Trendy hairstyles, trendy hairstyles

Spring is around the corner. As we all know, this time of change and renewal. And what’s the easiest way to transform? Make a stylish hairstyle, fashionable hairstyle!

In fashion negligence and bright accessories

There are no strict hair length recommendations this season. Hair and hairstyle can be short, medium, long – you decide. Although the most popular designers and stylists are long hair. The main trends are: freedom, naturalness, some messy (even if there are pigtails) one. Some designers look at all spring fashion styling disheveled and neglected.

As for hair color, the following trends are observed. Spring red tones will be relevant, as well as painting a natural, natural color like a sun-bleached streak (hair colorized several close shades). Back in fashion "wet" to stack, even for long hair with a special gel.

Stylish haircuts and hairstyles with waves and curls – is still at the peak of fashion. Careless free flowing straight hair is very sexy. But the wave of seasoning and making frivolous and simple ways.

They don’t pass positions and hairstyles with braids ponytails and beams. The main thing this spring, such hairstyles even looked a little sloppy. The more freely they are stacked, the better. Decorate plait woven scarf or belt. Another trendy option – make small braids on top of the strands. Provide a tail designer to adorn a thin braid, flowers, casually pulled strands of hair, or spinning ribbon with a light print.

For short hair, too many options. The stylish hairstyles with bangs oblique or peekaboo bangs (the longest fringe that even covers the eyes, it is better to put a wave), a bean in different shapes, geometric square, asymmetrical hairstyle with feathers.

One of the main trends of spring – hairstyle, richly decorated with hairpins. The most relevant clips flower theme. Generally accessories spring to be stylish, great. For example, large flowers or bonnets made of light-colored ribbons. Ornaments can be many, but only if they have a neutral color.

Hairstyles with her hands

Spit in Swiss. Believe me, this is a very stylish network. She pulls as the most common spit but also twists wiring each of the three strands of hair. Before braid braid, carefully twist each strand.

Kos «fish bones». This funny name is now full of fashionable hairstyle. Do You one Ponytail, then hair is split in two. Bottom separate from the left side of the hairstyles thin strands of hair. Then this strand of hair, wrap the left side and attach it to the right side of the hairstyles. The separate bottom strand is thin from the right side of the hair. This lock of hair, wrap the right side and pin on the left side. Continue with the braid by Weave the end and attach a rubber band to hair. To make this neat braid look, it must be tightened firmly during weaving.

Twisted beam. This hairstyle will save you if you are late and do not have time to wash my hair. Zacheshite hair back and put some any means of attachment. It is recommended to use wax or hair gel. Then you can split the hair into curls, but you can’t do that. After you’ve combed the hair back, tie a ponytail at the nape of the neck or slightly below. Now fasten the hair in this position. Now take the hair of the tail and start twisting like a rope. Weaving should be tight. Hold the hair on the base of the tail and fasten it invisibly. Brush and finish with hair lacquer.

Options for hairstyles for short hair

«The creative disorder»: Soak the foam strand of styling, dry the hair dryer and lightly shit. Attach the paint and by the person after removing the tires.

Vikhor: Wax, apply to wash and slightly damp hair, then it is necessary to perform a side parting and comb to lift the face just one strand. Incidentally, the height of the edge is simply modeled with hairspray.

"Breeze": to simulate this hairstyle a lot of work is required. The most common foam hair styling transformation short bob. His pretty locks vzlohmatte hands while blow-drying, and the tips of the hair with the help of polish «pull» out. Alternatively, generously spray hairspray, liquid simulation. During the drying process the strands in turn give each direction.

Punk: Comb one strand at a time, from top to bottom, strongly combing flat hair. Shape it, bang on the bottom, heavy with varnish the entire hairstyle.

As you can see, everything is very simple! With stylish hairstyles and fashion hairstyles you win the heart of the man she loved and call white envy friends.


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