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Why long hair is so important for women and men

To put it straight away, hair is an antenna of the soul!
Long hair receives all vibrations and frequencies and everyone can feel a lot more. For a long time it was normal for women to have hair up to the bottom and the men (the old Teutons, Indians, etc.) also had long hair. As the vibration changed more and more to the negative, the hair in men in particular was cut short.

This started later with the women, that more and more cut off their magnificent antennas. This was explained with the fads or with the convenience.

It was interesting that the loveliness of the women decreased rapidly and that the men did not feel that much either. It was introduced to the military, an extreme short hairstyle
to wear. The reason for this is because it means that the men no longer feel and thus mutate into “fighting machines” without becoming rebellious. Because we remember, the old warriors (Indians, original Germans, etc.) all had long hair and were still great fighters.

It is only now that more and more young people, especially women, are starting to wear long hair with pride. They feel deep inside that long hair is a wonderful thing.

Young men are starting to grow long hair again. Most of them still have a few minor problems with their relatives, but they do it anyway and feel good about it. As emancipation has spread more and more in recent decades, men with long hair will notice that many women do not get along with them, they even formally hostile them. This has to do with the fact that the man with long hair n has more sensitivity than the woman with her hair n and she feels it. If the woman has long hair and is still hostile to the man, this has to do with “competition”, since he has now become very sensitive.

Willy Schrödter, reports: 1963 on page 620 in “THE OTHER WORLD”, “All sorts of occult oddities”
“Hair as transmitting and receiving antennas”:
When the Philistine cocotte Dalila shaved off the curls of the Nasirean judge Simson in his sleep, his strength was gone.

Subsequently, “miracle apostle” Professor Hans Sterneder (* 1889) stated:

“One thing is certain that the woman will cut herself off >Deprived of hair like a man of a great source of power, because the hair absorbs very increased cosmic magnetism and holds it in place. ” (Sterneder, Hans: spring in the village, Leipzig, 1929; p.105)

The naturopath known at the time took the same view
Karl Wachtelborn and connected the question: "Why do shorn horses need more feed than those who have had their hair left?" (Wachtelborn, Karl: “Healing on an energetic basis and the law of epidemics”, Hellerau-Dresden, 1940; 1, pp. 64-65)

Generalist Dr. med. Felix Buttersack (1865-1950) thinks:
“The hair of the female sex may serve as the first, still visible section of an unconscious psychological transmitter. Significantly, in the early Middle Ages, the virgins wore long, freely falling hair (each hair had an antenna)
… and when the girls entering a monastery first had to cut off their hair accessories, they were cutting off their antennas related to their psychobiological environment. ” (Buttersack, Felix: “Soul rays and resonance” Leipzig, 1937; p.38)

In the book “The Golden Ribbon” is on p.230 the following about hair:
“The woman cuts off Samson while sleeping, the head of hair, the seat of his gigantic creative power. The tantric sexual power is also hidden in the crotch. The
Semitic-moon-related religion prevailing in the fish age symbolizes emasculation through the ecclesiastical tonsure and rendering it sterile by the fact that one
cut off the hair of the prospective nun. St. Paul explains that he wants to make eunuchs out of all Christians. The kings of divine origin had thick hair, they were hairy all over and never cut each other as a sign of their kingship
the hair . The Pelasgar were hairy. The Sihks in India, a belligerent race, never cut their hair. They are the Aryans from the time of the invasion of Alexander the Great. Also the
Merovingian kings will one day rise from their graves with their mane-like blond, hyperborean hair. The shepherd kings of the Hyksos are said to have had thick hair and, like Esau, long hair. ”

The great natural scientist and scientist, Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), also says the following about hair:
“The bobbed fashion is still young and it is deeply regrettable that women are already beginning to imitate this for men. Unfortunately women have no idea that all signs of growth, like hair, are mediators of the atmospheric and geospheric balances. (Book: “Victor Schauberger” by Franz Ferzak, p.224-225)

In Kirlian photography it became apparent that human hair, including facial hair in men, is a data superhighway to the brain; the hair itself also releases energy – the electromagnetic energy that the brain releases to the outside environment. This has been made visible when a person with long hair was photographed and then photographed again after the hair was cut.

