What a stylish haircut for 2018?

October 10, 2017 — by MCutts0

To the delight of women in the hairdressing sector, there is a huge selection of styling options, haircuts and hair coloring techniques. So what hairstyles have become this season’s favorites?

Haircuts for short Hair. It is a wrong opinion that short hair looks vulgar to a woman. That is certainly wrong. To look stylish, you need to choose the shape of a haircut tastefully.

Improve with the help of hairstyles! The most fashionable hairstyles for women that will make you irresistible

First, consider beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for women with short hair.

They are presented in the form of stylish pixie hairstyles, timeless bob and tiered bob bob.

Stylish bob, current hairstyles with asymmetry and torn strands, elegant hairstyles and ultra-short fashionable female hairstyles transform fair sex into a concise, reserved or defiant and playful styling.

Extravagant fashion women will try out fashionable hairstyles with shaved sections and even patterns, complemented by elegant styling with notes of natural, careless straight or curly strands.

In fashion, inconspicuous styling with the effect of wet strands that actually looks on short and medium-length hair.

Fashionable hairstyles with a wet effect look beautiful on curly hair, but the fashion trend can no longer satisfy its owner for a long time because this styling quickly loses its shine and gives the impression of dirty hair.

When you say which fashionable women’s hairstyles will be relevant for medium hair for 2018-2019, stylists offer many options here because you can do almost anything on the hair with the average length.

The fashionable low and high beam lights undoubtedly occupy a leading position among hairstyles for medium hair.

A simple hairstyle tail, which can be done in the usual and unconventional version with braids and braids, is no less in demand.

Gorgeous hairstyles with pinned up hair with a hint of carelessness, stylish hairstyles with lots of volume, classic braids and intricate braids that not only implement traditional weaving options, but also innovative solutions for styling your hair with braids – all of these options are available from Appreciated women who always want to look unique and new.

For girls who have such beautiful long hair, fashionable women’s hairstyles and styling on loose hair are interesting.

All kinds of styling with curls and curls, light waves and unruly strands that playfully flow around the woman’s shoulders and neck look gorgeous.

Last year, fashionable women’s hairstyles were relevant for long hair with a straight haircut.

Although this is the trend of last year, many beauties will prefer such women’s hairstyles for both the everyday and the complementary evening look.

Fashionable hairstyles for women of the evening genre – grace in every curl

Beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for women can be judged using examples of evening styling and hairstyles for different hair lengths.

Chic evening hairstyles for women 2018-2019 will be more concise, reserved and feminine than ever before.

With the help of modern styling tools, you can achieve smooth lines and clean, sleek styling to create the most complicated hairstyle for a luxurious evening look.

It seems that natural negligence not only adorns everyday fashionable hairstyles, but also stylish hairstyles for a special occasion.

Special accessories such as flower wreaths, beautiful headbands and hairpins with stones, pearls, feathers and original hairpins with small hats emphasize the charming evening hairstyles.

Evening hairstyles for women are indeed featured in the same hairstyle types that were relevant in previous years, but the stylists offered new unusual interpretations of evening hairstyles that add new accents to the evening hairstyles from 2018-2019.

Fashionable women’s hairstyles for brides – the splendor of luxury and chic in a variety of solutions.

Fashionable hairstyles for a wedding brought together the most original ideas for evening hairstyles, complemented by current solutions for wedding fashion.

Flawless curls, Hollywood style, and light curls that adorn the bride’s wedding picture are a great choice for beauties with long hair.

Brides will appreciate the trendy bundle of hairstyles with neatly pulled up hair, complemented by a wreath of braids or braids, chic wedding hairstyles with pulled up curls that implement the most original ideas of evening hairstyles, as well as elegant options with a curly tail decorated in an unusual design.

Fashionable hairstyles for brides, as well as beautiful women hairstyles for a special occasion and for every day that you can see right now, after getting to know amazing ideas for hairstyles and hair styling for every taste.

Stylish hairstyle is healthy hair.

