Top 50 little girl hairstyles for every occasion, new hairstyles

Hairstyles for little girls are charming and adorable. What qualifies as a good hairstyle for little girls? Any hairstyle that doesn’t put pressure on sensitive hair and scalp. However, this does not mean that little girls turn hairstyles around natural hairstyles. Add a braid, create braided princess crowns or add colorful details to the mix and you have the perfectly cute little girl hairstyle. Girls are all too aware of what they look like. For this reason, the selection is more suitable Hairstyles for such a tender age is a great idea. Show your little wonder the variety of hairstyles that are available for them. It will be your best indicator that the choice is right for you.

1. Little girl hairstyles: short, cute and color accented

Short to medium length hairstyles for little girls are the easiest to maintain. Your little ones are always on the run and full of energy. Therefore, a natural hairstyle that extends to the chin length is one of the best options for the little princess. It is easy to brush and untangle when the hair can flow freely. It’s just as easy to pin it down in all sorts of things. Whatever you do, don’t forget the colorful hairpins, which of course are accepted by the little princess.

2. Natural hairstyle for long hair

We know that most little girls dream to be princesses. The most distinguishable characteristic of a princess is her long, beautiful curls, which always flow in a cascade of swirls and waves. This is a great little girl hairstyle, both because she looks great and because she doesn’t stress her hair at all.

3. Cute updo for little girls

Are you preparing for a festive event? Here’s some inspiration for your little one’s hairstyle. A cute updo with a braided crown and loose flowing curls in the back. It is effortless, beautiful and it will make your little girl feel like a princess.

4. Cute girl hairstyles

This is a cute hairstyle for little ones Girl with long Hair. It may look like you need some skills to achieve this. Still, it’s pretty easy. All you need is a few rubber bands, patience, and a few hairpins with floral decorations. This hairstyle works well as a day-to-day or wedding hairstyle for little girls.

5. Free flowing locks and headband hairstyle

Let these curls flow freely when your little princess enjoys it. Feel free to add a bandana that has a double protective role. It can prevent hair from falling on the face and causing irritation. At the same time, it can offer mild protection from the sun’s rays.

6. Natural hairstyle for curly little girls

Curls and coils are adorable. Therefore, it is best if your child wears beautiful curls like this to leave them naturally. Hair accessories never hurt, of course. Add a couple of pens or a headband for extra support.

7. Cool little girl hairstyles

A loosely braided princess crown that surrounds the head and is accented by a glittering bow is a stress-free hairstyle. Your little one will love it.

8. Natural hairstyle with bangs

Some girls are made for bangs and wavy hair only. For those days when you don’t want to do anything complicated with your girl’s hair, let it shine naturally. Add a headband like this pearl headband for an extra nice touch.

9. Braids and Upsweep Little Girl Hairstyles

Braids never go out of style. For kids, they’re a cool element to show off with. This stunning hairstyle with a high jump and a few braids will make your little feeling special.

10. Little girls Bra >

Any kind of braids or twist braids looks stunning on your kids. Not to mention that they are protective, easy to do and solve, and really comfortable to wear. Whether it’s braided braids, a braided crown princess or a braided ponytail that we look at, they all look natural and beautiful for your child.

11. Little girls short hairstyles

Speaking of comfort and the ease to maintain the natural beauty of your little hair, a short haircut is ideal. Especially if your little girl has thick, straight hair, a perfectly cut short hairstyle will add a perfectly polished touch, no matter what. Chalk colored highlights are an extra cool element for your child.

12. Tall bun, bangs and flowers

Cool? Beyond the shadow of a doubt. This little one is wearing one of the coolest hairstyles we’ve ever seen. Long bangs that frame the face perfectly, a flawless updo, and a colorful bow as support and an additional wow effect.

13.Little black girl hairstyles

Black hair is beautiful. However, grooming and styling can be difficult. That is why little black girls hairstyles that are the best fit are the ones that are known as protective hairstyles. These beautiful, intricate braids are one of the hairstyles you can try on for the size.

