupid reset (I’m still angry). This is how everyone else should handle it. If you don’t know the series, we recommend it. Looks quickly and is – we have it entertaining again. By the way, there was also a male Main in the UN. Sometimes it’s really good to write one out. Should have done at Ben-To too. What I hope for in season two is that the ancestors will show up more often and G4 will get more screen time. Otherwise everything can stay that way. That I find Sheryl cute is astonishing enough.

Recorder to Randoseru

Content: An 11 year old boy looks like an adult and his six years older sister like a child. What should it be other than a comedy?.

Notes: A studio that no one knows, and which so far has only produced the short anime Moritasan blah, which I did not find funny and which Beyblade produced: Seven. Really great prospects. The adaptation of a 4-coma manga.

This is a comedy and it is likely to get shit. The concept was praised as particularly original in advance, whereupon I disagreed. Of course, I was asked to prove it, but in the end I found only one anime in which the difference between age and appearance is in the foreground. Moetan not counted. Despite the fact that one can argue about originality, I dare to predict that the jokes will wear off very quickly. You know that from that example. What is funny the first time only aroused a grin a little later and after two episodes you don’t even want to bother lifting the corners of your mouth. Well, it’s an attempt, and I want to appreciate that by watching at least one episode. As a 4-coma, the concept probably even works.

Area no Kishi

Content: A sports anime. Kakeru believes he can’t play football and only becomes manager of the club, while his brother is a genius in the sport. That brother also thinks he sees talent in Kakeru. Then a childhood friend appears with whom they used to play football and everything becomes complicated.

Notes: Shin Ei Animation adapts a manga that is said to be good.

Anyone would look implicitly here. I do anyway. Sports anime are not really my thing, but people can jump over their shadows, especially since I don’t even have much experience with them to be able to judge them. I am really not a football fan and I only look a little bit during the World Cup, but this is an anime. The comparison with the World Cup is not that bad. What fascinates me the most? The scandals, the discussions and the impact on politics. The whole thing. And it’s the same with anime of this kind. I don’t watch it because of the sport. I don’t care about various soccer tricks. Ultimately, the characters, their relationships with each other and the like are in the foreground. It doesn’t really matter which sport is chosen. Football is only good because it is believable. More credible than Karuta for example. Everyone comes into contact with football sooner or later and many young people are in the clubs. To refuse this because you don’t play football is like refusing Bakuman just because you don’t draw a manga. And I hardly think that everyone who looks at SciFi is in such a profession. And how was it with Mahou Shoujos?


Content: Once there was a popular girl who suddenly died. The other students decided to pretend that it hadn’t happened. Protagonist-kun comes into this class 26 years later, noting a depressed atmosphere. There is also a girl who always bears the name of the popular schoolgirl and who only paints. Well, is there a connection? Oh, anime are all unpredictable and all.

Notes: P.A.Works (yes, those who knocked out Angel Beats!) Adapts a mystery novel

Oh my god how DUSTER and MYSTERIOUS everything looks like. That is enough to summarize my impressions. If Another wants to look like a serious mystery, I’m very sorry. According to the promo picture and trailer, Gosick is more accommodating in this aspect. Who knows if I would start – for lack of alternatives, for sure – if the good Mei Misaki didn’t have such a great character design including an eye patch, a nice voice, by the way, and you couldn’t expect pleasant backgrounds and colors at PA Works. I’m already too disillusioned with the rest. The chance that it will be good and maybe even scary is around 5%. But you always have to advertise with the arguments that hit the right or wrong audience. Thanks to the music, the first seconds still bring a bit of atmosphere and the depressed looks of the class are acceptable. But at the latest the happy life of the cast with mainstream drawing style is so much in contrast that it is already ridiculed. That’s not how you make good trailers. You could also use K-ON! take, underlay the music, take out the colors, splash a few effects over it and we come to the same result. One can argue about lurid presentation with creeeeeepy dolls. It looks like Another is wasted potential, if not worse than mediocre. But Mei is cute. At least something.

Gorge no Lagrange

Content: 17-year-old Madoka likes to help other people. She is able to fight aliens in a robot. The rest of the show then revolves around her school life.

Notes: Production IG and XEBEC, original

Why? I really have no idea. The synopsis reads really amusing. "Random Shoujo X, who is 17 years old rides an robot in order to fight aliens." Is there anything more specific? There is really no reason to look at it, although with so little information I am interested in how generic Rinne no Lagranne really is. The promo picture also only has three more or less boring looking girls ready. Nothing new at this point.

So if there is no reason, it must be the trailer. And that is exactly how it is. What do we see? We see a city by the sea, the unimaginative drawing style and two pantsushots. But we also see, admittedly CGI-heavy, robot fights in which the military is involved. I was simply won over by the light and happy atmosphere. Rinne no Lagrane could be what Hanasaku Iroha could not do: a slice of life without annoying drama that does not rely on moeblobs, but still treats normal teenagers. The atmosphere is similar, which is not least due to the studio, and I like it. There is no need to speak of realism in the case of huge mechas, even though the school part is probably balanced. The mix is ​​actually quite nice and could prove to be good with this type of series. You will see whether RnL performs better than Iroha, but you have to dare to do that. After all, it is not to be labeled bad from the beginning. Unfortunately Xebec doesn’t make me happy.

black Rock Shooter

Content: Nobody knows and doesn’t interest anyone. Fanboys will eat anything that says BRS.

Notes: 8 episodes of Aniplex and a few studios, of which no one has ever heard. … Oh dear, the Fractale Studio was hired too. Just like … Shinobu and Mari as director and script writer. Yes, take Yamakan right away. Ryo from Supercell is responsible for the music. It may be an Engrish Fest with misleading lyrics.