After all, the trend of the past few years has gone into the past – bright, inviting hair colors and deliberate styling with tight curls. The catchwords of the current styling trends are freshness, dynamism and invisibility. Your styling should be such that other people do not understand when viewing whether you have used styling products: your hair should be shiny and healthy. Modern fashion styling is just well-combed, well-made, lively hair with a healthy texture.

Short hair is not only a trend, but also part of the image

All my customers always want to grow hair, and they always say that – I will only grow. People rarely cut their hair because they have suddenly become fashionable. For a woman, a short haircut is usually not a “fashionable” one, but a psychological move. It is her inner need to change something about herself, to explain something to the world, to show herself as a strong, self-confident woman. In France, a short haircut is historically associated with the image of Joan of Arc, the first woman to have her hair cut short, and she did it because she wanted to show that she was a soldier. Even if women cut their hair briefly with whole waves – after cutting their hair, for example, Sharon Stone or Mila Jovovich, they did it because they saw an answer to their inner desires and movements in these haircuts.

Extensive hair is stylish

If dry shampoo was popular, it was due to the demands of women themselves. The pace of life has become so fast that many women simply have not had time to wash their hair properly. Therefore, dry shampoo from a vintage product has suddenly become a fashionable styling tool, which many brands, for example, also turn into a full-fledged styling product with taste. Due to the rhythm of life and the atmosphere of megacities and stress, women want their styling products to perform three functions first:

  • lent volume
  • emphasized healthy hair texture
  • and made the hair thick, thickened

As a result, we’re waiting for a styling boom in 2016 that will give your hair a lively, healthy volume, but even if the hairdresser touched your hair, they wouldn’t feel like anything was applied to it.

Stylish hairstyle created with the right styling.

I have always repeated it and will repeat it: it is best to apply styling products to wet hair. Wet hair scales are opened and take up the styling better, it becomes more obedient, takes on the desired shape. At the same time, I prefer to apply moist products (gels, jellies) to wet hair, and I recommend it to many. With dry hair, I advise you to apply only the cream – just to give it a healthy shine. In general, hair cream should be part of your personal care as much as face cream. Just apply it to your hair every day so it doesn’t get boring.

Fashionable haircut "Kare" in 2018

If you’ve been thinking that “Kare” is an exclusively female hairstyle, it’s time to change your mind. The haircut will be fashionable and individual in 2018:

When we talk about the male "Kara" then it can be either with or without separation, like with a drop or with two. Many famous men have exactly this hairstyle. Try it yourself in this style.

For women, this haircut is one of the most popular in 2018. Photos show us the options you have for every Can choose type of person.

Fashionable haircut "page" 2018

If you take a closer look at the origin and development of the "Pazh" haircut (which, by the way, is very fashionable today), it is known that it is considered male. In 2018, however, hair for men and women can be cut this way.

  • gives the hair pomp and density,
  • fits perfectly and fit,
  • lengthens the neck.

This haircut is one of the oldest. It was popular in retro style. Fashion trends make changes, some adjustments to old hairstyles by origin and make them fashionable.

New look for short hair 2018

After most short haircuts – that’s wrong. This opinion is wrong, only short hair is not suitable for all women. For example, Coco Chanel, the world’s first lady, easily loosened her curls and replaced her with a short haircut. Of course, she had to do it, the perm completely ruined her hair, but the result was so happy with her that she stayed true to her image for a long time. The new image of the fashion divas has been positively received by fashionistas from all over the world and short hairstyles are popular today. The most popular short haircuts in 2018 are:

  • Haircuts with geometric shapes – the style was in honor of the British hairdresser, the creator of this style, V >

Golden mean: long haircuts 2018

Long hairstyles are ideal for those who suspect short hairstyles but don’t want to worry about long hair. Medium-length haircuts are chosen not only by young girls, but also by self-sufficient women who are unwilling to experiment with a hairstyle.

Extended "bob" – is becoming more popular. Asymmetrical bangs, thick short strands on the back of the head and on the top of the head allow you to visually lengthen the face. It is advantageous not to highlight enough thick hair that is capable of an elongated cascade. The more layers there are in the cascade, the better the hairstyle will look. Long strands are created in a chaotic manner at the stylist’s discretion, with their length usually reaching the lines of the cheekbones of the face. Long caret – a variety of haircuts are popular – from clean to sloppy strands.