Everyone can now make their own judgment. A current example of this is the film “Lord of the Rings”. All people have long hair there too. Why is this so? Well, because hair is an antenna!
The woman in particular should not have her long hair cut short, because the female aura extends to the ends of the hair. If you cut the hair, the female aura is massively disturbed –
even destroyed.

Women especially know the feeling of sadness that almost causes physical pain when the hairdresser has cut their hair too short. Hair is more than a beauty.

Why do we cut and shave everything off??
With the tremendous alienation of nature, we have robbed ourselves of much. However, by reflecting on old knowledge and looking back at your own culture, you can start again.

To come back to the head hair style. All Germanic tribes paid homage to the hair. Long hair represented sovereignty and the associated personal freedom.

In the Old Testament, hair was given qualities such as power and strength.

Even the story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible carries a lot of encrypted truth for us. Because when Delilah Sampsons cut off the hair, the once invincible Sampson was defeated. That should make us think.

What the geomancy has to do with the hair

What does our hair have to do with geomancy? Iris Weber, the hairdresser as her main job, achieved surprising analogies of natural and hair landscapes through her geomantic work as a second job.

Hair and its direction of growth are a flexible expression of our being. As a hairdresser who deals with people’s hair on a daily basis, I experience their scalp and facial skin like a landscape in nature or like a work of art. The bowl-shaped skull is comparable to the dome of a cathedral, under which people think and feel. The hair is like a painting, a mandala, or a cosmogram on the exterior of this dome. The special thing is that they are flexible – give a vibration picture. I like to compare hair with water sound images:

They form through the energy and information inherent in humans.

The top part of the body, the head, is like a landscape still untouched by human hands. Unaffected because we cannot move the skin and hair ourselves. The hair grows from the scalp like plants in nature. In this respect, this landscape can be interpreted analogously to the landscape or city guarantee. As in geomancy, sensitive handling of hair n is about understanding shape, strength and energy flow as well as feeling the "essential", the inner image.

There is no fat or muscle between the skull and scalp. So there is no place for grown body shapes, and no deliberate or unconscious facial expressions are possible. The skin over the skull can neither smile nor angry – it is like she is. Think of her head as a globe. Blood and lymph form rivers and lakes, the bones the rock, the skin the fertile soil, and the hair grows on them. Like plants and flowers for the earth, they are human jewelry.

Hair moves the skin that forms the soundboard of the brain. They move without our conscious awareness through the way in which they fall at any given moment and through the dynamics of their growth. They behave like trees: they avoid interference zones and change their direction of growth.

Children play with their locks of hair when they think, or pluck their hair out when they are sad. You know the urge to touch your hair or stroke your head. We naturally communicate with our hair from an early age, just as people used to talk to trees and stones in ancient times. Sayings about hair are striking: "a hair’s breadth", "cutting the braid", something "grabbing the hair", a "hairy problem".

The direction of growth and the resulting shape of the hair is unique as a fingerprint. This is probably why hair has been used and evaluated ritually and communicatively to this day. Disguised as fashion, modern hairstyles are a belonging brand and a visual expression of personality. In a natural, healthy condition, hair is an image of the self. They grow where people have their physical climax, where they put on the crown. Like the petals of a flower, the pattern of curls turns towards the sky.

I like to speak of hair as vibrating, wave-generating antennas that send and receive: impression, expression, light, color, any energy. And the analogy to the antenna is not so far-fetched: hair has a spiral structure in its molecular and external structure. Every change in the hair n results in a different “mission” – from the outside in and vice versa.

