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September 16, 2019 — by MCutts0

After the last few articles about male haircuts, we received several messages of the type "I am a man with thick hair, how can I choose my hairstyle?" It is not an easy task, especially with thick hair, but we will help you! If you are looking for thick men’s hair, this is the one for you! We have tips, ideas on how to choose and maintain your haircut.

How do I choose a haircut?

We are very different, both inside and outside. Compared to the haircut, the best way to find one that suits you is to choose the shape of your face. There are many types of faces – oval, square, triangular, diamond, etc.

But how do you differ and find yours face shape? In fact, it’s easier than you think.

Each face shape has its own peculiarities and its own types of suitable haircuts. For example

  • Theoval face is not the most masculine, but has the advantage that it goes well with all haircuts. If you have such a face, you have the advantage of choosing between different hairstyles. It’s better if your hair doesn’t fall on your forehead. This will create volume and angle. The classic hairstyle – a man’s haircut runs up on long sides – is the most popular and fitting.
  • The square face is considered a male ideal because of its strong jaw – it is also the face shape of Superman in comics – a symbol of male strength. Like the oval face, it is an excellent base for most haircuts. Whether very short or very long, haircuts are very suitable for this face shape.
  • The rectangular face – they are the longest face shapes. It is between oval and square, but needs a more specific cut. It is important to avoid cuts with very short sides or a longer tip, as this will further extend the look of the face. The short beard goes well with this face.
  • The round face – if you have such a face, a square cut will give you a good contrast. You need to create the illusion of the structure with your hair. A style with clearly defined angles will help you. A full square beard is also a good idea.
  • The diamond face is one of the rarest face shapes. There are some special requirements that ensure that it really looks like its namesake. The longer fringe and hair Behind to the ears emphasize the diamond structure. However, do not cut the pages too short.
  • The heart face – this specific shape of the face needs something that makes it appear proportional. Avoid tight cuts. An average length is one of the safest options. The beard is also important and helps the face gain fullness in the lower half of the face.
  • The triangle face in turn, the opposite treatment requires a heart shape. A volume haircut is a good choice.

Depending on the type of hair, we will also present some types of styling wax for thick hair. Here is a good article about styling waxes from our hair tie colleagues. According to this article, wax has several advantages over gel: it doesn’t film and lasts until the next shampoo. In addition, it is convertible to infinity. It is a very natural product and there are many styles. For more information visit the article.

And finally, our gallery with thick hair – hairstyles, examples, ideas, tips. All of this in the photos!

Thick hair man: To find his haircut, a man has to find his face shape. These are the most popular face shapes

Thick hair man: It seems that this man has found his own style

Thick hair man: and here are the face shapes, this time with haircuts

Thick hair man: with a little wax (watch out, not too much) everything is possible – even a stylish appearance, as you can see in the photo

Thick long hair on the short sides – very nice, even with a little wax to modulate the shape

Footballers pay a lot of attention to his haircuts

Curly haircuts are very nice with a little gel

Here is an example of the very short thick human hair on the long sides above

Here’s another example with long hair on short sides

Medium length hairstyle for men who love the style:

The beard goes very well with longer hair – it is very masculine

The beard and the long hair on it – but no matter the haircut, the smile is the most attractive accessory!

Daniel Radcliffe with a very chic haircut

There are different types of styling waxes: Classic, which textures the hair and gives it shine. Strong – that gives extreme hold and shine. Water – keeps hair supple and gives shine (not greasy). Rubber – which is not greasy, gives elastic support and a fibrous texture and matt – that gives … matt effect and also structures the hair. What type of wax is used for you in the photo?

If you’re wondering "what hairstyle for me", a classic haircut like the picture might be a good choice

This is a short cut on the sides and just a little longer with strands

Everyone knows another photo of Daniel Radcliffe, the actor, Harry Potter, but he has a lot of very strong roles these days

An interesting thick, medium length haircut

Hair that is combed with wax keeps its shape for a very long time

Here’s a modern cut with long hair on it

Adam Levine also has thick hair

Middle haircut of the stars:

This is a long, thick hair on top and combed with wax – also note the man’s beard and the hair on his chest – very masculine

A very short cut on the sides and long on it

In a moment, all cups will look the same – the wax, the beard, long short tip on the sides

Another photo by Daniel Radcliffe, but with more messy hair

Neglected messy hair is very fashionable and easy to do – I often wake up like this in the morning

Here is medium length hair with an interesting cut

A nice medium length haircut:

Here is an interesting haircut with wax – note that the beard is the right length and fits the hair very well, and the dresses are also very elegant

A haircut a little longer and shaggy

Even Brad Pitt uses styling wax from time to time

Finding your haircut is not an easy task, especially with thick hair, but it seems that this guy is successful

This is a guy with combed blonde hair

That is a nice actor with fat ones modern moult

The actor in this picture imitates Hugh Jackman in X men – his character’s name is Wolverine (that is, a werewolf) – I think he did a good job with all the hair and wax

The simple hair is still effective – with a little wax

Very nice medium length hair – very sexy

Thick man hair with wax – very beautiful and the wax is also very effective


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