Tuesday discussion: long hair with guys

All of my boys have longer hair (okay as soon as they have hair). Simply because I think it’s nice because we don’t make it to the hairdresser regularly anyway. And above all: because they are beautiful Find…

One of them regularly came home sad from the morning care a while ago: the other boys and girls would make fun of him, claiming he was a girl, just because he had long hair. He was really sad and slumped, his shoulders sagging, his Eyes and nose hidden behind the blonde fringe. It almost broke my heart to see him like this. I took him on my lap, stroked him on the back and over his longer hair, and explained that forever it didn’t matter what he wore or did, he would always a Be a boy – and a wonderful one at that. And that he should never be told anything else.

It’s strange how different that can be, even here in the village. In my other son’s group, the whole thing was never a problem, almost all of the boys there have long hair – hair was never an issue. I could imagine it is the same in the cities: I hardly see any boys with really short hair on city playgrounds.

The fact is: Whether it’s shirts, other pants than the others, hobbies, toys or even hair: at some point the slogans will start. And it becomes more important what the friends say. That’s right too. But I think it’s important that children learn to question whether they think something is really great or whether it is only important because everyone is doing it. It’s a shame that you can’t order a good dose of self-confidence online and give it away nicely packed for your fourth birthday. So it’s work, day after day.

We had the topic again, when my son was particularly sad and preferred to go to the hairdresser immediately. I said, "Okay. But because you want it, not because the others want it. ”He considered for a moment. The brother came over and said that he would never come along for the hair >Hair is absolutely beautiful. So I took my cell phone, entered “men with longer hair” on Google and we scrolled through the pictures together. We laughed, we squeaked, we shook at some types and hairstyles. And then it was clear: the hair would stay.

The next day I happened to hear another boy say to my son: "You are a girl with your long hair!" My mom hormones were boiling and I was about to say something when my son turned around and said: " Men also have long hair and some are damn cool with it. Just that you know. ”The other boy’s eyes widened. And said nothing more.

Do you know the subject? No matter whether in terms of hair, clothes or toys? Have you ever been annoyed with your children? And how do you deal with the topic?


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