The most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair

Are you soon striding in front of the altar and still don’t know exactly how you want to style your hair on this special day? We show you the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair and tell you which styles are currently in trend. After all, everything should be perfect on the wedding day

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: the classic updo

This artful updo was crowned with a tiara.

It is still the most seen hairstyle at weddings. Whether bride, bridesmaid or just a wedding guest: the updo inspires many women. The facets of this hairstyle are as varied as the women themselves. How about, for example, super elegant with a tiara or rather playful with a flower wreath? If you are not so skilled in pinning up and draping your hair, it is best to go to the hairdresser on this important day. Every move is guaranteed! If you have naturally frizzy hair, here are a few tips for updos for curly hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: the half up

With a half up bridal hairstyle, the hair is only pushed up halfway. The rest can fall openly over the shoulders.

The name says it all: one half of the hair is skilfully styled upwards, the other remains open and elegant. This makes the Half Up Bridal Hairstyle the perfect casual variant of an updo. Important: The upper part of the hair must be up. Braided or twisted braids, knots or a bun as well as a simple braid are possible. The lower section of hair can then be smoothed or waved to suit the décolleté. There is something here for every bride and dress style.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: side swept hairstyles

Just as one-shoulder dresses are the latest trend in fashion, side swept hair is an absolute eye-catcher. As the name suggests, the hair is “placed over the shoulder”. The principle of this hair trend is super simple: the basis is a side parting on the side preferred by the bride. The larger section of hair casually falls forward, the other side is placed a little more strictly behind the ear and fixed. This creates a great contrast between emphasized facial features and flowing, voluminous hair. The look not only works with curly hair, but also looks classy and sleek!

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: open

For some time now, brides with open hair have been seen at more and more weddings. This trend is becoming increasingly popular, especially for boho weddings, because nothing symbolizes informality and easy living like long hair blown by the wind. Here curls are recommended to make the look more lively and voluminous. It is best to use large curlers or a large curling iron so that the waves do not become too small. If you want to put on a dramatic look, your hair is open and smooth. A little styling cream in the hair creates a sexy “wet look”.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair: hairstyle with veil

The veil will never go out of style for wedding hairstyles!

To this day, veils have become indispensable for both church and civil or free weddings. What many women like: He covers his shoulders and always has something royal. So that there is not too much going on on your shoulders, you should make sure that you stick your hair up or drop it back. This way the veil and hairstyle merge and emphasize the free or accentuated shoulders. The veil should brides by the way, have it attached to the hairdresser. He must be 18, sometimes even hold in your hair for 24 hours – that requires expert knowledge. It is usually fixed with many hairpins so that it sits well and the fabric can fall nicely.

Wedding hairstyle for short or medium length hair

Beautiful wedding hairstyles are of course not only for long hair, even if many brides grow their hair extra long until the day of the day. If you have medium-long or short hair, you can wear hairstyles like the side swept very well, because thanks to its uncomplicated styling it can be worn with all hair lengths. Otherwise, light waves always loosen up. Also popular: shine with accessories. No matter if feather bouquet, flowers, pearls, headbands, some glitter or fascinators. If you don’t have too long hair, you don’t have to hide behind the big updos.


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