Fashion trends for medium hair 2018

Medium-length hair favors the vast majority of women. Medium-length haircuts are comfortable, easy to put on, and result in different variations for each specific situation. In the coming year there will be many medium length haircuts that perfectly complement the picture and make it more interesting and attractive. The best option is still elegant hairstyles that emphasize the social status of women.

  • Haircut in the style of "Gavrosh" – the focus is on the crown. The hair has to be styled with an iron, hair dryer or curling iron. To create a hairstyle, it is enough to make a filler that gives the hair maximum volume.
  • Cascade without bangs – it looks attractive with both straight hair and curly locks.
  • Strict square – a clear geometric silhouette and elongated bangs will be popular in 2018. To give originality, the image can be fantasized about the treatment of the ends of the hair. Strict Caret – the perfect haircut for owners of thick straight hair.

The femininity of the long curls 2018

Despite the special care for long hair, many girls grow luxurious curls. They are convinced that long hair makes the girl more sophisticated, feminine and romantic. Long hair owners know firsthand that their weight affects volume, it simply delays the pomp and hurts the hair.

  • haircut "Fringe" – If you don’t cut the length, but still want to diversify the image, the cut is done "Fringe" This task. The hairdresser simply shaves the hair from front to back and leaves long curls intact.
  • haircut "ladder" – has long been popular, but the latest fashion trend is twisted strands of hair that are ironed or waved.

Color solutions for hair 2018

Modern color methods allow you to create a stylish and fashionable image that combines a variety of seemingly incompatible colors. In 2018, the most popular dyeing techniques will be:

  • Booking is the best solution for those who have not yet decided on the color of their hair. The combination of chestnut and wheat-light brown, platinum with dark ash looks very impressive. The intensity of the coloring is chosen individually according to the wishes of the girl and the skills of the hairdresser.
  • Coloring is a technique that will introduce new color solutions in 2017-2018. The technique of combining contrasting bright colors attracted many girls.
  • Tone Strands – This option allows you to quickly change the image using unstable colors.
  • Toning crayons and shampoos – the current trend of 2018 for those who are not ready to change their look fundamentally.
  • Ombre – a technique that is suitable for short hairstyles. The right haircut and the right hair color can transform a girl beyond recognition and make her romantic and feminine or vice versa playful and careless.
  • A good stylist and an unbiased appearance are the key to a successful image.

Don’t keep many styling products at home.

New styling products come onto the market every day, and not only consumers, but also hairdressers are confused. I often do such an experiment – leave the hairdresser with groceries on the counter in the salon and ask him why and why each tool is needed. Seriously, nobody can explain why we need all of these resources. In fact, the hairdresser necessarily only needs fixation and texturing tools to adequately complete the haircut and give it the desired look. And at home women need three products from the force: a medium for the volume that has to be applied to wet hair, a medium for working through the hair texture (sugar spray, paste) and a hair cream – for shine. Nothing is necessary to make laying easy, natural and imperceptible.

Fashionable haircut "Cap" 2018

Again, a haircut will look perfect for both men and women. Of course, not everyone wants to let go of hair because of such a haircut (male meaning), which is explained by the fact that this hairstyle requires persistent and constant care.

However, few people know this haircut:

  • makes the hair thicker, more voluminous
  • does not require constant styling and drying,
  • smoothes indecent hair perfectly, but does not nail it.

The haircut "Little Cap" is suitable for younger people. It adds courage and self-confidence for men and women. In 2018, this haircut is a trend, so experiment and everything will definitely work out.

Fashionable haircut "bob" 2018

What do you think, which haircut gives men a special charm and women a refined look? This is a popular and very fashionable bob haircut. Suitable for everyone, regardless of gender. Haircut can:

  • Add romance to the image of a man and courage to the image of a woman
  • make men elegant and women modern.

Take a look at the photos of stars and see how popular the bob haircut is in this unusual season for us. Don’t be afraid to create your own style that will inspire you.

