What modern long hairstyles are there for men?

February 24, 2020 — by MCutts0

More and more men are opting for long hair. The hair tie is becoming more and more important for men. Because it can be used to style numerous hairstyles from man bun to half-up. We also show how men can wear their long hair open and style in no time

Long hairstyles have become an absolute men’s thing. Sometimes they are sophisticated, sometimes they are unusual and sometimes they are just cool. What you all have in common: The current long hairstyles for men impress with their own lightness.

This is what defines long hairstyles for men

Long hair is still considered something special in men. A break from the norm of short haircuts – that’s exactly why you can calmly cut something on the hair when styling long hair. Shaved sides that are visible thanks to the bun or a particularly elegant, smooth long hairstyle for the office. The following applies in everyday life: the more authentic the better, so don’t just style too much, preferring a down-to-earth undone finish.

With the hair tie, men can style pretty much any long hairstyle

When exercising, you can use a hair tie to hold yours long hair tame.

Since most Long hairstyles for Having men styled with a hair tie is the must-have of the hour. And so there are more and more hair ties that also meet the taste of their male wearers. Color plays an important role in this. If you like it discreet and unobtrusive, as a man you wear a hair tie in your own hair color, i.e. brown, black or beige (for example for blonde hair). Especially for the office hair ties together, should wear a hair tie in neutral colors. To avoid an unsightly kink in the hair, a so-called spiral hair tie is the best choice. Then you can wear the hair open in between and it is just as smooth as before you wore the hair tie. With the hair tie men can style almost any long hairstyle, starting with the ponytail, over the half-bun, to the classic man bun. The hair tie is an indispensable accessory, especially for sports, because who wants to have their sweaty long mane hanging on their faces. So quickly tie your hair into a Messy Man Bun and then off to a workout.

Always use hargummies without metal, because the metal piece causes hair damage.

We present great long hairstyles to try out in our picture gallery:


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