If you google “Isaia” and choose “Vril Gesellschaft” and then choose the option “Images”, you will find a surprising amount of images from very long-haired women who served as a medium. The communication of the Vril Society, which is still said to have very mysterious knowledge about various flight apparatuses and spaceships, was said to have been possible with extraterrestrials about the special sensitivity of the very long-haired women. Her hair is said to have worked as a kind of "receiving antenna".

Why the Indians have long hair

Hair has an important function

Our culture makes people believe that the hairstyle is a matter of personal preference, a matter of fashion and / or convenience, and that no matter how people wear their hair, it is just an external matter. However, a different picture emerged in Vietnam.

Sally [name changed to protect privacy] was married to a psychologist who worked in a VA hospital in the early 1990s. There he worked with war veterans with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of them had done their military service in Vietnam.

Sally said, “I remember very well when my husband came to our Doctor’s Circle apartment one evening and was holding a thick, official-looking folder. There were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was shocked by the content of these studies.

What he read in these studies changed his life completely. From that moment on, my conservative, politically moderate man started growing his hair and beard and never had them cut again. He was also granted by the VA clinic and other very conservative men in the workforce followed suit.

When I read the documents, I found out why. Apparently, special forces from the War Department sent undercover experts on Indian reservations to search for talented scouts during the Vietnam War – tough young men trained to move through rough terrain at night and in fog. They were specifically looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural skills to search for clues. Before approaching them, these carefully selected men had been thoroughly documented as experts in the search for clues and survival.

With the usual incentives, the well-tried, smooth phrases that are used to recruit new recruits, some of these Indian trackers were put into service. As soon as they committed, something amazing happened. No matter what talents and skills they had on the reserve, they seemed to mysteriously disappear when one recruit after another failed to put them into practice as expected.

Serious causalities and non-performance have led the government to conduct expensive testing of these recruits, and these are the results.

When asked about their failure to deliver the expected performance, the older recruits unanimously replied that once they received their prescribed military haircut, they could no longer "perceive" the enemy, and they no longer had access to their "sixth sense." ”, Their“ intuition ”was no longer reliable, they could no longer“ read ”the subtle characters as well, or no longer had access to subtle extrasensory information.

The testing institute therefore recruited other Indian trackers, allowed them to keep their long hair and tested them in a variety of areas. Then they paired up two men who achieved the same results in all tests. They left you of men his long hair and the other received a military haircut. Then they subjected the two men to the same tests again.

Again and again the man with the long hair got the high test results. Again and again the man with the short hair failed in those tests in which he had previously achieved the high test results.

The recruit sleeps outside in the forest. An armed “enemy” approaches the sleeping man. The long-haired man wakes up from a strong sense of danger and moves away long before the enemy is near, long before any sound of the approaching enemy is audible.

In another version of this test, the long-haired man senses an approach and somehow intuitively senses that the enemy will launch a physical assault. He follows his "sixth sense" and waits motionless, pretending to sleep, but reaches for the attacker at lightning speed and "kills" him when the attacker reaches down to strangle him.

The same man, after passing this and other tests, then received a military haircut and then failed consistently in those tests and other tests that he had previously passed.

So the document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempted from military haircuts. In fact, it required trackers to keep their hair long. ”

The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Human and animal survival skills seem almost supernatural. Science is constantly making further discoveries about the astonishing abilities of human and animal survival. Every part of the body performs highly sensitive work for the survival and well-being of the body as a whole. The body has a reason for each of its parts.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system. They can correctly be seen as outward nerves, a type of sophisticated "feelers" or "antennas" that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brainstem, limbic system and neocortex.

Not only is human hair, including facial hair in men, a data superhighway to the brain; the hair itself also releases energy – the electromagnetic energy that the brain releases to the outside environment. This has been made visible in Kirlian photography when a person with long hair was photographed and then photographed again after the hair was cut.

When hair is cut, the reception and transmission of transmissions to and from the environment is severely disrupted. This results in an anesthetic for the senses.

