Top 50 bold soon and nice hairstyles

Shave your hair and go completely bald take immense courage and super high confidence for a woman. But if you dare to take the plunge with the right bald hairstyle and wear that with the right posture, it can look remarkably beautiful. You believe us.

Here are top 50 bald hairstyles for you to check out:

1st crucial bald hairstyle by Bernie Nolan:

Let’s start with this graceful Irish entertainer who at the age of 52 Nolan had left us last year to shave her head as she fought breast cancer. But it couldn’t affect her amazing beauty.

2.Amber bald hairstyle by Amber Rose:

This American beauty has almost made her style statement bald. In fact, for keeping her light natural blonde hair super short or going completely bald, she has risen to fame from time to time.

3.Buzz cut hairstyle by Danai Gurira:

Danai is one of those celebrities who shook complete baldness or an almost shaved head. She is a true icon for black women who dare to go bald for us.

4. Complete Bald Hairstyle by Cynthia Nixon:

The `Sex and the City` fame Cynthia, who mostly had fiery red curls, just headed when her character shaved it off in the movie` Wit`. She has a well-shaped head – we have to say.

5.Buzz cut hairstyle with splash of color:

V >Picture: Getty

Showed off by the American teen actress Willow Smith, this is one of the most exclusive bald hairstyles` sure to get others` attention. The hint of gradient pink made the ash brown hair look gorgeous.

6.Buzz cut hairstyle by Sinead Oconnor:

Here is Irish singer and songwriter Sinead with her signature bald hairstyle. She chose to shear her head in the mid-1980s, which was a revolutionary step for women at that time.

7. Super Short Shape-Up Hairstyle:

Check out this super short form-up style hair that is nothing more than a slightly modified version of the bald hairstyles. It is particularly suitable for women with extreme natural curls.

8.Almost bald Frenchie Davis hairstyle:

Here’s another almost bald hairstyle sported by popular American actor Frenchie. She has complemented her almost shaved head with strong eyes, red lips and exclusive earrings.

9.Full Bald Hairstyle by Veronika Bozeman:

This multi talented woman also has a bald fetish for a long time. Bozeman thought it was totally intelligent and edgy and like us. Don’t forget to pair it with the right clothes and make-up sophisticated.

10.Fully bald hairstyle by Alina Süggeler:

The German pop star Alina from the well-known band `Frida Gold` is another bald beauty that should be included in this list. She first went bald three years ago and was still rocking in the same look.

11. Very short cut butch hairstyle:

Butch cut is a variation of the buzz cut in which the hair on the top of the head is made extremely short. Even if it’s a bald hairstyle, it looks pretty nice on women who can do it.

12.Aisha Hinds’ almost shaved hairstyle:

If you have afro-textured hair and you dare to wear bold hairstyles, opt for this almost shaved look. Here the hairline is shaped to give it a clean and tidy appearance.

13. decide >

Grammy-winning Jazz Sensation turned total baldness into anger. You just need to take a look at her clean-shaven head. Yes, bald is still beautiful!

14. Ultimate Bald Hairstyle by Gail Porter:

Gail, the famous Scottish beauty, a beauty without her hair. She suffered from acute childhood alopecia, which later inspired her to go bald and make her very own fashion statement.

15. Harvested and Parted Hair from Janet Jackson:

In this picture, Janet has parted her super cropped curly and heavily textured hair in a precise manner. Needless to say, her bald hairstyle has given it a whole new dimension.

16.Butch cut hairstyle by Carolyn Maleachi:

This is another butch cut worn by the American singer Carolyn Malachi. Just like her songs, her hairstyle is also `smooth, refreshing and stunning`.

17.Natural bald hairstyle by Natalie Portman:

Baldness doesn’t hurt our femininity at all, and the picture of Natalie’s almost shaved head is enough to prove it. A strong, confident and beautiful look – what else do you need?

18. Super high top knot with shaved sides:

Separate the shaved sides of your head by creating two side pieces and twist the rest of your hair in an incredibly high hair. If you want, you can also equip it to emphasize the height.

19. Soft mohawk with back and partially shaved head:

The list of bald and beautiful hairstyles remains incomplete without the mention of American pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Check the soft light blond mohawk on her partially shaved head. Unique and beautiful!

20. Roll of puffy top with shaved sides:

Here both sides of the head are almost shaved off and the hair that is on the middle segment of the head is carefully rolled up. The highly volumized top is the real peculiarity of this bald hairstyle.

21. one side shaved long bob hairstyle:

This hairstyle has a long bob with a brush cut shave on one side of the head. Create a part between the two sections and gracefully remove the entire look.

22. Wavy long blonde with partially shaved head:

Here’s another bald hairstyle in which one side of the head is given a neat brush cut. However, the golden blonde hair on the other hand flows down the shoulder. Chic still exclusive!

23. Half Bald Head with Luscious Curls:

Not everyone can pull off this brave half-bald look. But if you dare to do it, just shave off half of your head completely and cascade the lush curls of your shoulder on the other side.

24. Highlighted and Braided Hair with Buzz Cut:

Get buzz cut on both sides of your head and highlight the hair in the middle for a touch of elegance. Now twist the hair up and make sure that the marked strands are visible directly on the front of the head.

25. p >

This bald bob hairstyle can strongly emphasize your strong character and positive outlook. Create a side part and shave off the hair in a smaller section. Brush the rest of the hair and add intense texture.

26.Layered volumized hair with shaved side:

Side shaves can make you look too young and charming. Brush the super short hair on one side of the head perfectly and create volume at the top to make the layered curls look great. Simple and elegant.

