Updo for the most beautiful day of your life

On the most beautiful day in life, every woman wants to look stunning. The perfect bridal look not only includes a beautiful dress and the right make-up, but also the perfect hairstyle. Updos are particularly popular with brides.

Here you can find out which beautiful updos are available for the most beautiful days in life.

The fairytale look

A great updo is the chignon. With this beautiful hairstyle, the bride’s hair is first transformed into a very voluminous curl. Then the hair is simply pinned loosely to the back of the head. This hairstyle is ideal for very delicate and romantic bridal looks.

A matching headband with flowers completes the enchanting look.

The timeless look

The banana is also a very popular updo. The hair is combed back smoothly on one side. The hair is then fixed with clips so that it lies like in a side braid. The hair lengths are now slightly touped to give the hair the necessary fullness. Then the thick strand of hair is beaten up to the middle. The tips are screwed in so that a firm knot is created, which has the shape of a banana.

This updo also harmonizes perfectly with a veil or tiara.

The cheeky look

A fancy braided hairstyle is particularly striking and extravagant. This updo is also great for shorter hair. Here, individual strands are braided along the back of the head, where they are then pinned in beautiful curls. This updo is suitable for fairytale brides, flowers in the hair complete the look.

The classic look

The classical Dutt is timeless and beautiful. With this look, the bride’s hair is combed back smoothly and put together at the back of the head into a bun. Depending on the taste, the bun can either be placed very deep or a little higher at the back of the head. This simple updo is great for emphasizing the bride’s face and dress. A veil or a tiara make the classic look perfect and let every bride shine.

To loosen up this updo a bit, individual curls can be removed from the hairstyle, which flatteringly flatter the face. Even a pony gives the classic bun a new twist.

Other wedding hairstyles

For the perfect bridal look, in addition to the beautiful updos, other very popular ones are also suitable Wedding hairstyles. Leave the Gretchen braids, the French braid or the farmers braid the bride shine in a romantic look. A braided hair ring or the herringbone braid are great hairstyles for a wedding. A braided hairstyle is particularly suitable for a rural and nature-loving wedding.

The elegant 20s wave or a stylish bob is suitable for brides with shorter hair. Such short hairstyles are also ideal to set great highlights with flowers, diadem or hair clips. Even loose hair that is simply slightly wavy can make the bridal look perfect. A couple of beautiful real flowers in loose hair are particularly suitable. This look is suitable, for example, for a fairytale wedding on the beach or in the forest.


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