Wick blonde man: ideas and tips in videos and photos! Bob hairstyles, short hairstyles for women, long hairstyles

Blond wick man: is it easy to do? In fact, it is not very difficult even if you want to do it yourself.

When you’re here, you may be thinking about changing the color of your hair. Even if the natural color is always the best, it is good to experiment from time to time. It’s understandable if you don’t want a radical change – but with the wicks, it will only be a small adjustment to the color of your hair.

The blonde locks are a good choice. Indeed, they came into fashion in the 1990s and from that moment on they always remained at the top. There are many celebrities who have such a hairstyle as you will see in our gallery today.

This type of blonde curly hair is also known as "California sweep" and "kissing effects of the sun". Sweeping is a result that professional hairdressers can complete on your hair.

There are many ways to dye your hair at home. Even natural tools such as lemon. It can lighten your hair when mixed properly. You need to mix 60 ml of lemon juice with 180 ml of water. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a spray. Sprinkle it on your hair, but be careful not to apply it to your scalp. Leave for 2 hours and expose your hair to the sun for at least 30 minutes. Use a conditioner before and after the procedure.

But that’s just one of the ways. In our gallery you will find several videos that give you many ideas.

Wick blonde man: the actor who became famous with his role of the Norse god Thor – Chris Hemsworth. It is a good representative of the blonde locks

Blond wick man: This is perhaps the most popular actor with this type of hair – here is a photo with medium length hair

Blond wick man: Still a guy with medium length hair – a very surf look

Blond wick man: In this picture, a man with a short haircut on the sides is long and blonde

In this video you will see exactly how to create blonde highlights – alone! The video explains step by step, and the audio effects are like an old Super Mario game!

Here is a man with thick hair and a short cut on the long sides with blonde curls – as you can see there is also some styling wax

Another photo by Chris Hemsworth, this time with short hair, but always with blonde curls

It is a hairstyle that is easy to make for professional hairdressers. As with all sweeping techniques, it’s all about lightening the hairline with the wick.

And here is another video – iridescent blonde platinum!

Justin Hartley – an American actor, with his haircut with blonde highlights

You can try blonde honey locks, a very nice color that still doesn’t create as much contrast, but against a nice transition

This is a medium cut with strands and short sides – classic comfort and sex appeal in the same cut. It is also important to note that the beard is not completely shaved, but has pushed a little

Of course there are many other colors – as you can see in this picture. BUT – it’s a very brave choice when it’s your first time

Chad Kroeger – Nickelback’s front men also have blonde highlights

You can experiment with the haircut and the locks – for example, there are more locks here than in the other pictures – more locks and longer

Keith Urban has very delicate and rare curls that only serve to emphasize the movement of her hair

Wicks on and natural color below – very friendly

Here’s an actor with

Brad Pitt is a good example of blonde curls

Justin Bieber with long hair and short sides – in combination with blonde curls

Bon Jovi has blonde curls from his youth – blonde curls are his symbol

He took several steps compared to his hair

Here is a boy with long hair on the short sides – even if he is very small, his cut is interesting and fits him well

And in this picture – very delicate blonde curls on brown hair

Be careful, it’s a blonde cut, no locks. It is important to distinguish them

Bon Jovi is here when he was young with the blonde hair of the 1970’s rock’n’roll style years


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