Top haircuts and hairstyles for summer 2017 – trend hairstyles style

Top haircuts and hairstyles for summer 2017

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Date: 30 July 2017 – 4:22 pm

If you’re updating up to a summer, start with your hair. There are unlimited haircuts available – from the statement-bob to confused, long layers. Celebrities’ hairdressers try to do their best to give their clients the most stylish looks ever. And today we’ve rounded up some of ours Favorite haircuts and hairstyles for summer 2017 debuted the most popular celebrities. When compiling these pictures, which we Have kept in our mind the idea that summer haircuts should be low maintenance and hassle-free. Now let’s start!

shoulder length bob

This is a striking shoulder-skimming bob with many layers placed around the bottom. The reason why the stars love this style is that the levels around the bottom help, create You add movement and dimension to your hair. When it comes to styling, you want to apply hair mousse, texturing products and then blow drying. This style is flattering for women with a heart-shaped face and a little wavy texture.

Chin length blunt bob

Bobs come in different shades, shapes and sizes. The following style you will want to hire your stylist for a blunt bob and do not forget to indicate that you want a bob with blunt tips. After I apply some straightening hair products and run them during your strands with a flat iron. Make your hair as straight as possible because curly hair tends to bring out the crop in the best way.

Short stratified crop

The lock layered pixie – bob is what you need to make a bold statement. The cut stops below the cheekbones, while the back is tapered, which makes for a striking and impressive style. It is an elegant pixie for stylish women. For the styling that you want, insert a light hold hair product to make it look slimmer and more polished. The less hair, the less care.

Long layered haircut

Those who are looking to add some interest to your style should layers. With layers you can have a whole new look without losing the hair length. Layers are also great for slimming the weight of your curls. If you would like to recreate this look, ask your hairdresser to focus on the front corners of the crop. The layers on the front create a stunning frame for your face and soft.

Curly bob with fringes

For this look, the vertically arranged layers must be. This allows the curls to be in shape so that you don’t mess with the "triangle". While he is cutting for don’t forget to ask for wispy bangs too. They make the look complete. In the event that if you don’t have this lure, there are so many ways to reach you. Just cut that, the rest is the easiest part.


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