Fashionable haircut "Cesson" 2018

Even if the "Cesson" hairstyle is not as much for a woman as it is for a man, it can reinforce the image of attractiveness and the groom. Photos of such hairstyles in men and women show us the perfect shape of a haircut.

  • emphasizes the natural beauty of man
  • makes the picture very soft and elegant overall.

Contact your favorite master to create a trendy look this year thanks to the Cesson hairstyle. Do you think she can interest and surprise you?.

Fashionable haircut "Bob Caret" in 2018

Very unusual haircut "Bob Kare" broke into us, along with new trends this year. Why not The haircut was invented a long time ago, but it has literally become popular this season. Well-groomed and voluminous neck fascinates everyone.

"Bob Caret" has its advantages:

  • with their help, the most complex facial features can be corrected,
  • With such a haircut will always be feminine and gentle,
  • The corners of an elongated version emphasize the cheekbones.

Stop choosing the right hairstyles and don’t be afraid to try. Maybe this is the best option for you.

Fashionable hairstyle Pixie 2018

Here it is, stylish and very fashionable and incredibly popular this year hairstyle for men and even women. Pixie is a hairstyle that gives confidence, courage and determination. Short hair always gives older people a youthful touch. Many stars choose it through the so-called "rejuvenation effect". A few correct movements with the brush and your hairstyle are among the trendiest trends.

  • young men and adult men
  • young girls and older women.

Haircut can be perfectly complemented by colored threads (for example the color of Marsala). Being modern and being on trend is the same as a fashionable haircut from fashion trends. If you choose this option, you will not lose.

Fashionable haircut "Gavrosh" 2018

It seems that such a new haircut 2018 conquered the hearts of women and men. In fact, the haircut is about 100 years old and was created only for the male gender. So far, fashion trends have treated the haircut "Gavrosh" as a female and male version.

The main thing is to cut the haircut properly depending on the length of the hair. Refinement combined with versatility – what could be better for our hairstyles?

Fashionable haircut "Garson" 2018

If men’s beards were the trend this season, then haircut with them "Garson". However, note that it is popular with both young / older men and young / older women.
Complete haircut:

  • a farewell (in the middle or on the side),
  • remove more hair on the sides,
  • volume fluffy top.

Determination and self-confidence will simply settle in you after you’ve cut your hair this way. In the photo you can see the male and female versions of the hairstyles.

Fashionable haircut "With torn strands" in 2018

For different hair there is a different hairstyle and a different haircut. This year, however, we have a universal trend option – the haircut "With torn threads".

Versatility is:

  • it suits men and women at the same time,
  • looks good on different lengths and with different densities,
  • with regular haircuts when styling becomes hairstyle.

This hairstyle is particularly attractive for men. It has never gone out of fashion among celebrities. For women, this is a wonderful, simple version of hairstyles, both for every day and for every occasion.

Fashionable haircut "Cascade" in 2018

Gentle drops, incomparable color gradients, beautiful layers – all in the haircut for men and women "Cascade". It is chosen by people with short and very long and thick hair. It is very popular with women, and it has also been in fashion lately. Men also make such hairstyles for themselves if the hair length allows it.

Special signs of a haircut:

  • smooth rear view
  • Filleted tips
  • torn threads in the front.

Men can create a strong and brutal image thanks to this hairstyle. Many stars prefer to wear a beard with such a haircut.

Fashionable haircut "Aurora" in 2018

What the "Aurora" concerns, then this haircut will be fashionable for women this year. Men have to choose another option. This can be said to be one of the most universal and classic female haircuts.

Additional elements are:

  • bangs
  • farewell
  • torn strands
  • additional storage space.

Such a hairstyle is uniquely suitable for blondes or brown-haired, long-haired or short-haired people. Falling hair hides all defects.

Fashionable haircut "ladder" in 2018

The universal, long-loved haircut "Ladder" in the unusual year 2018, it can look good on male and female hair. After all, I want to look good with long hair.

  • fits all hair types well,
  • suitable for straight and wavy hair,
  • suitable for individual face shapes.

