Type change: how the new look works

February 19, 2020 — by MCutts0

Life is colorful. And that’s why you should be. And that applies not only to love or the job, but also to clothes, hair or make-up. A new look brings a new attitude to life. And so that it feels good and looks even better, we have the best tips for changing the type.

Snip, snap, hair from. A short hairstyle? Why not. After all, you mostly regret what you didn’t dare to do. And a makeover not only changes your look, but also your life. Because our exterior always reflects our interior. Change your look – then your life will follow it. How it works? Very simple: Read on is the first step to change the type.

Type change starts in the head!

If you want to change your type, you always want to change something in your life. All you need is an idea. What’s yours makeover cause? Do you want to get rid of your good figure? Or can it be something more serious? What life do you want to live? What do you want to broadcast The new look begins in your imagination. Don’t just take pictures in your head, but calmly record your ideas. To create the desired style, it is also helpful to collect sample images from magazines or the Internet. Such role models not only substantiate your idea, but also help hairdressers, make-up artists or any other helpers (e.g. your best friend and shopping partner) to get an idea of ​​your type change. Don’t try to pin yourself down on certain people and faces. Rather collect moods, shapes and colors.

Type change: The new hairstyle

A new hairstyle or hair color is a simple step, but it causes a particularly significant change in type. For good and for bad. Anyone who has ever been with a faded result or wrong color came from the hairdresser, fate knows: botched hairstyles or colors take a long time to return to the usual shape. Anyone who gets along with it badly should try the new hairstyle without risk. One possibility for this are hairstyle testers from the Internet, where you can upload your portrait picture and design it with different hairstyles. But don’t rely solely on such pictures. Whether a hairstyle or hair color really fits depends on yours face shape, your skin type and hair structure. It is best to get advice from a hairdresser.

Type change: New clothes

Clothes make people. With no other change is one makeover as easy to reach as with a new wardrobe. And the nice thing is: If you don’t like the new look, you can literally brush it off your body again. So go ahead: Grab your best friend and shop for the right clothes for your new look. Which one should it be? Have you always wanted to look a little sportier? Then maybe boyfriend jeans and cool sneakers are something for you? Or should it be a little more sexy? Then swing yourself in a bodycon dress and pumps with killer heels. If you want to achieve a change in type with new clothes, you must not forget one thing. It is not the clothes alone, but also the way they are worn that defines the type. The highest pumps do not look feminine if the wearer tramples them instead of walking. The path to perfect makeover therefore involves two steps. First you should feel comfortable in the new outfit before you do it.


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