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May 22, 2019 — by MCutts0

Long hair owners can braid hair in different braids, knots and bundles. Forget the daily hairstyle in the form of loose hair and keep experimenting! Your images are surprisingly transformed by a variety of tails, weave and wave patterns that make the look more interesting and lighter. Let’s find hairstyles for long hair.

Updos for long hair: stylish ideas

Braids for long hair

Which updos for long hair will be the most popular? The answer is clear – braids. After the shows of the most famous fashion houses, pigtails became a real trend. They are woven into tails, they complement bundles, combine their different variations in one hairstyle.

Big and small, tight and careless – try different options and choose the one that best suits your image. Even one or two braids with slightly extended curls remain fashionable. Such a hairstyle looks particularly elegant when braids are fixed with satin ribbons.

Hairstyles with fixed locks

Hairstyles for long hair with a pair of strands Behind or on the side will be perfect. They can be twisted into braids, weaving strands together and adorned with fresh flowers or delicate hairpins with stones. Try to stay hair to twist it on a curd, or use foam to lay curls on the beach.

Updos for long hair: trendy ideas

Curls long hair

Curls are an excellent variant of updos for long hair.

Small curls became a fun trend this summer. Pictures with them become light and airy, making them easier than simple. Use a tight trick or small curlers and wind hair, initially use fixatives. With such a hairstyle, you don’t have to worry that it will deteriorate or deteriorate. But if your hair doesn’t stack, then it’s not worth experimenting with post-processing as the curls will spin even faster.

Different bars

All types of fashionable bars also remain at the peak of popularity. Choose options for your taste and stick tufts on the side, from below or from above. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and the hairstyle goes well with your style. Do it perfectly smoothness Bars, like a ballerina, or free and slightly careless, the choice is yours! To fix the hairstyle, you get strong elastic bands and a small hairpin under the hair color.

Updos for long hair: sloppy tail

If the tail is made of sinuous strands with a mass of different textures, it can become an ideal version of an evening hairstyle. Sloppy Tail is one of the stylish updos for long hair this season.

What you need: a curling iron with a large diameter or iron, hair band, invisible, spray for fixation.

How to make tail

Create a high tail, comb the hair back and fix it to the crown with an elastic band. Then fix the removed part of the locks with the texture spray. Separate large strands from the tail, curl their cut behind the cut in different directions with the help of curling iron or brackets to make different locks.

Spray a little spray on curls and whip them with your hands for extra volume. Use a scallop with wide teeth or fingers to achieve the flexibility of the hair. You can curl your hair first and then gather it in a ponytail. Split hair into the middle part and twist the strands in one direction on each side. Then remove curls back and scratch to loosen curls and add textures.


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