Why don’t stylish women wear gold jewelry?

Stylists more and more often remind us to supplement daily and evening stylizations with jewelry and accessories. An earring, bracelet or necklace can breathe new life into a dress that you have worn many times.

But why don’t fashion connoisseurs refer to gold chains, earrings or rings when they talk about jewelery? Let’s find out…

What’s wrong with gold jewelry?
# 1. Fashion is changing fast

In fact, there is nothing wrong with precious metals, moreover, they are still highly valued. The questions only arise when it comes to design.

Jewelry, like clothing, changes rapidly. What was worn in 2000 will never go back into fashion in the same form. There will be a similar design, but not 1 in 1.

Therefore, it is better to give preference to fashionable jewelry made of alternative inexpensive materials. That’s what most fashionistas think.

# 2. Wearing gold jewelry is dangerous

Today, wearing gold jewelry in public is quite dangerous. I don’t think there is a woman in our country who feels completely relaxed when she wears gold on the subway. On the other hand, with simple jewelry that costs a few zlotys, you can feel at ease, beautiful and confident, regardless of the circumstances.

# 3. Gold looks old-fashioned

Most of the jewelry we have in our jewelry boxes is passed down from generation to generation. Yes, they are very precious and close to the heart, but clearly lag behind modern fashion. It’s better to admire them while at home and go out to the street with modern accessories.

# 4. Fashion for large jewelry

Currently, large jewelry is in fashion, and it is quite expensive to make such a gold item. Besides, who knows what style will be fashionable in a few years.

# 5. Gold is expensive

A stylish woman knows how to emphasize her sophistication without resorting to gold or other expensive jewelry. The problem is that there is no universal gold jewelry to go with every outfit.

Therefore, it is much more practical to use modern accessories that do not cost expensive and can be adapted depending on the context and mood. No gold ornament can mask the lack of good taste. And to the same extent – the lack of gold cannot prevent a stylish woman from showing her beauty, because beauty comes from within.