14. Party hairstyle for little girls

Is your little girl preparing for her best friend’s birthday party? Check out this stunning hairstyle that is really easy to get to.

15. Chin length twist bra >

The Senegalese twist braids are a typical black hairstyle and look just as good on little girls as they do on women. Try this out with your child. She will love the cool factor caused by braids and her versatility.

16. Short hairstyles for little girls

It’s similar to Amelie’s hairstyle, isn’t it? A playful color can do a lot to create a special hairstyle that matches the personality of your little girl.

17. Curled bob haircut for little girls

Almost every natural hairstyle that works for you also works for your little one. Just look at how cute this curly bob haircut is. Chopped ends and a soft finish, and your little girl has an enviable hairstyle.

18. Curly ponytails for little girls

It may come as no surprise, but ponytails or braids for little girls with curly hair are one of the easiest ways to tame this mane. Plus, they’re easy to make and comfortable to wear. A cute little girl hairstyle that never goes out of style.

19. Short haircuts for little girls

When a short haircut no longer cuts it, season it with pearl headbands. Ask your little one to help you choose the colors that she would love most and work together to create a cute look for her every day.

20. Layered hairstyle for little girls

Layered hairstyles are ideal for more volume and depth, especially for fine thin hair. If this is the type of hair your girl has, try a layered haircut with long bangs. It will be easy to create different hairstyles with this as a base.

21. Little girls braided hairstyles

Two Dutch braids tied with an oversized bow at the back look gorgeous in a half-down hairstyle for little girls. This is definitely worth trying at least once. This heart-shaped pattern is adorable.

22. Fine hair braided hairstyle

Fine hair is also quite fragile, especially for little girls. Avoid combing too much or creating very tight hairstyles. This low braid protects the hair and gives your little one the opportunity to look and feel like a princess.

23. Braided pigtails updo

Create a braid. Divide the hair in two. Twist the two pieces up and secure them with a satin bow for a soft and chic look. Your child’s neck will breathe during the summer days while her hair will look like this.

24. Simple hairstyles for little girls

Ok, we admit it. Any hairstyle that has these many hair ties doesn’t look so easy. Trust us, it really is. All you need is a fine-toothed comb to separate each strand of hair, which is fixed with a rubber band and a lot of patience. The results are breathtaking.

25. Natural hairstyles for little girls

Do you want to achieve these eddies for your little girl? Simply brush the hair while it is damp and let it dry that way. Loosen the vertebrae, let them dry completely, and use your fingers to untangle very tight coils. It will of course arrange in a beautiful hairstyle for little girls.

26. Braids and twists for little girls

Start by dividing the hair into four sections. Two larger sections should start at the top of the head, while two smaller sections should face back. Back up each of them separately. Start braiding or twisting each section of hair. Back them up every time you are done. Pull the two strands from the lower part to the top and fasten them together with bands and elastic bands.

27. Natural hairstyles for little girls

We mentioned that the best hairstyles for little girls are those that don’t put pressure on the hair and scalp. Well, this loose fishtail is one of the best examples of such hairstyles for little girls. It also leaves plenty of room to add some items like pens and hair ties that your child will adore.

28. Beautiful X-Bra >

Wondering how this stunning hairstyle can be achieved? Divide the hair into two parts and start braiding on each side in the diagonal direction. When the two braids meet, fix them with pins and then continue braiding on opposite sides.

29. Natural hairstyle for black curly hair

This cute little princess adorns a natural hairstyle that is perfect for black wavy hair.

30. Little girls natural hairstyles

Discover these sweet freckles by pulling up half of your hair. If half or half hair is not enough, use the hair for a nice braid that can also act as a natural headband. Attach it with pens and give your little princess all the comfort she needs.

