Which hairstyle suits me? Test, sastre

The "Which hairstyle suits me?" as an ideal styling guide

The next hairdressing appointment is getting closer and you are probably wondering: "Which hairstyle suits me?" Basically, the right hairstyle depends on your own face shape. So just stand in front of the mirror and look at your forehead, cheek, eye and chin area. If you are still unsure afterwards, just use the professional hairstyle tester.

The "Which hairstyle suits me?" in front of the mirror is very easy. First, brush all your hair off your forehead to answer the question, "Which hairstyle suits me?", to answer. Look head-on in the mirror and draw your outline and face with a water-soluble pen hairline right on the mirror. Alternatively, you can also stick sandwich paper on the mirror. In this way you can determine your face shape. Depending on the shape of the face, different stylings are suitable to fully show off your benefits. A basic distinction is made between five different face shapes for hairstyling. The oval, the round, the angular, the heart-shaped and the long face. Depending on which face shape you recognize, you can answer the all-important question, "Which hairstyle suits me? And continue with the hairstyle tester at home.

The hairstyle tester at home: "Which hairstyle suits me?"

Now it applies to "Which hairstyle suits me?" find out what face shape you have. You can recognize the oval face by the fact that it is about one and a half times as long as it is wide. The chin area is slightly narrower than the cheekbones. With an oval face, you can wear practically any hairstyle. With the round face type, the chin, hairline and cheeks are rounded. The cut variations in women with round faces are extremely diverse. In order to visually lengthen the face, hairstyles with a free forehead or a voluminous top hair are suitable. In the case of the angular face, the hairline is straight and the jaw is angular. Short steps at cheek height make the angular chin appear softer. A loosely worn pony also makes your style look softer. With the heart-shaped face, the face runs narrow towards the chin, but the eye area is wide. All are suitable for creating a visual balance here slice, that makes your forehead appear narrower. The narrow face is elongated and shows with a pointed chin. The medium length look is the best choice here, especially with side parting and bangs that make the face appear rounder.

The perfect hairstyle with the professional hairstyle tester


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