27. Soft pixie haircut with shaved sides:

Here’s a real diamond pixie cut with both sides almost shaved. To offset the stubborn flair of the brush cut, you need to keep the end of your pixie hair soft and delicate.

28. Long combed back with shaved sides:

Go bald on both sides of your hair while keeping the hair in the middle segment intact. Well, smooth it back and add a pull on the crown. It just looks awesome on long layered hair.

29. Long messy hair with one side shaved:

Shave any side of your head completely and layer until rest of your locks. Let part of your hair hug your face. Eventually give it a dirty surface. They look just like fat, bald and beautiful Rihanna.

30. Half Bald Hairstyle with Long Black Curls:

First, separate the hair into two sections. Now cut it on one side and remove curls on the other. You can improve your look even more by looking for bold eyes and bare lips.

31. Partial bald hairstyle with front fringes and high buns:

This brave bald hairstyle showcased by American superstar Cassie can definitely make someone the center of attraction. The twisted high bun and the straight front fringes make that partially shaved head look differently beautiful.

32. shaved head with hair on top:

Here’s Gail Porter again with a fully shaved head and a small patch of hair on the top. There is no need to style the hair up. Let it stay as it is and you are all set to be the real eye-catcher.

33. Almost shaved hair with front tattoo:

Add a twist to your bold bald look by sporting a tattoo on your hairline. In this picture a form-up cut with very short trimmed hair embellished by a tattoo of a small curl. Innovative – everything we can say!

34. Voluminous mohawk with an almost shaved head:

It is a very voluminous, reddish brown mohawk on an almost shaved head with super short ash brown hair. The volume and contrast have taken this hairstyle to a whole new level.

35. Half bald head with three lines shaved in head:

Well, the half bald hairstyle has not only got the distinctive look of the light golden blonde curls but also the three magical lines. You will look like a rock star almost immediately. Just try a shot.

36. Partially shaved head with long black hair:

Jazz up your boring black hair with this partially shaved style. Cut the hair on one side of the head and leave the hair loose on the other side.

37. Curly textured purple hair on top with shaved sides:

Shave off both sides of the head. You can also go for a simple buzz cut for this purpose. Now roll the hair up on the top, roll it up a little and texturize it. The glossy shade of purple has made the look totally fascinating.

38. Partially shaved bob with long side swept bang:

If you are still wondering how to look trendy just by going bald, here is the answer. To fetch Do a short stacked bob with one side shaved and add a few strips of dark brown hair to this long black side swept bang.

39.Sleek high buns on almost shaved head:

Here’s another shape-up cut on an Afro-textured hair. Your entire head should be shaved while keeping the top hair intact in the middle. Straighten and smooth it out nicely. Then turn them up in a high bun. A nice example of a bald and beautiful hairstyle!

40. shaved head with flat curly front bun:

Create a flat front bun by taking all of your coily hair together from the top of your head. The rest of the head should almost be shaved or given away as a buzz cut.

41.Bald hairstyle with bandana:

A headscarf can keep your bald head out of sight while you look extremely fashionable. There are a lot of selections of bandanas available in the market. Choose one that suits your taste the most.

42. High front bun and low back bun with shaved sides:

If you have almost shaved two sides and long hair in the middle of your head, this would be one of the best balding hairstyles for you to try. Just split the hair into two sections and create two buns – a high voluminous one at the front of the head and a small low one at the neck. Simple!

43. Highlighted locks with shaved one side:

In this hairstyle, one side of the head is shaved beautifully, while the other side features golden blonde waves marked with light pastel blue and green pastel stripes. Make sure you choose the right makeup to complement your hairstyle the right way,

44. Textured wavy curls with neatly shaved One S >

Go completely bald on one side of your head and let your structured and wavy curls flow down your shoulders. The deep black shadow of the hair has turned the look even bolder.

45. Pink locks with blue accents and shaved side:

V >Picture: Getty

If you want to look vibrant with your bald hairstyle, here is the ideal one choice. Like most previous hairstyles, it also features very short trimmed hair on one side. But color the top wavy part of the hair on the other hand pink and curly bottom part purple. You are ready to rock!

46. ​​Short Bob with Curly Bang and Shaved Side:

The peculiarity of this short bob is that it has an almost shaved half, while the rest of the head is full of wonderful waves. You can even bang the ruffled ends of the side swept in an outward direction to give the look.

47. Messy voluminous mohawk with shaved sides:

This is a modified version of Mohawk in which the hair in the middle of the head becomes straight and structured with an additional messy finish. Like a typical mohawk, two sides and the back of the head are shaved off here too.

48.Super-curly voluminous hair with a shaved side:

A bald hairstyle can add significantly to the beauty of your super curly hair. Go bald on one side of your head and volumize these intense curls to add height to the top.

49. Purple Braided Updo on Fast Bald Head:

In this exclusive hairstyle, two sides are shaved in such a way that an angled section of the hair is created on the back of the head. Create a head braid with it, twist its loose ends up and attach it to your crown with hairpins. Opt for this pretty purple color to make the style more eye-catching.

50. Hair-wrapped ponytail with puff and shaved sides:

Shave both sides of your head cleanly. Well, puff the hair up at the top and twist it in a high curly ponytail. Finally, wrap the base of the bangs with a thin section of your hair. Stylish and beautiful at the same time!

Do you have a bold plan to go bald and look different in the near future? If so, which of these bald hairstyles would you like to give one a try? Let us know.


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