Wayne rooney hair transplant: before and after the procedure, manner mode

The Wayne Rooney hair transplant was ranked among the best celebrity hair transplants, according to a recent survey. How did Rooney have his Hair back to get? How much does the hair transplant cost? Where did he do his hair transplant??

These are the most common questions asked by many of his fans. In this article we will provide the answers in detail along with his Before-later-Discuss photos.

Rooney hair transplant (before and after)

Before, during and after

It worked for him, but it also cost him a small fortune of £ 13,500. After the successful procedures, Rooney also took first place in a poll for the best celebrity hair transplants.

It works, I think?

In general, public figures are reluctant to undergo such procedures because they fear that this would negatively affect their image. However, Rooney was not afraid of it and has also received great fan support.

A dramatic difference

Wayne Rooney is one of the biggest stars in the football world. He had a brilliant career that included the incumbent captain of the England team and Manchester United.

A healthy head of hair

Well, it’s easy to estimate that he’s also chasing a huge fan that is in the millions. Every and every development in his life makes a worthy new item including his hairstyles.

The big difference

Wayne Rooney went through two hair transplants to fight his receding hairline. As the world watches his movements, his changing hairstyles have become one of the most discussed and studied transplants ever.

Small differences

The fact that he made the process public also made it easier. In June 2011, he completed his first procedure at the Harley Street Hair Clinic in London.

Noticeable markings

He kept no secrets from his fans and instead took his fan base by storm when he tweeted:

" To confirm all of my followers, I got a hair transplant. I got bald at 25, why not. I am thrilled with the result. "

His fans came in his full support and he also went ahead to share the full details of the process.

Thinning hair

He went to Harley Street Hair Clinic for a second round of transplants. This brings the total cost of Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant to around £ 30,000, which is a remarkable figure even for a professional soccer player like him.

Success in more ways than one

The clinic, which finished its procedures, made it clear that the second procedure was planned in advance and was part of the lifelong care. It has been reported that it is generally done to keep up with pattern baldness and maintain aesthetic appearance.


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