Most men with hair on their shoulders will no longer be able to choose this hairstyle. Beautiful and at the same time universal trends are always popular with women and men.

Fashionable hair "Italian" 2018

The interesting name of the haircut has been fascinating from the start. And for a good reason. Because it fits for the modern, stylish and fashionable people who have their own haircut "italian" just perfect. Men can be sure that this option is one of the most popular fashion trends of the colorful year 2018.

You can add a haircut:

  • farewell
  • Cut hair sideways
  • growing pony.

Women like a haircut even more fascinating. It makes them free, passionate and brave. It will look particularly beautiful in thin girls or women.

Fashionable haircut "Rhapsody" in 2018

haircut "Rhapsody" can be on women’s hair and not on men. A haircut is believed to complement the luxurious image of women.

First of all, the advantages of a haircut for the beautiful half of humanity are:

  • neatness
  • femininity,
  • originality,
  • restraint.

Looks good with different lengths and structures. With such a female haircut, the daily styling time automatically disappears. Looking beautiful with the Rhapsody haircut means looking stylish, modern and fashionable in 2018.

Fashionable haircut "Debut" in 2018

A haircut that combines 1000 and 1 layer is considered one of the most attractive female hairstyles. With bangs and without, with long and with short strands – you definitely look fashionable.

In addition, the debut haircut is:

  • simple styling
  • light and airy looking
  • fall down (so frame the face).

The photos show that the haircut shows different epochs and generations, different types and shapes, but looks beautiful in all variations. Choose your special style with a haircut.

Hairstyles 2018 for long, medium and short hair: fashion trends (with photos)

Even stylists are unable to highlight one of the most stylish styling among the hairstyle trends of 2018. Too many decent pictures offer us fashionable houses and dazzling ladies who sparkle on stage and on the red carpet.

For example, one of the trendiest styles today is considered an unkempt hairstyle. This picture looks so relaxed, slightly excited and playful, as if the wind had just got caught in the hair. However, you can do it yourself: dry your hair well and apply a little mousse on it. Then all you have to do is curl the curls at the top of your head and fix everything with varnish. The fashion trend for hairstyles for long hair in 2018 is understandable for the participants of various shows and fans of the grunge style.
And now look at the photo of the fashion trends in the short women’s hairstyles of 2018: Among the bravest and sexiest pictures we see the favorite square and the boyish bob.

Yes, the hairstyle of the hairstyle doesn’t want everyone to take a back seat. Minimal length or classic styling up to the shoulder line – the choice is yours. And don’t forget that the hair can still be a bit tousled or laid in soft waves. And those who have a big bang can boldly look straight or casual like a page.
In 2017-2018, the back of the head with short or even shaved hair remains the main trend in hairstyles. Such a courageous decision can be tried in combination with the classic square, which stylists call "on your feet". The shaved area emphasizes the haircut lines. However, this style is not suitable for everyone: it is better if girls with curls look for something else because their hair structure will make it difficult to achieve the desired effect. In addition, a few fat hair designers advise on that "Square on the leg" not to expose the neck again and not to draw attention to the proportions of the figure.

Modern fashion trends in hairstyles 2017-2018 for full: gentle waves and elongated bob (with photo)

However, consider the following photos of the 2018 hairstyle fashion trends for obese women: Yes, a very short length is not suitable for our gorgeous beauties, but an elongated bob is exactly what you need.

On the medium-length hair, the modern trend in hairstyles from 2017-2018 – gentle waves – will look very feminine and attractive. This styling is also called "Hollywood wave" designated. She came to us from the time of gangsters and charming strangers with bright red lips. The classic hairstyle suggests that the hair is stacked on one side and the parting is halved. For modern fashion women, the option of saying goodbye is suitable to slightly water down the retro image.
Another variation of this fashionable trend for medium-length hairstyles in 2018 is the "sharp wave": part of the hair is placed in relief waves, the second part is rejected. Stylists insist that this picture is more suitable for owners of curly curls, but girls with straight strands have to put a lot of effort into creating such styling.