Yes yes, Black Rock Shooter is a delicate topic. Has been and is being hyped, but with the prerequisites it can be practically nothing. Changed character design of Moeappeal Will? 8 episodes? A trailer that is 50% cute girls doing cute things? As a broadcasting station? … ..Uh stop. One thing doesn’t fit in there. But there has been a long and wide discussion about this elsewhere. With the trailer and the short time it is practically impossible for them to achieve something acceptable – and why should they? Yuri allusions peppered with appealing high budget fight scenes sell and the characters are better than a plot. I even like the former. It looks really good. In contrast to the normal faces, which are much too rounded. Otherwise, the trailer suffers from the same problem as that of Another. More serious music that is simply overlaid on clichéd elements of a Moeanime and makes it pretty strange.

You don’t have to ask yourself the question of why I’m watching this here. Everyone does it, including me. You always have to be up to date.

Kill me baby

Inahlt: Now seriously, do you want to know him? Slice of Life about an Assasinen Tsundere (?) That looks like Nagi and a normal schoolgirl.

Notes: J.C.Staff series that looks more like KyoAni and does not need Rie, but has an annoying voice in store for it.

4-panel adaptation no.2 and one of the six J.C.Staff series of the next season. Where do they get all the money from … QUALITY is going to pile up. But back to Kill me Baby. Another Moe comedy that I expect will appeal to me more than Recorder to Randoseru. Be it from the design, or also from the fact that the Moe can probably act as a backup for the comedy. If the jokes wear what I expect, I can still have fun. The manga is not supposed to be that great, but I don’t want to anticipate anything either. If J.C.Staff adapts good material badly, then maybe you can adapt bad material for good. who knows.

The actual trailer is of course not that long. Certain people with too much free time just have fun to make a 15 minute version so that you can torture yourself. Seriously, whoever does this to me deserves my respect. I gave up on half. And wanted to click it out after two seconds. No one can endure these quiesky voices.

Mouretsu Pirates

Content: One day student Marika is called to lead the space pirate ship Benten Maru because she is a direct descendant of the previous commander. It also follows directly. Coincidentally, she had learned to steer a ship beforehand.

Notes: LN adaptation by Satelight. Hanazawa in good shape. Not the cute girl, but the strong-willed girl. After this distinction, I like or hate her voice.

Yes, I’m embarrassed to look at the mini skirt pirates. However, an anime wakes up that already says clearly in the title what it is after all sympathy. It is really charming. There is nothing new to report about the story and the setting is probably only chosen for the looks. You have to have a reason to give the girls weapons and let them fight. These fights are a point that Mouretsu Pirates could make lookable. The second is the Hanazawa with a look of death. I can only hope that they work true to their title and just don’t drive on the drama machine. It can ruin everything. Just like mass censorship. Or the balance between plot and fan service. MAL has SciFi and Space as tags, but you usually can’t put much on these tags.

InuxBoku SS

Content: Ojou-tan absolutely wants to be independent, but has to move to a certain house. There every resident is protected by a specially trained bodyguard. Yours is just a fox spirit that she had saved earlier.

I like the character design of the two, it’s great. Fact and end. Himecut Loli with ZR, a heterochromia guy with white hair and you’ve got me. This is quite simple. It always works. It’s an annoying thing … what … um, I’m just distracted … after. The name of the house "Ayakashi Kann" leads to the conclusion that they are all rather supernatural beings. There is exactly one reason why I give this potential. At first glance I wouldn’t have classified it in shounen or in the mystery genre, even if these terms are always very vague. The fact that only the setting is specified leaves a lot of scope for further developments. It could become a sol as well as a drama or even a mystery. It can’t be clearly classified anywhere, so it could be really good. According to Manga connoisseurs, she is not too annoying Tsundere. It will be difficult to choose an avatar in the next season. So now let me keep staring at the promo picture.

Papa no Iu

Content: The protagonist gets three girls, the children of his sister are pushed on and can raise them.

Notes: Another LN adaptation, this time by feel. Doesn’t sound very promising.

This is also a candidate to be ashamed of. I really can’t explain it here. Let’s see …. I really wanted to see a RomCom? It seems insanely complex? The main sounds interesting? Oh, all wrong. Well, I had fun with MM !, and I haven’t seen any LN adaption for a long time. Not that that would be a big loss, and I already look enough crap, but somehow …. At some point you can just watch everything and it’s not like you can’t drop after an episode. Sometimes it is fun to see absolute crap, be it something typical like this. They even have a Haruhi clone with them, as it should be for decent trash.


Aquarion is a sequel. Although I don’t know the first season, it is supposed to have nothing to do with it. This doesn’t seem to contain much more story than the rest of it, but unlike this, it focuses on action. The other question is whether it was necessary to set up two teenage girls as protagonists, but if the fan service remains subtle, that’s fine. This synopsis says just as much as that from this Sunrise series about stones back then. The cast fights new enemies from a new dimension in a new robot. I really can’t do much with that now. It could be as good as it was bad. Those who know the first season will be aware of the style, but I go to Aquarion as a completely blank slate.


Content: Sequel Bakemonogataris, which revolves around the two sisters. Now original with scrambled eggs in the hair.

Notes: SHAFT with hopefully enough budget and character development

We have a reason to be happy. Nisemonogatari, the successor to Bakemonogatari, is here and will probably be fine. That would make one of the contenders for this title a Moeserie again, but that should be my least concern here. Ararararararagi’s sisters are in the foreground and cannot yet be judged. The old characters appear, but with the dreaded new hairstyles. Well, more – monogatari is always good. If SHAFT still manages to perfect the animation on the BD, that would be great. I’m definitely not going to watch Bakemonogatari again for added animation. They should have enough budget through Madoka.

Ano Natsu

Content: More than the genre (romance / comedy) is not known. But that’s enough.


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