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September 27, 2017 — by MCutts0

Do you need a vintage inspiration for your hairstyle? You have it right here, in useful photos and videos that show you how to be a sexy and elegant woman at the same time, who imitates the stars of the 50s and is even very modern today. The classic Pin-Up Hairstyle is a good landmark that gives you ideas for several beautiful hairstyles with volume. If you are long or short Having hair, if you use a wicked wick or you release most of the hair and emphasize it on one area, sublimate the pretty curls. We hope you’ve already had the opportunity to wear a voluminous hairstyle and you know how it changes your mood and appreciates the facial features of your face. So if you want to give your look the perfect dose of romance and glamorous rockabilly style, check out our photos and tutorials to help you choose your hair and show you the steps you need to follow.

What are the steps to follow to make a nice one Pin-Up Hairstyle to follow?

1. Delimit the selected area of ​​the hair. If you want to make a winning throw, it will be the part over the front

2. Curl and rise to the top

4. Crepe to get the maximum volume possible

5. Train a snail with your fingers

6. Hold the curly lock with one or more pliers and varnish

Curls curl on your hair and lacquer for a shiny effect. But if you prefer, you can straighten your hair, ponytail it, or squeeze it into a bun – one or more. It’s a favorite hairstyle of today’s stars. We can often see Gwen Stefany wearing such hairstyles.

The pin-up hairstyle on long hair

Here’s Gwen’s pin-up hairstyle – an impressive volume on the forehead and hair next to the face

Rockabilly Art Woman – pin hairstyle and pony tail held with black ribbon

Hairstyle pin up on long hair loses – no need to do super complicated things

Here you see a very simple hairstyle to make yourself that makes a big effect. Form two larger or smaller snails and hold them with pliers. That is all you have to do. If you want to outfit the hairstyle, put on a nice scarf or headband. How is it – see the pictures below.

It’s already a more formal, more lacquered variant – a suitable hairstyle for a vintage party or wedding

For this hairstyle you need the straightener and a friend who can help you

Before we go any further, we’ll give you six ideas that are shown in this video on how to make a beautiful pin-up hairstyle

A modern bride who is not afraid to mix styles – classic and feminine or eccentric, it’s up to you to clarify and copy his look

Another extravagant idea that confuses you

The so-called victory roles – below the photo we give them to you in the tutorial

Pin-up hairstyle with scarf. Pay attention to the stabilization of the red scarf

You will go out, but the wind is very strong. We have ideas for every case – it is the perfect solution. Don’t let a wick escape from your hairstyle!

You may have noticed that the pin-up look depends not only on your hairstyle, but also on your beautiful classic make-up. To make this look easier for you, we show you the following video. Have fun with the retro ideas of this video!

Variant of the hairstyle with three large stylized curls and curly hair

Smooth, crimp, wrap and insert the flat nose pliers

How to get pin up buns – simple and very pretty

The smooth, smooth effect gives you the glamorous style of the 50s

If you’re looking for an elegant hairstyle for the official cases, but with a vintage touch that differentiates you from everyone else

Another pretty hairstyle that is shown step by step by an adorable girl

We give you a fantastic idea to make these perfect loops – take one round Brush and wrap the locks with their shape.

Here’s the idea of ​​an easy-to-do pin-up look – you don’t split the bangs around your temples and take them both to wrap them together and achieve a dramatic and glamorous look. The lipstick and flowers in the hairstyle are the perfect frame for the face. Of course you have some work with the straightener, but you can too Curls with Make hair curlers.

If you have a long bangs, it is possible to do a nice roll, but styling products will be necessary to avoid moving the curled wick


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