The way to your bridal hairstyle – 6 quick tips

The search for the perfect bridal hairstyle should not be stressful, even if there are a few things to consider when it comes to the wedding hairstyle: you have to feel comfortable with the hairstyle all day long, it has to suit you and your bridal styling and at the same time, of course, it should be something special his.

Our 6 tips for finding the ideal wedding hairstyle

We have summarized 6 tips that you in the selection process of your Wedding Hairstyle should be considered so that you feel completely comfortable with your hairstyle!

Start collecting pictures of pretty hairstyles early

Start collecting hairstyles that you like. Take a look at our blog bridal salad – there you will find current bridal hairstyles from all over the world.
Set up a Pinterest profile and choose the most beautiful hairstyles there. So after a while you can say with certainty which look you want for your wedding.

Arrange a trial appointment with the hairdresser of your choice a few weeks before the wedding and get advice!

The professional knows best what ideas can be implemented with your hair. A lot is now possible – hair extensions and thickening are also affordable and are carried out by hairdressers with experience and the necessary knowledge so that the hair and wedding hairstyle look real and beautiful. Treat yourself to the hairstyle of your dreams for the wedding!

Wedding dress and hairstyle must harmonize – so show your hairdresser photos of your wedding dress.

If you wear a classic wedding dress you have many options. Elaborate updos are traditionally worn at weddings. These can vary from simple but chic deep knots to sophisticated curly creations, depending on the hair density and length.
If you have opted for a loose and light bridal look, braided hairstyles and loose hairstyles are also trendy. Even unusual hair accessories such as flowers or hair accessories are eye-catchers today and are no longer uncommon.

Try out the selected hairstyles.

Don’t settle for one option – try different looks! So you can also get a feel for how a certain updo wears all day long.
Would you like to have a relaxed appearance and wear your hair open in the evening? No problem – speak with your Hair stylist! He can give tips on how best to loosen parts of the hairstyle so that the hair falls loose but “made”.

Bring your accessories for styling.

Without the right accessories, the hairdresser cannot work well – above all, of course, what type of veil you are wearing is important. Depending on how it is attached, the hair can be stuck.
But even with hairpins and wreaths, it is an advantage if the hairdresser knows – he can also give you the right tips on how to remove the veil and the hair accessory for the Get stuck in the evening.

Discuss with your hairdresser how much time you should plan for the hairstyle on the wedding day.

Elaborate hairstyles take time and nothing is more unpleasant than being stressed on your own wedding day. It is best to make an appointment with your hairdresser early on the wedding day so that he has enough time to make you pretty and you can enjoy the “getting ready” at home!
Invite your bridesmaids or groomsmen to a glass of sparkling wine, have a stylist come to you and enjoy the hours before the wedding with face painting, hairdressing and dressing. This time will be unforgettable!


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