Hairstyles for spring-summer 2018: fashion trends

Among the fashion trends for hairstyles in 2018 in the photo, you can see the pictures with the effect of wet hair, which is very easy to do without help. To create them, you just need to use the gel with the appropriate name. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the curls don’t appear dirty. By the way, the hair in these hairstyles can either be combed back or styled in chaotic waves.

Once we talk about brushing, you need to remember a little more about them. Also in the hairstyles of spring and summer 2018, leaning back the hair will be a fashion trend. This picture is very suitable for daily execution. It is enough to apply a little foam to the part of the hair and, if available, to bangs and then comb these strands backwards. Another part of the curls should not be cooled.
Lovers of impish curls are lucky this year too. At the moment, volumetric styling with small curls is considered very stylish. To make this hairstyle, you only need to use small curlers. But girls who want to make the picture more permanent need to contact experts to go through the carving perm procedure.
Styling with straight strands and in 2018 remain among the popular hairstyles. Owners of beautifully flowing hair look adorable, it will be enough with an iron to straighten the strands. This picture is considered a classic and is therefore relevant at all times.
In addition to the already listed fashion trends for women’s hairstyles in 2018, another photo of the trend styling is presented in the photo, which you should check carefully: hair on the side.

Such an elegant evening look leaves no one indifferent to your surroundings. Hair in a hairstyle on the side can either flow freely or fall down with gorgeous gentle waves.
In the warm season everything blooms, full of colors, breathes life. Fair sex is also changing: They choose their outfits carefully, spend more time in front of the mirror, start to choose products in supermarkets more carefully and display them in full fitness clubs.

Conversely, caring stylists advise girls to pay attention to some interesting hairstyle trends for spring-summer 2018.

On the one hand, the so-called "Braids in a Corset" are a fashion trend in women’s style. To make such a hairstyle, you have to braid the classic braids and spikelets, which should be parallel to each other. The most important thing with such a picture is to create a cross pattern on the hair that is clearly visible and reminiscent of the styling of the Victorian period. And this hairstyle gives the decoration the necessary charm in the form of satin ribbons, decorated laces or stripes.

Check out the photo with the fashion trends for hairstyles in 2018 for long hair, which is represented by the styling of "braids in a corset"! Girls look so unusual, fresh and interesting that it immediately becomes clear who will be the focus this summer.

Do you remember that short hairstyles are extremely popular this year? Would you like to know which of them is considered the most stylish styling of summer 2018?
This time, the hair designers agreed: the ultra-short bob blonde won the world with his boldness and lively color. This picture fits perfectly into the beach landscape and is simply made for panamas and hats. In the hall, by the sea, with children, at a picnic – you will certainly feel good!

Fashion trends in hairstyles for autumn and winter 2017-2018

But the coming cold season promises us another pleasant surprise: Among the fashion trends for hairstyles from autumn-winter 2017-2018, all types of weaving mills took the top positions. They will be braids that evoke memories of wild Indians and other tribes whose roots go back in time. To stay on trend, you should learn how to weave decorated braids from the forehead to the back of the head. You can determine the weaving that should take place all over the head. And if you add an image with an expressive make-up – make your eyes bright – you will definitely be the center of attention.
By the way, another clash of fashion in 2018 is the multicolored overhead strands that literally immerse us in the world of anime and blind us from such unusual characters.
Stylists describe another important detail of stylish hairstyles as an oblique, slightly asymmetrical separation. It is ideally combined with pony on the side or pony, wave.

Hairstyles 2017-2018 year in different styles

Living in a moment is not the most sensible decision. You always have to expect what’s going to happen in the near future, so useful information for you is the advice of hair designers who already know which fashion trends in hairstyles 2017-2018 are waiting for us.

The coming year will delight the female half of humanity with a combination of sophisticated classics and bold, stylish images. The negligence and randomness in styling, which is already known to many, will continue and the naturalness and naturalness will be expressed even louder.

The most important fashion trends for hairstyles 2017-2018 include healthy, well-groomed hair in natural colors. To look stylish, long-haired girls can experiment endlessly with all types of weaving – French braids, twisted, of five threads and others. Women who wear medium-length hairstyles should pay attention to hairstyles with large curls that create the effect of curly hair, or to seductively collected options – for example, high bundles with a pair of exposed strands.

