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by omermuhtarPublished 26 August 2018Updated 26 August 2018

The conversation about hair and Asian women is naturally endowed with beautiful and silky black strands. That’s why Asian hairstyles naturally have a glamorous appeal. Since most of the hottest hairstyles (I’ll also add the word "bold") come from Asian beauties, scroll down to get in-the-know of the finest Asian hairstyles young chicks should try at office babes during their next salon visit

Check out the best possible Asian hairstyles that you can try regardless of hair length.

Glamorous Asia n hairstyles you need to try:

Check out our top selection of super-glamorous hairstyles that will surely give you a complete mane makeover and also improve your style quotient.

Asian hairstyles for short hair:

1.Try The Textured Pixie:

If you have fine and frizzy hair, a textured pixie is one of the hottest Asian hairstyles for you. Make sure you don’t grow the elf in the back too long while leaving long strands in the front. This messy hairstyle is cute and easy to care for, giving you a young and spunky look.

2. Look great in an asymmetrical bob:

Hola! Women with oval faces can now make the most of their Asian short hair with this asymmetrical bob. Just make one side shorter than the other and you will look amazing. Adding long bangs will help frame your face better.

3. Bowl Over Everyone with an Asian Bowl Cut:

This is one of the trendiest short Asian hairstyles. It is a straight haircut with short bangs. Fits slim girls and looks great with the right fashionable accessories such as danglers in the ear and collar on the neck.

4. Sizzle in a short bob:

Check out one of the most popular Asian hairstyles with side-swept bangs. Wear it with an off-shoulder dress and you will look burning even when chilling with friends.

5.Ooze some oomph with an ombre bob cut:

Asian hairstyles for short hair go one step ahead if they are ombre colored. They look urban and handsome, just right for college.

6. Make a style statement with a Side Swept Adventure:

Discover the side swept nature of short Asian hairstyles. With a feather-light top, you will look like a sweet sixteen again.

7.Wave your hair woo farewell with a wavy short bob:

This is a cute looking Japanese short bob hairstyle. It looks wonderful when paired with a V-shaped long red skirt.

8. Steal the show with side bangs:

Looks fun and flirty is easy when you go for side bangs. This is a trick in Asian haircuts for girls that gives you the ability to have your hair long enough to pull it aside on a hot summer day.

9. Make heads turn with a messy pixie cut:

Doing your hair to perfection is not possible every time. That’s why a chaotic pixie is one of the most uncomplicated Asian short hairstyles. Use products like mousse, gel, or hairspray to give you that messy look.

10. Create a little magic with a cute bob:

Korean celebrity Yoona shows such a reserved look in this Asian short hair that it’s hard not to melt. The bob gently frames her face while softening her facial features.

Asian hairstyles for long hair:

1. Win compliments with Wave Perm and Side Swept Bangs:

If you have long hair, you can make it look gorgeous with a combination of wave perm and side-swept bangs.

2. Be Bang On with a blunt cut:

Asian hairstyles for long curls can go a step ahead if you do the following – do a blunt cut with a partial C-Curl perm.

3. Draw attention with Asian pastel colors:

It is a long ash "bronde" ombre hair. No, Bronde is not a typo here. It’s what you get by combining brown and blonde shades. The result? A cool ashy tone that’s a popular choice for Asian hair highlights.

4. Up Your Glam Quotient with Ombre Waves:

Long and layered wavy hair is a popular choice when it comes to Asian haircuts. But if you dye it with a caramel ombre color against dark roots, the chocolate swirl effect can be exhilarating. It is generally flattering.

5. Spice up your look with soft waves:

Medium cut hair and natural bouncy waves are perfect for everyday wear. The colors of the hair – from medium and light brown to the occasional blonde, black and pink – ensure a carefree, effortless look.

6. Get a high with a sleek ponytail:

One of the most promising Asian hairstyles for girls because it really highlights your features. Place it up, tie it up, and prepare for a flattering hairstyle.

7. Look Your Best with Layered Hair and Bangs:

This Asian hairstyle is very popular with Korean celebrities. The bangs add a big feminine touch – softening the facial features and lengthening the face. Light and thin, these pony sunglasses look great on women with a thick head of hair. You can call this one of the best thick Asian hairstyles.

8.Lower your long hair down with a medium goodbye:

You will love wearing this Asian hairstyle when you have the perfect mid part ready. It can help you get a simple but elegant look.

9. See Ramp-Ready with a long and wavy Asian hairstyle:

Got long locks? Enhance beauty by wearing a hair band after leaving your hair wavy open. Good to wear it to a rock show.

Asian hairstyles for medium hair:

1. Be a show stopper with this shoulder length hairstyle:

This attractive shoulder length Asian hairstyle is college ready. Wear it with a maxi skirt and a little makeup on your cheeks and lips and you will look perfect.

2. Add some charm with a wonderful medium hairstyle:

Now that brings Asian beauty to greater heights. With hair ends that fall over the collarbone, the influence of Asian medium-sized hairstyles is not medium-sized, but large and breathtaking.

3. Up Your Cuteness Quotient with a Medium-n-Cute Haircut:

For sweet faces with medium-length, wavy hair, this hairstyle scores with full bangs. To do a little styling, make big curls towards the ends of your hair.

4.Turn on the fun with this cute emo look:

If you have medium length straight hair, then lengthen the front area. For styling, spray the highlights on the hair and then blow out the straight hair. This hairstyle looks cute and casual for daily activities.

5. Look brave and beautiful with bangs:

This cute hairstyle with bangs for medium hair is so very cool and cosmo-looking. The pony is like a cherry on top of an ice. Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones and maybe hide a wide forehead.

6.Have a blast with this bang-n-layer hairstyle:

Not just bangs, this Asian hairstyle for medium length hair also has layers. It’s terrifically cool. Wear it for weekends and parties too.

7. Make news with this medium length hairstyle:

A perfect medium length Asian hairstyle that is round or elongated faces fits. It is perfect for light and dark hair.

8. Add a twist to your story:

Now this is eye-catching. This medium length Asian hairstyle is precisely for a cocktail party.

Source: truddie .com

9. Flaunt The Korean Medium Hairstyle 2018:

This Asian haircut for girls is ethereal and beautiful. Leave your middle hair open and you’re ready to kill.

10. Bottom Everyone With This Flower Power-Packed Hairstyle:

Flowers improve this Asian hairstyle for girls? I think it’s the other way around. Poking hair ends and slightly wavy hair add to the dramatic appeal of this Asian haircut.

Tips to look more fashionable with Asian hairstyles:

You can improve the attractiveness of your Asian hairstyle by following the tips below:

1. Many female celebrities like model actress Lee Sung Kyung have worn tousled waves to increase their glam appeal. You can recreate this youthful hairstyle without aging the hair.

2. Ribbon highlights begin in the middle of the length, not the base color. Seen here on former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Hwang, it’s definitely a way to look super hot!

3. The lob hairstyle is a sure thing as it flatters every face shape and a range of hair structures. That is why it is a popular hairstyle choice.

This completes our list of the hottest Asian hairstyles

Which of the Asian hairstyles impressed you the most? If you’ve found an Asian hairstyle that’s trendy, let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!


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