The perfect hairstyle after the golden cut, sastre

February 21, 2017 — by MCutts0

The perfect hairstyle after the golden ratio

Behind the name golden section hides the perfect hairstyle. It is cut individually and exactly according to the dimensions of your face. You have certainly already experienced that you were disappointed after visiting the hairdresser. You no longer felt comfortable when you looked at yourself in the mirror and immediately styled yourself again in the old pattern.

Golden ratio how it works

First, choose a current photo that clearly shows your face. Then describe your eye color and the color of your hair exactly. Look in the mirror and look at your complexion. Is he light or are you more of a dark type? Is the face skin prone to redness or acne? Take a lot of time with the information and remember that you will receive tips for the perfect hairstyle that emphasizes your natural beauty. With each cut, the structure of the hair must also be observed. Are they thin or firm and thick? Do they tend to split ends or are they rather greasy? After you have noted the important information and selected a photo, load Your picture high. Then they enter all the requested information and trained hair stylists find the perfect hairstyle for you. A golden ratio does not mean that you have to commit to a proposal. You get the base and choose yourself how you can give your beauty the perfect setting. The suggestions are for long and short, curly or worked out straight hair.

The shape of the face is crucial

Beauty is a subjective perception and is only in the eye of the beholder. The perfect hairstyle plays an important role here. High forehead, round face or very thin hair do not make it easy for the hairdresser on site if he wants to put the beauty of his customer in the foreground. He has no way to try out the different hairstyles directly. With the offer "Golden cut" the search is omitted and the perfect hairstyle can be easily found using special computer programs. The face is measured precisely here and based on this data it is not only possible to identify the perfect hairstyle. At the same time, any asymmetries that may be present are caressed and the shape of the eyes and brows included. No one is perfect, and irregularities in both the build and face are normal. Sagging eyelids or slightly protruding ears are just supposed defects that in no way detract from your beauty. The opposite is the case. All specialists who specialize in golden cuts know very well how to hide the small defects with the perfect hairstyle. Pay attention to your natural beauty and let it express itself through the perfect hairstyle. You take no risk and can only win.


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