Last but not least, the pictures will be taken in ethnic style: there will be a multitude of weaving mills with braids and braids. Military style in hairstyles will delight girls with its minimalism.
The retro style will also remain in vogue: styling and pile fit as well as women with thick hair and owners of not very fluffy hair.
The hair designers are advised to pay special attention to decorative accessories in the coming year, which will positively emphasize and complement the images of women. Fashionistas won’t lose if they use baroque jewelry: they have to be eye-catching, big things that imitate expensive knick-knacks with semi-precious or precious stones. It is the solidity and brightness that will be one of the main requirements for hair accessories in the coming season.
Let’s look at the photo of the fashion trends in the hairstyles of 2017-2018 to stay stylish in the future. Decide how you will shine very soon.

The leaders in the 2018 season will be:

1. Haircut with a geometric pattern. This trend is called Vidal Sassoon in honor of the British hairdresser who created this hairstyle. This haircut cuts out the occiput and temple areas while leaving the top of the head. If desired, the master pony emits. When painted in the color of burnt caramel, brandy, or purple, the woman will be a cool fashion woman of the season.

2. Pixie It has been in demand for many years and remains one of the popular options in the 2018 season. If you want to be like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, you should consider this haircut. It takes on the density of the hair, which was carelessly shaved in the crown area and the rest of the head shaved. On the shaved area, you can create intricate patterns or paint in a bold color.

3. "bob" allowed to do on curly or straight hair. Hairdressers know many modifications of the hair, but the most stylish hairstyle 2018 will look like this: unkempt varnished strands with long bangs.

4. "Grunge" (torn) – able to rejuvenate every woman and refresh her image. This haircut is easy to lay, which makes it possible to form romantic, elegant hairstyles. It looks great on both curls and straight hair.

Fashionable stylish hairstyles 2018 for medium hair length

In modern women, the length is from "Midi" most frequently. When your hair reaches the shoulders and chin line, you should choose a haircut for medium hair length.

In the summer of 2018, hairdressers were given a huge selection of haircuts for medium hair. Choosing a fashionable haircut can refresh the image and make it attractive. Despite the variety of options, stylists recommend preferring elegant hairstyles. They would emphasize the femininity of the picture as much as possible:

Cascade without bangs with tousled light waves.

style "Gavrosh" – involves focusing attention on the crown. It is important to create maximum volume with the help of curling or heap.

A caret with a clear geometric silhouette and a long bang – to give the master originality, you can “conjure” up the hair tips and treat them in an unusual way. This stylish haircut in 2018 will please all owners of straight and thick hair.

Popular hairstyles for long hair

Agree, long, well-groomed curls – it’s always luxurious! You make a woman romantic, sensual and elegant. However, it is difficult to maintain them. It’s not just about using masks and oils, it’s also about a competent haircut that changes the picture.

In order not to spoil the hair, the masters recommend a graded haircut in 2018 to create the image of a cute dog.

Another fashionable technique is called the haircut, which is only done on the sides and front "Fringe on the face".

The cascade remains unchanged. Stylists recommend curling irons or irons. This haircut gives the image tenderness and attractiveness.

Haircuts 2018 with bangs

The stylish trend is always the stylish 2018 haircut with a spectacular bang. Modern stylists are able to surprise the brilliant idea of ​​a haircut with bangs and to change the face of an unusual shape significantly. It will be interesting to look at the female image with a flat bang that is combed on the side and asymmetrical or torn.

Short bangs look interesting with both short and long hairstyles. This solution is suitable for women with any face shape except the round one. It should be remembered that chubby ladies bangs are generally not recommended!

Long bangs can have any shape. The most popular in the 2018 season are geometric pony shapes, the tips of which extend to the eyelashes.

Still on the pedestal, an asymmetrical long bang that fits perfectly into any haircut and looks attractive. To correct the face shape, the masters advise to make a falling long bang. Such discounts will be very relevant in the coming season.


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