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By Mallow Die.

Vintage hairstyles cost little money, but it takes time and nerves. However, as is so often the case in life, it is said here: Practice makes perfect.

In the 1950s, women had enough time to get ready. Housekeeping was her unpaid job, while the man went to the office or factory to make money for the family. Today women are also employed. We often lack the time in the morning to conjure up a glamorous hairstyle. But with a few tips and tricks you can easily save time and create a great look for everyday life.

Curls as a basis – but how?

The basis of any vintage hairstyle is curls. There are several ways to put pretty curls on your head. If you need it quick in the morning, use the curling iron. However, the curls only last for a day and the hair is heavily stressed. Hot rollers, which you wrap in dry hair in the morning, are somewhat gentler. Both options are not ideal for me as a morning person.

My trick: I wash my hair in the evening. Then I blow dry my bangs, I leave the rest of the hair wet and take it strand by strand to wind it up loosely. I fasten the strands with a clip. At the back of the head they should be fastened as far as possible in the neck, on the sides the hair should lie just above the ear. I have learned not to let perfectionism stop me here. The pin curls do not have to look beautiful and sit accurately, they only have to last one night!

Tip: If you prefer to take a shower in the morning, you can put on pin curls and wrap a bandana around your head. The hairstyle is ready for the first day! On the second day you can then show off your perfect curls.

Day 1: the perfect vintage hairstyle – curls!

The next morning I remove the clips and go through the hair with my fingers. To get the typical vintage look, the curls have to be combed out. The trick here is the right brush! Steer clear of plastic nubs, a soft brush with boar bristles is ideal.

And now it’s time to be brave! If you have had the pin curls on your head for more than 10 hours, you do not have to fear that they are too coarse and destroy the curls. Once all the hair has been combed with the soft brush, you can take individual strands. You brush this in shape. Always turn the curls inwards, because curls turned outwards quickly make the hairstyle look like 1960s style. The glamorous hairstyle is ready for the first day.

Tip: If you sleep with a hairnet overnight, the lifespan of the curls is extended.

Vintage hairstyles on Day 2: Everybodys Darling Victory Rolls

Depending on the length of the hair, a few strands need to be touched up with the curling iron the next day, but the soft curls will also accompany you on day 2 thanks to pin curls worn overnight. Don’t do the hair the way you want it, then share generous strands on the side and fastens them as victory rolls on the back of the head. The Victory Rolls are a typical hairstyle of the USA in the post-war period. The two inserted roles on the side let the head take the shape of a V from above and proudly show the triumph of the victorious powers over Germany in the Second World War.

An alternative to Victory Rolls is a bandana that is used to support your hair the head binds. You can simply leave unsightly curls underneath and if if there is a lack of volume, the bandana gives the hair more volume.

Tip: The ideal length for hairdressing is shoulder-length hair! If the hair is shorter, you can no longer put it away; if the hair is longer, curls unhook faster.

Day 3: Things are going up!

On the third day, the curls can no longer be shown. The hair now has enough grip to push it up. If you wear a pony, you can curl your hair in the neck. Without bangs, you have a lot more creative freedom!

Your hair planning at a glance:

Day 1: Brushed curls

Day 2: Improved curls with victory rolls or bandana

Day 3: Put away hair

And then everything starts all over again! &# 128578;

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The description is not bad but I’m more of a person who has to see exactly how it is done … And I think it’s a shame that the hairstyles are not shown from all sides …

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