Top 10 flattering short hairstyles for women with oval faces

14 Eylül 2017 3,712 views

The hottest short hairstyles are currently classier than in previous years. Just as there are different face shapes, there are also different head shapes.

Women with oval faces can wear any short hairstyle including. As long as your new hairstyle, your properties are not hidden, you will arrive with almost all styles. Even the subtle tweak will leave your oval face flatter. A short hairstyle is best for you if you have one Oval face have. For example, you can wear a pixie cut in a bold color to better accentuate your features. An oval face looks great with many types of styles. Regardless of whether you combine short cuts that are hot or comfortable with long layers. As you can see, there are many beautiful ones Hairstyles for oval face shapes you can find here.

1- asymmetrical cut:

In this style, you can take full advantage of your bone structure. Don’t let your hair cut under your jaw line, but on one side. Go to the other side very briefly. If possible, undercut with a trimmer.

2- funky cut:

This cut is perfect on oval faces. If you want a nervous cut, a good hairdresser can take the shape into account so the hairstyle looks cool.

3- The classic short brown:

This style of brown hair is said to be cut in layers. So that it makes an oval face more trendy. This cool look is emphasized by the short length.

4- The crown:

All curly women want their locks to keep the style from falling on their face. Consider your hair on the side instead of the middle. This will not make your oval face shape look long. Hold your hair with barrettes to shape it behind your ears.

5- Wavy bob:

This style is an adorable wavy hairstyle that you can wear together with hair clips. Use a full hair to get the waves in the bottom. At the end you can use a light hair spray so that the look can give some shape.

6- beauty hairstyle that is simple:

A simple beauty shouldn’t be covered in the background. An undercut that is very close to the head is best shown. Comb it so that the look looks like a hat.

7- two layers:

A short hairstyle with two layers. The first layer shows the shades for a stylish look, while the other is trimmed at the base.

Although it’s too oval face fits, this style has a few sharp features. The layers add volume to the hair and give you a nervous, chic look. The length is also very flattering because it is safe choice as a short hair.

This style ends on the collar bone. Try this simple medium length wavy hair. The look is always fresh and stylish for women with oval faces.


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