These 5 hair colors make you look younger immediately

For a more youthful look, most women resort to skin care products and makeup. Even small changes in the hairstyle in terms of anti-aging can make a big difference: DONNA Online shows which five hair colors make you look years younger.

In the fight against wrinkles and a pale complexion, anti-aging skin care usually plays the most important role. The color of the hair also ensures a youthful appearance – provided it is selected according to the type and applied professionally. As a rule of thumb, if you want your facial features to look softer and more youthful, you should focus on bright light reflections in your hair and avoid monotonous colors. You can read here which hair colors and dyeing techniques optimally caress the face and make wrinkles take a back seat.

1. Broomstick Blonde

What looks like a natural blonde shade at Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon is the result of a clever dyeing technique with an anti-aging effect. For the perfect broomstick blonde, the approach is colored in a tone that comes very close to your natural hair color. Then use the freehand dyeing technique to apply balayage and strands of foil natural Blond created. The highlights create light reflections in the hair that make the complexion look youthful and fresh.

2. Caramel colored highlights

Color accents in caramel tones refresh the hair and make the face appear softer. This effect is particularly advantageous for women with dark hair and angular facial features. The light brown highlights soften the hard contours and visually smooth small wrinkles. The best anti-aging result can be achieved with the so-called "Free Hands" technique. there wearing the hairdresser hands the hair on the hair with a brush. This is how one comes about natural, sun kissed look that instantly makes you look a few years younger.

3. Bronde & Sombre

The clever combination of light and dark contrasts in the hair ensures a natural anti-aging effect. A color gradient from brown to blonde is therefore particularly suitable for a more youthful look. The trend hair color Bronde Sombré, which combines two dyeing techniques, is just right. In contrast to the well-known ombré look, in which the tips of the hair are light colored and the rest of the hair is dark, the color transitions for both bronde (mixture of brunette and honey blonde strands) and sombré ("soft ombré") are fluid and rather subtle. This creates a natural and fresh looking hair color.

4. Pink Champagne

With pink hair, you might think at first: this is not for me. Subtle pastel tones give the hairstyle a youthful touch and can still be perfectly staged with 40plus. Color accents in soft pink give the hair a fresh, dynamic look that exudes serenity and youthfulness – and makes you look a few years younger.

5. Golden Melon & Strawberry blond

A warm, reddish undertone shows off particularly ashy hair tones and gives your complexion a nice glow. Fruit notes such as fresh strawberry blond or golden melon blond make your skin shine. So that the reddish accents in the mane always look nice and fresh, you should visit a hairdresser once a month for a professional glossing.


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