31. Little girls hairstyles with pearls

What can be more fun than having pearls in your hair? These little decorative elements used as hair restraints are ideal to decorate these braids, a few strands of hair or a pattern that your child will love.

32. Complex braided hairstyles for little girls

Another case of an amazing protective hairstyle. A breathtaking and complex fishtail braid.

33.Beads and braids: little girls hairstyles

Braids never lose their cool factor. Pearls always bring a little something extra. Colorful and playful, pearl braids are ideal as little girl hairstyles.

34. Smooth ponytail with twist bra >

This hairstyle looks best on smoothest hair because of the twist braid that serves as jewelry for the simple ponytail. If you have what it takes to braid, try this hairstyle for your child. She will love it.

35. Little girl ponytail hairstyle

A ponytail is a classic hairstyle for little girls and not only. Try attaching the ponytail here and there with a few rubber bands in a natural color. These will create an amazing effect and a cool hairstyle for your little princess.

36. High braided ponytail for little girls

This is another variant of the classic ponytail for little girls. A fairytale hairstyle that will make your little girl look like a fairytale princess.

37. Bow accented pigtails for medium hair

A medium haircut with bangs looks adorable on little girls. To increase the sweet factor, style two tall pigtails with bow details and a hair tie. We love this natural and simple hairstyle.

38. Ponytail style with a twist for little girls

Make a ponytail as high as possible on the top of your head. Prepare more rubber bands to secure the following steps. Add another strand of hair to the first ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Continue these steps until you reach the base of the neck and let the rest of the hair flow freely.

39. Hairstyles for little girls for short hair

This classic hairstyle was made for a diva. It not only looks chic and chic, but also cute and natural. Easy hair styling in tight waves and use of mild hair care products.

40. Hairstyles for short curly hair

Tired of styling short curly hair? Take a shade of this beautiful princess, whose hair is fastened in two high braids.

41. Little girls curly hairstyles

This amazing curly mane is all natural. Sometimes the best way to style such an impressive lush mane is to let it flow freely. It can get tangled and difficult to maintain. Nevertheless, it is recommended that natural curly hair get a break from all the twists and braids every now and then.

42.Braided bun hairstyle for little girls

Braided buns are a twist on classic buns, a lot more fun and playful for your little ones. In addition, you have no hairstyles all day long because this hairstyle holds your mane all day long.

43. Wedding hairstyles for little girls

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone, including your children. So why not treat your little princess’s hair the way you do it to yourself? This stylish updo with lots of twists and curls has a chic and playful touch that is perfect as a wedding hairstyle for little girls.

44. Bow bun for little girls

Ballerina bun? Sure, only with an additional playful twist. Create this smooth bun and add an eye-catching element.

45. African American little girl hairstyles

Short wedding hairstyles for black hair are breathtakingly cute and beautiful. Let your little princess’s mane shine in all its glory and increase the wow factor with nothing more than a cute bow.

46. ​​Little girl updos

Do you remember the many strands and elastic bands that have already been mentioned? This hairstyle is a variation on these intricate looking but easy-to-reach little girl hairstyles. Only this time the hair, which could flow freely in beautiful waves, is now held in a perfectly defined waistband, which is secured with an elastic band.

47. Hairstyles for little girls: twisted low bun

Would you like to try something new about little girls hairstyles? Try this twisted low bun. They are fun and playful and take less than 5 minutes to do them on the spot.

48. Little girl updos

Another hairstyle that is just as good as a daily one Hairstyle for your little princess or could work as a wedding hairstyle.

49. Ballerina updo for little girls

A ballerina bun that just looks a bit messy is right for your little princess. Add bangs and the nice touch is guaranteed.

50. Little girls hairstyles with bangs

As long as the bangs don’t reach the eyes, they’re a welcome addition to your child’s hairstyle. They are always cool and your little girl will love them.

No matter whether Disney princess or celebrities from whom your little girl comes – a must for little girl hairstyles. Check out our 50 great ideas for little girl hairstyles and find inspiration.


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