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The right hairstyles for long, oval and square faces

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Date: 8 July 2018 – 8:50 PM

The first important thing to understand is to identify your face shape for so long. A long face is generally slightly longer than it is wide; it has an elongated forehead, a strong jaw and broad cheekbones. A long face hairstyle needs to encircle your face and prevent it from looking longer than it is. Given the shape of your face, you should choose the right hairstyle for you. In fact, there are several criteria for the best hairstyle for a long face.

The most flattering hairstyle for a long face shape is shoulder length. In fact, it’s the perfect length between your chin and shoulders. It is also necessary to create width, for example with waves. When you get bangs, your face will appear shorter because the bangs usually cover a particularly large forehead. Every bang will suffice, from blunt to long with side-whistled bangs; it can be a tapered or rounded bangs

If you choose a long bang, hit the cheekbones and cut the length of the face in half, it can be combined with one of many layers that help soften the face shape. So you will achieve a sexy and beautiful style. In long face hairstyles, one part counts a lot; it has to be a side part because it makes the face appear wider. The trendiest part is a central part, but despite its popularity, you shouldn’t use it because it makes the face appear even longer than it really is.

To create the illusion of width, you can try length bob hairstyles. The long face requires a certain type of hair: it must not be too long and straight, in which case it pulls the face down, and if you have curls or waves, you can break the rule because a lot of body always widens adds to the sides of the face. If you prefer to wear short hair, try to avoid short layers that only add volume to the top of your head.

Messy pixie hairstyle for long face

This is a long face hairstyle worn short on the sides with some length on the top. The style doesn’t add much volume if it is handled carefully. You can let your pixie work as long as you share it on the page to make things up. Even soft waves bring more balance and width. Gentle waves can also transform an everyday hairstyle into something very special. The waves must not be too tightly woven or too loose.

For a messy elf, a few strands need to be held longer so that you can create a fabulous look. The hair must be carefully torn into different positions; it will bring your look to life and add a lot of texture with enough volume. Messy Pixie’s best hairstyle for long face impresses with its rough, delicate, wind-blown and absolutely beautiful look. In fact, the hair doesn’t seem to understand which direction it is going, and because of this peculiarity, it works perfectly.

An oval face shape is the most versatile face shape and if you are a lucky owner of such shape you can wear almost any hairstyle. You will look graceful with any length of your haircut, whether with layers near your cheekbones, chin, or lips, or any other feature you want to highlight is perfect.

The long layered oval face hairstyle looks fantastic when it hits the cheekbones and chin. It has the long hair on the back and the shorter hair on the front in a way that it doesn’t strain the face.

Talking about the right hairstyles for oval faces should be remembered, away from different dated hairstyles as a bad hairstyle can age you by ten years. Combating your natural hair structure is not recommended. For example, if you have curly hair, don’t try to straighten it. If you have super thin hair, don’t waste your time and money growing it over your shoulders with the help of various extensions. You certainly don’t want your hair to be lifeless and flat. Instead, you can cut it in layers and just hold the length over your shoulders.

Shoulder length waves hairstyle is ideal for oval faces. The length of such a simple and tousled look matches hairstyles for oval faces. The waves will add volume and pull out the cheekbones, making each oval face appear slightly more rounded than if it were elongated. If you want the waves to work on fine hair, add some volume to the roots with some mousse.

Short hairstyles for thick hair and oval face

In fact, thick hair is a natural gift because it only needs clean and well-groomed without a sophisticated edge for fantastic hairstyles. However, if it’s too long, it can feel very heavy, so a short hairstyle is a perfect solution. Short hairstyles often look nicer than longer hairstyles.

short Layered Hairstyles for thick hair and oval face

This oval face shape hairstyle is layered and tight fitting the sides and back. It’s longer on the top and layered in conjunction with the hair on the sides and back. At the same time, it is cut shorter in the back and becomes longer towards the front, creating a trendy pony. To get it styled when the hair is still wet, it is advisable to use a hair styling product, blow dry it with a hairdressing brush, then use some heat protection and smooth the longer pieces with a flat iron

proper hairstyle for thick hair and oval face can be finished with a product for texture. In fact, the layers frame an oval face and better control the volume. If the hair is the same length, it can strain you.

Bob, short Hairstyle for thick hair and oval face

A gradued bob is considered one of the best hairstyles for oval faces and for thick hair types. It is shorter from the back and longer in the front view. The right layering technique aims to break up the fixed parts by weight and make the hair with its natural movement defined and flexible. To achieve this oval face hairstyle, layer your thick hair near the ends to avoid the dreaded triangular shape and shape it into large, voluminous waves.

It can also be styled in side-swept bangs, looking nervous and carefree. However, thick textured hair type may have difficulty setting the style without a light hairspray, so it is recommended to use a light hairspray. Bob hairstyles are really popular and trendy among the ladies with oval faces. It is also an ideal variant for working women.

Short hair short Hairstyle for thick hair and oval face

A hairstyle for straight, straight hair gives women who wear it short and shaggy a refined yet edgy look. To achieve this oval face shape hairstyle, you should apply some smoothing cream and blow dry the hair with the help of a paddle brush. Then you should split the hair almost to the back of the crown and annoy it with a hanging comb on the back of your crown. Here you should smooth the top layer over the teased area. For a little punch, twist the front tips around the barrel of a curling iron. At the end, finish your style with a gloss serum and a holding spray to maintain the gloss factor.

Hairstyles for a square face

The right hairstyle can emphasize any square face; It can flatter the angular bone structure and soften the facial features. In fact, there are many square face hairstyles that are easy to get at home. Long, loose waves usually hide a wide jaw; a soft, side-swept bangs draw attention to the eyes and pull them away from the chin line. By the way, a nifty side-spun fringe makes hairstyles a breeze for anyone with a square face shape. You can try wearing the long hidden layers with blunt ends that are perfect for this face shape. To balance the shape more evenly, you can wear your hairstyle in the middle.

Below the collarbone hairstyle for a square face

The clavicle length, in combination with layers turned inwards, perfectly frames the face. The graded layers are the key points in this hairstyle as they cut off the width of the wide cheekbones and jawline. A rounded bang look will make one too square face shape supplement by narrowing it a little. The outer corners of the fringe must be an inch to an inch and a half longer than the center of your bangs. It also creates a frame effect and draws attention inward, making a wider face softer.

Wavy hairstyle for a square face

A medium length hairstyle is a perfect way to frame a square face. If you add a side part over a temple and the long pony falls to the other temple, it will be ideally framed, which is particularly important for square faces. Such a hairstyle is incredibly flattering and also very easy to care for.


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