Traction alopecia – what are the causes, hair loss assessment

What is traction alopecia? The dictionary definition for the term "alopecia" refers to hair loss or baldness. The "train"-Part refers to stress hair loss. So, if you do that term "Traction alopecia" Listen, there will be reference to hair loss or thinning caused by a stressed scalp.

Causes of Traction Alopecia

The causes of this type of stress hair loss are exactly what they sound like – habits or things we do to our hair, causing stressed scalp conditions. The main cause of this condition affects hairstyles that pull the hair waves tight and cause scalp stress. Hairstyles that generally create scalp stress are tight cornrows, tight braids and braids braids and any hairstyle requires that the strands of hair be pulled tight and either woven or fastened tightly woven. These hairstyles are common in both males and females and are found mostly in adolescents, teenagers and young adults. Hairweaving in men in areas that have experienced thinning or lost hair is becoming increasingly common and is also an increasing cause of traction alopecia.

Another cause of traction alopecia

Another cause of traction alopecia is also an external one. Any trauma to the scalp can cause stress hair loss. Each pull on the strand of hair loosens the grip of the follicle on the strand of hair and it falls earlier than the biological cellular programming of the hair follicle intends. The stressed scalp allows the strand of hair to loosen and dandruff before its time in the area of ​​the scalp stress, ie in the area of ​​the traumatic injury or next to the cornrow area or the areas with the largest tug and pull when you braid or braid hair.

Why is early shedding an issue??

Each of the follicles in the skin produces strands of hair all over the body. These hair follicles are full of hundreds of preprogrammed cells that create the hair shaft. Programming in these cells initiates and promotes the hair’s life cycle and determines how many times that life cycle is repeated. This life cycle can span a period of only a few months or more years. Important here is the number of times the life cycle is repeated. For example, if your cellular programming says that the life cycle will only be repeated 50 times, then if you shed the strand of hair before its lifetime is over and not as often, you will exhaust the number of life cycles these hair follicles can produce. The result is permanent stress hair loss. Stress hair loss means bald or thinning areas in beautiful head full of hair!

Emotional and psychological effects of stress hair loss

While the causes of traction alopecia can be somewhat controlled, the emotional and psychological impact on the internal self-image and self-confidence of the person experiencing the stress of hair loss can sometimes not be controlled. Thinning hair can affect your appearance and that can affect your business relationships as well as romantic ones. You will look in the mirror and you will not see the same person you have seen in the past and you will probably take a long time to go back to that youthful and attractive look.

The key to reversing or controlling the damage to alopecia traction is to identify and control the causes of stress hair loss as early as possible. It is extremely important to identify the causes of traction alopecia and correct the causes of stress. Hair loss immediately before thinning or loss becomes permanent and irreversible.

Post Title: Traction alopecia – what are the causes?


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