Cutting hair is a contributing factor to ignorance of the ecological plight in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to dullness in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.

As we seek solutions to the world’s plight, it may be time to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are mistaken. Much of the solution might be to look us in the face every morning when we see ourselves in the mirror.

The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible carries a lot of encrypted truth for us. When Delilah cut Sampson’s hair, the once invincible Sampson was defeated.


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August 20, 2015 at 3:20 pm (UTC 2) Link to this comment

Hi there,
There is also a body language meaning of hair: covering hair (the underlying skin) – figuratively speaking, the hair on our head hides our thoughts.
If a person did not have to hide his thoughts or would not hide them, then he would not have hair on his head.

Freedom lovers

November 27, 2015 at 5:00 pm (UTC 2) link to this comment

First of all: Great site, great lyrics! Thanks a lot for this. After that my soul craved.

I realize why my mother, who is not an empath (only externally controlled and manipulated) and does not embody her HS (according to your definition), always had my hair cut off as a child. Very short, although I always wanted long hair. Even recently she tried to persuade me to "bob".
I have been wearing long hair for many years, even though I am almost 50. Braided into a braid, because otherwise they would immediately knot and can only be climbed with silicone, which I do not want.
Do you perhaps have an idea of ​​how it comes when someone who had very smooth, silky hair until puberty suddenly gets stubborn afro hair (after washing very nice "curls"), which do not keep the shape, but after which are just just frizzy and therefore not beautiful. They also like to tear off.
I interpret this to mean that I am unruly, in the sense of not being able to be conditioned, ie “difficult to educate” in the sense of the above..
Do you have a better idea?
I am very grateful for the answer!
Best regards


November 28, 2015 at 0:39 (UTC 2) link to this comment

Dear freedom lovers,
Thank you for your words.
I could imagine that your hair is very dry. If you haven’t already, try using a very mild natural shampoo. Some people wash their hair with a rinse. But that should all be silicone-free. Best natural cosmetics. Make sure that the alcohol content in the products is low. Otherwise the hair dries out even more. After washing your hair, you can take a cure with argan oil. It is best to leave it on overnight and rinse the next day. Argan oil is really very good when it comes to dry hair.
And please, if possible, do not wash your hair too often. That dries them out too much.
I hope that will help you.

Best regards


June 25, 2017 at 11:00 am (UTC 2) link to this comment

I also had to cut off my beautiful natural curls as a child against my will, because after brushing they also became an indomitable mane.
It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I understood how to tame them. I washed it as normal and then styled it straight away when wet. Then just let it air dry. Yes, don’t go over it with a brush or fingers!
The WETER they dried, the more beautiful and curly they became and it stays that way all day. If I’m lucky, they’ll be the same the next day and then I won’t even need to get them wet again … I once stood it for 3 or 4 days and my OWN fat level that was not visible made them just nicer and even more curly because otherwise really dry them out with too much water. You don’t have to wash them every day..
It is also said that very creative people have curly hair and when they can no longer live their creativity, their curls also hang out..
After I also dislike the hairdressers because they always cut off more than just the tips, I really only go to the hairdresser every 20 years. However, my hair is ONLY shoulder length and unfortunately never gets longer. But they also don’t grow on the ponny, which could not explain that they rub off on the shoulders.
They are not even broken or split.


January 24, 2016 at 1:38 pm (UTC 2) Link to this comment

I have another thought. Why are so many men bald today? We now ignore inheritance. Could be the reason that the many negative vibrations of today are not absorbed?


January 28, 2016 at 1:26 (UTC 2) link to this comment

Someone speaks to me from the soul. As a child, my parents always forced me to go to the hairdresser and have my hair cut very short, even though I was / am a girl. Then my father put me in front of a mirror and said: "Well, doesn’t it look better again?" Was always a horror for me, but I was never allowed to say anything against it. I always wanted longer hair, not for a long time, but longer. Today I am over 60 and I have shoulder length hair, sometimes a little more but never much shorter and I feel more comfortable than when I was a child with short hair.

