Top 15 most beautiful and unique women short hairstyles 2020 (55 photos) – hairstyles 2020 new hairstyles and hair colors

Women short hairstyles 2020 are a dream. Frankly, we have no idea how it came about, so we have more than 50 different types of short hairstyles for women in 2020. In addition, these options are not definitive.

The changes and modifications to these short hairstyles for women 2020 are infinite.

Many believe that short hair is catastrophic. Women with short hair feel light and airy when their neck and shoulders are open.

These women often try to convince their friends to cut their hair short. However, there are those who just don’t see the beauty of 2020 women’s short haircuts.

Also keep in mind that many women have naturally curly hair that is extremely difficult to style and care for. Short haircuts for women 2020 are the perfect solution for such women.

We recommend getting acquainted with our long list of short hairstyles for women 2020. These amazing creations by talented designers will have your hair cut short!

Combination of long pixies and side pony

You can easily see this combination when walking on a street in a relatively rich area. It’s not so long that Pixie has too much extravagance.

However, not many women will choose this look. The reason is that long pixies are associated with independence and business women.

Pixie Bob with upward bangs

This is a flamboyant take on the original pixie cut. If you’ve decided it’s time to return to your youth, this is the way to go.

Through this cut the back of the head gets an astonishing volume. As a result, the hair looks thicker and more ticklish. Therefore, you have to balance the two fronts of your head. This is when bangs up are useful.

Pixie with a deep farewell to the side

It looks simple at first glance, but then you start to look and look constantly. Farewell is almost always the right decision. When it comes to pixies, every piece of hair, the direction in which they are styled, the way they are parted, and so on are all important.

Women 2020 short hairstyles: undercut pixie

If you have an undercut, the color is definitely different from the rest of your hair. As a result, you’ve considered yourself for the short hairstyles of women 2020.

You hit the bull’s eye when these shaved sides affect the volume of your hair.

This is a double winning hair option.

Rounded bob and bangs

All short hairstyles for women 2020 have their main features that make them so unique and beautiful.

The beauty of rounded bob and bangs lies in their simplicity.

It’s just perfect how the hair goes with any style.

Short Layered Hair 2020: Bob

Lots fans of short haircuts for women 2020 believe that short hair is an obligation. However, there are certain options for short hairstyles for women 2020 that were created especially for those who want to dip their toes into the world of short haircuts.

Layered Bob is a perfect transition point for long and medium to short hair.

Curly bob short haircuts for women 2020

Women with angled faces really appreciate this haircut. Because of its tenderness, this option is ideal for weakening your facial features.

This effortless look gives your hair more volume without making it look artificial.

Perfect bob, smooth

Good stylists can’t make gold out of anything. Anyone who decides on this look has got a golden ticket. A slight asymmetry can highlight this stunning look.

The separation can take place in the middle as well as in the side.

Depending on the face shape you have.

Oval shape is compatible with everything.

Consider a more detailed approach when working with a round or rectangular surface shape.

Classic pixie for 2020

Among the coolest women’s short haircuts 2020, the classic pixie is definitely a candidate. In addition, this list goes into the list of short hairstyles for women 2020 that you don’t have to design that way.

Classic pixies, due to their amazing properties, become a haircut with an outstanding effect and minimal effort.

Elf going up

Many women often opt for short haircuts for women until 2020 because they want to get a sexy look. Well, up pixie does the work for you. With your favorite hair products, you can maneuver your hair in any way.

It is therefore easy to create your own signature look with the help of pixels upwards.

Sweep the long elf aside

A round brush and a hair dryer are all you need for a great look. It has a certain feeling of negligence. The benefits of this look include the way it complements facial features rather than hiding them behind the bangs.

Choppy pixie short haircuts for women 2020

This version of Pixie is especially loved by those who have thin hair. Short layered hair 2020 serve as additional volume for hair.

In addition, the light curls and waves of short length give the look charm.

As a result, we have a cute looking hairstyle that can hide poor quality behind its appeal.

Straight pixie with straight bangs: short hairstyles for women 2020

Talk about a simple look! That is exactly that. The cut back allows you to feel the wonderful breeze on your neck. You also have the option to show these delicate shoulders with an open top.

If you have a wide forehead, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

The focus is solely on the facial features so that the correct shapes are highlighted.

Classic bob combined with French bangs

This hairstyle can easily be transformed from an everyday hairstyle into a superstar look.

Versatility is exactly what makes it so popular among the short hairstyles of women in 2020.

In addition, the styling of this cut is extremely simple.

Short hairstyles for women 2020: wavy bob with layers

Wavy bob is a suitable option for literary face shapes. However, the rule here is strictly not to be longer than the shoulder lines. Layered Bob’s wavy styling is the perfect way to add volume to hair. In addition, we strongly recommend having your hair colored in balayage.

The contrast of dark and light strands is a perfect jewelry for short haircuts for women until 2020.


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