These are the most beautiful hairstyle trends for 2020

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New year, new hairstyle? The trends for 2020 are straightforward and natural. Star hairdresser Sven Hentschel provides plenty of inspiration and presents the trendiest haircuts and colors of the new season.

What hairstyles are hip in 2020?

The hairstyle trends for 2020 can literally not be sheared together. It becomes more natural: the hair is allowed to fall free again! The prerequisite is a good one cut and the right trend color. Star hairdresser Sven Hentschel explains what is hip in 2020 – to inspire and imitate.

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Sven Hentschel presents the hairstyle trends 2020

Sven Hentschel presents the hairstyle trends 2020

MDR at 4 Mo 09.12. 2019 5:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

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Pony is making a comeback

He shouldn’t be missing this season: the pony! Suitable for every hair length and easy to style.

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Face shapes The perfect hairstyle for every face shape

The perfect hairstyle for every face shape

Texture and structure

Moving, messy, voluminous and therefore incredibly hip. Anything that is not straight and stylish fits the New Year well.

Short styles

Everything goes, nothing has to! Pixie, short bob, full top coat, many levels or both together. Extravagance is suddenly suitable for the masses and that’s a good thing. From the elf look to the wild curly hair, wear your hairstyle as you like it.

Chin bob or long bob is the question here? But both of them please not smooth. Movement in the form of waves, strong, smaller curls or of course air-dried should be. A professional step cut supports the hairstyle and makes implementation uncomplicated.

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Short hairstyles Trendy hairstyles – the short cut is back

Trendy hairstyles – the short cut is back

High ponytails

A retro look from the 90s and not the only one from that time. Scrunchies, wild curls and structures also win back our heads. And quickly twisted or put an undone bun together, fits almost every type and takes less than five minutes.

Everything on "Long"

And since we don’t always want to wear beach waves, braided hairstyles are a real thing in the new season "looker". The favorites include a messy one French Braid (undone!), A braid on the scalp as a headband and a ponytail braided in different structures.

On "half up, half down"-Look for more volume on the top of the head looks very different. The classic hair tie fits back in time; decorated with precious stones, flowers, towels – it refreshes the hairstyle.

And for celebrities right now in vogue: the wet look – made with hair oil or wet gel, super chic for going out.

Which hair colors are trendy in 2020?

Hair color as a statement: Champagne blonde, more beige, not too warm and not too ashy. Beautifully radiant and easy to combine.

Strawberry blonde strands: As a metallic finish at the ends of the hair, it further emphasizes a wild, moving look.

A cool brunette: extravagant, strong and strong in color – there is simply no way around it.

Rose gold on the head: Do you love rose gold on your skin? Why not on the head too, as a light pink shade to simply try something new on blond.

Gold-colored seduction: a mix with soft, warm shades of brown, a real facial flatterer and ideally suited for a stylish, elegant style.

These men’s hairstyles are hip in 2020

Texture was and is the primary style of the men, whether short or long. There are also tapered haircuts and quiff styles. The undercut remains: sometimes extreme, sometimes with more transition, but the main thing is that it is stylish every day. For those who prefer the minimal effort in the morning, the men’s undone trend fits perfectly. Here he simply carries natural structure as it falls.

Flat-Top, Caesar Haircut, The Bowle Cut and the Mullet are extravagant and striking. Such creations attract contemporary men and say a lot about their personality.

But it doesn’t matter which haircut you prefer: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it!


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