Ute sprinkler

Hello, dear Ramona, this is really a very interesting and worth knowing article on the subject of "hair", now I am also completely clear why I have admired women and men all my life who have long and full, silky shiny hair!

I associate this with "soulful", sensitive, gentle, loving and above all spiritual properties of these people with such long and natural hair! It seems very erotic and attractive to me at the same time, I find it very beautiful and extremely feminine for women, for men it looks authentic, warm and incredibly sexy, they very often have a strong charisma and a mysterious charisma that makes me curious, to learn more about him (or you too)!

The same applies to the Indians and the image that I have of these spiritual primitive people in my heart, I still like to look at images of Indian women and men again and again, they have accompanied and fascinated me my whole life and I have always admired her beautiful long hair with the colorful headdress, now after reading this article I also understand why!

As for my own hair, it has been going in the right direction since I started 4 years ago to go my own way after the painful and difficult separation from my long-term partner and I am increasingly concerned with spiritual issues and I am more and more and "wake up" more intensely, through the conscious perception of the strong cosmic energies and my own life energy, it grows in length for the first time in my life and the intervals for re-cutting at the hairdresser are getting longer! However, last year I had an unexplained scalp inflammation with severe hair loss, so that the hair is still quite thin, the fullness is still missing, but I have the impression that it is slowly getting a little better, it does not lose as much hair, it seems to finally recover! I have naturally golden blonde hair that does not grow as densely as e.g. B. natural blonde hair, even when I was younger, I had very fine hair, which I then "spiced up" with a fashionable perm at the time, but for a few years now I have been omitting everything that could damage my hair and the longer it was they become all the more beautiful and natural! Now, in my mid-fifties, I feel much younger and more attractive than in my mid-thirties or forty, and I always notice how well I look at some men, they feel good in my presence and I arouse their passion very often, they make me Compliments and admire my now shoulder-length red blonde hair! In my childhood and adolescence my mother made sure that I had short hair, for a very long time I had the "bobbed head" that was so popular at the time, with which I was not very happy, only when I became a little more independent and in the time with mine I had long-time ex-partner over and over longer hair, but they never grew over the shoulders, because then they started to "felt" and "split ends", so I had to shorten them again. Fortunately, this has improved noticeably in recent years so that I can actually let them grow long, I’m very happy about it, even if they could get fuller, but maybe I can do it! That my hair is something like “antennas” is a wonderful idea and I also think that it is, because with the longer hair there is also a stronger spiritual development, which can also be done with other people, women like Men, see, who deal intensively with these topics, some actually only grow their hair long or grow again when they are "mature", if they had long hair in their youth.

It is also an expression of personal freedom and “rebellion”, such as For example, the movement of the so-called "flower children" in the 1960s in the sign of "Love and Peace" with beat and rock’n’roll … now we are finally entering a very similar phase of life, the "golden age" Age ”, which I hope is already very close and more and more people will wear their hair splendidly long and open and as natural as possible!

Only with "beards" for men I still have a small problem, which I personally do not like, for men from the Arab region it very often points to religious radicalization and thus to increased aggressiveness and it does not suit European men , I just find it more likeable in one Restricted Looking at the face with a soft and warm facial expression, the beards (especially the poorly cared for) tend to produce a somewhat “grim”, unapproachable and unfriendly expression, but that’s my feeling, it doesn’t have to be that way, it pleases me personally just not in men, long and well-groomed hair is something else … and they are definitely very attractive and an expression of a creative, spiritual and free spirit, for men and women!

Sorry for my long text, but this wonderful article just inspired me because the content is a confirmation of my own perception from my youth until today, in this sense light and love to everyone who reads my comment here, NAMASTE ‘, “Nature friend” Ute &# 128578;


August 20, 2016 at 10:46 pm (UTC 2) link to this comment


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