Top 9 braided hairstyles for medium hair, styles on life

September 24, 2019 — by MCutts0

Medium hair is a good length of hair to work with while making braids. Too short hair is problematic for braiding. Hair Long or medium length is always good for different types of braids. During the summer, you can try different bun style braids or full head hairstyles. This will keep you relieved of summer sweat and it will also make you look more fashionable. Braid making is a job you need to master.

You cannot learn this in a single day. Especially with the medium hair, you’ll give a whole bunch of studies until you can make tight braids that won’t fall out. If your hair has some dryness, that will be even better.

Here are our top 9 options for braids for medium length hair. Check them out and you can try out a few styles.

1. Full Head Braid:

This is a good hairstyle that can be tried on thick medium hair. You can start making a braid out of the pony section and go all the way back. You should do two braids from both sides. Even when you reach the back, don’t forget to clip too tightly in the end sections of the braids with the rest of your hair with hairpins.

2. Messy Lose Braid:

Even if the hair here is slightly longer than medium length, you can still sport this look with shoulder length or a bit longer than shoulder length hair. Even if your hair isn’t very long, this hairstyle can be good and easy to make with a midsection and loose braids one on each side.

3. Sectioned Milk Girl Braid:

This is a frontal cut milkmaid braid that ends in a fishtail shape. If you have medium or shoulder length hair then this hairstyle can work on your hair. If you would like, You can look accessories this hair with real or artificial flowers. You have to have thick hair. Don`t at thick Hair clips in the wrong hair sections may be a good choice for you to increase the volume of the hair and also the length.

4. Dick Waterfall Braid:

You don’t need very long hair to look for this hair. However, your hair must be very thick. If you want, you can keep the hair on the back in a loose fishtail braid or just clip it to the back.

5. Loose messy braids:

This can be a good summer time or even hair look like college style. Two loose braids that are secured with strong hold hairspray and are not tied with any elastic bands. This can give you a messy style and look trendy too.


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