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June 12, 2017 — by MCutts0

It was the era of elegance, delicate beauty and femininity. Soft curls, bright lipstick, etched eyebrows and dramatic eyes dominated her 1950 years. It was the time that gave us timeless beauties from exquisite Waheeda Rehman to glamorous Sophia Loren.

Glam dolls from the 50s:

We loved the way our timeless beauties like Sharmila Tagore, Helen, Sadhana Bollywood’s embodied grace, beauty and femininity. They were the dream women on the screen and ruled hearts like queens.

While the West stunned us with the brightly colored blonde Marilyn Monroe and the breathtakingly beautiful Audrey Hepburn. These legendary beauties are the greatest examples of timeless and classic beauty.

1950s vintage makeup style: how it worked:

  • Colors that prevailed – This was the era of pale pink, green, blue and yellow – pink was at its highest and the peaches and cream were hugged by the actresses of that era.

Pretty pouts in pink, purple-red and orange-red were the most attractive and popular picks in the early 1950s.

  • Complexion – While the sun-kissed and beach goddess is the norm today, it was the age of pale skin. The delicate, porcelain beauty was sought and foundation creams from brands like Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor were popular. The foundation base was supplemented with a peach-colored or flesh-colored powder.
  • Lips – Women gave lips a fuller and more voluptuous expression. For blonde hair, orange-red lipstick and purple-red lipsticks were preferred for black hair. Marilyn Monroe’s seductively seductive red lips should to die!
  • Cheeks – A soft, pink blush, starting with the apples on the cheeks, gave a pretty and feminine touch.
  • Eye Lashes – Strong, wavy eyelashes with lots of mascara or false eyelashes give the eyes a beautiful, dramatic look. A light coat on the lower lashes created a deer-eyed look.
  • Eyelids – Light, shimmering eyeshadow was gracefully applied over the eyelid. Black eyeliner was used to align the top of the eyelashes and started from the center of the eye.
  • Eyebrows – This was the era of defined eyebrows that were darkened and defined with arches.

Creating sweeping 50s hairstyles:

It was about puffed, stylish and perfectly coiffed hair. The three hairstyles that dominated the fifties were pompadour, rolled bangs and soft curls.

How to do pompadour:

  1. First pull the front middle section of the hair together and gently comb it back. This is a voluminous look too create.
  1. Then turn the back part and push it forward to create the bow of the pomp. Attach the pomp to the back of the head with bobby pins.
  1. Use a hairspray to set the pomp.
  1. Take a small amount of hair from both sides of the pomp and turn it back. Pin it near the back of the pomp for a polished and stylish look.

Follow these steps to look like a frenzied class beauty, elegance and timeless beauty of the 50s.


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