Top 100 short hairstyle for women in 2014, hairstyles picture – part 9

May 20, 2019 — by MCutts0

81. Short hair by Christina Hendricks: Curls and more curls

Christina Hendricks releases her ginger curls with this gorgeous short hairstyle. Loose hair, spray it lightly with hairspray for a wild and glamorous hairstyle.

82. Short hair by Drew Barrymore: Layered Short Bubble Hairstyle

Actress Drew Barrymore looks adorable with her simple layered bubble hairstyle. With long bangs to chin-length Bubi, this short hairstyle is carefree and very flattering.

83. Short hair by Lady Gaga: Light blue dulled bubble hairstyle

The alternative fashion queen and pop star, Lady Gaga, never lets us down when it comes to spectacular hair. Her bright blue bubble hairstyle is no exception, and we love how bold and striking this short hairstyle is.

84. Short hair by Evan Rachel Wood: Cut hairstyle with wavy ponies

Actress Evan Rachel Wood wears a short haircut with tousled, wavy bangs across her forehead. This hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes and the side panel ponies can be very flattering.

85. Short hair by Victoria Beckham: The "Posh" Bubi (Pob)

Victoria Beckham’s distinctive angular bubble hairstyle is affectionately referred to as the "Pob", or "Posh Bubi". This asymmetrical bubble hairstyle, separated on the side, is short on the back and long in the front, and it’s super-stylish. This short one Hairstyle is ideal for thin, straight hair because it looks best straight.

86. Short hair by Nicki Minaj: Long, straight, straight hairstyle

Rapper and singer Nicki Minaj looks elegant and shiny with her long and straight bubble hairstyle. Her thick, blunt fringes frame her face well and draw attention to her eyes and mouth.

87. Short hair by Kelly Clarkson: Simple asymmetrical bubble hairstyle

American singer Kelly Clarkson looks youthful and fresh with her simple, asymmetrical bubi. The long pieces in the front (including her side-swept bangs) direct your gaze down to her strong chin, making this short hairstyle great for heart-shaped faces.

88. Short hair by Paris Hilton: Short bubble hairstyle with sweeping forehead

Paris Hilton looks very professional and stylish with your short blonde Bubi out. This hairstyle fits her square face because the long ponies soften her jaw.

89. Short hair by Ginnifer Goodwin: Messy knife cut

The American actress, Ginnifer Goodwin knows exactly how to act her short pixie cut. With the uneven layers and lots of texture, this short haircut is playful and trendy. Short, smooth ponies help to balance the round face.

90. Short hair by Mila Kunis: Ombre Fake Bubi

We suspect Mila Kunis loves her long hair too much to make it short. We don’t blame them. Here she looks breathtaking with her wavy "faux bubi", with subtle ombre (gradual fading from a dark color to a light color) at the tips.


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