Top hairstyles for long hair 2014 for women, hairstyles picture – part 9

July 28, 2018 — by MCutts0

91. Jennifer Lopez long hairstyle: pretty deep ponytail

J-Lo keeps it simple but stylish with her pretty, deep ponytail. With a lot of volume and delicate, framing hair waves, this long hairstyle is elegant and flattering. J-Lo has also turned her hair into ombré, which makes her look current and trendy. Try the deep ponytail if you’re looking for a more adult and stylish version of the simple ponytail.

92. Jennifer Love-Hewitt long hairstyle: long and flowing with highlights

We just love Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s long, flowing hair and sexy pony combed to the side! Her hair is shiny and full of volume and if you look closely you can see some blonde highlights. The highlights are delicate and carefully set to make Jens’ face shine.

93. Rita Ora long hairstyle: playful herringbone braids

British singer Rita Ora wears two hair trends in one – deep side braids and herringbone braids! We have serious haircut on her perfectly braided Herringbone braids that start at the back of her neck. With platinum blonde hair and playful cat eye sunglasses, Rita looks like she is ready for a good time in the sun.

94. Rihanna Long Hair: Soft and Swirled

Rihanna always looks perfect, even at the airport. Here she wears her super long hair in a soft, swirled side braid that looks like chocolate ice cream. We love how he keeps her hair out of her face and how easy this hairstyle is to travel. This style works best with thick hair, but you can also make a slightly thinner version.

95. Bella Thorne long hairstyle: sweet half-up, half-down hairstyle with hair bow

Teen actress and singer Bella Thorne looks lovely with her half-up, half-down hairstyle. This long hairstyle is playful and super cute and works well with thick, wavy hair. In addition, a slanted bangs to frame the face and a small bow to perfect the look.

96. Rachel Bilson long hairstyle: delicate ombré curls

Actress Rachel Bilson shows a pretty one Hairstyle for long, fine hair. Her delicate ombré curls are layered to frame her face and her center parting creates the illusion of a longer, narrower face.

97. Kristen Stewart long hairstyle: combed waves

Actress Kristen Stewart looks fresh and carefree with her wavy hair turned back. Her hair color gradually changes from a light brown to an intense copper, which gives her depth. A few loose strands of hair soften Kristen’s appearance and give her a romantic look.

98. Candice Swanepoel long hairstyle: platinum blonde poison

South African swimmer and lingerie model Candice Swanepoel looks gorgeous with her platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She wears her hair straight and with a low center parting and lets it fall openly over her shoulders.

99. Emmy Rossum long hairstyle: half-up, half-down

Actress Emmy Rossum looks cute and casual with her classic half-up, half-down hairstyle. This style became known this year through Kate Middleton and is growing in popularity in 2014. It is also a very practical hairstyle as it keeps the hair out of the face while the hair falls open back.

100. Jessica Alba Long Hairstyle: Braided Updo

Actress and fashion role model Jessica Alba shows off her fantastic, elaborately braided updo. With French braids and a low, knotted bun, this hairstyle is glamorous and perfect for a special occasion. The styling can take a few hours, but Jessica’s braided updo is worth the wow effect!

They were – 100 of the best, most fashionable long hairstyles of 2014! We hope you enjoy our Top 100 long hairstyles for women 2014 liked and found some inspiration for your hair among our carefully selected celebrity hairstyles. Whether you wear your long hair straight, curly, pinned up, open or braided, do it in style!


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