The latest 55 wavy hairstyles for long and short hair – German style

October 6, 2018 — by MCutts0

Hair is your natural accessory that you should never forget to create a beautiful look. Some people forget that their look is incomplete without the hair looking perfect. And some, even if they want their hair to look perfect, can’t do much about it because they think their hair is unmanageable. This is the setting of most girls with long and curly hair. Their look gets boring after a time when they don’t do anything with their hair and stay the same. With the same hairstyle for every look, her style statement applies to a throw. So if you have long and curly hair, there are some amazing and stunning wavy hairstyles for long and curly hair. There are a number of wavy hairstyles for long and short hair . You can choose the best one for your hair.

Attractive wavy hairstyles for long and short hair

Some of the best wavy hairstyles you can choose from are below listed. You have to try these wavy hairstyles.

  • Curly flattering wavy long hairstyle: With this hairstyle, the long hair is curled and ruffled with waves that give your overall look a real charm.
  • Long layered wavy hairstyle: The girl with the faces looks sexy in this hairstyle. The hair is waved a few layers from one side, so that she rub your cheeks.
  • Polished Wavy Long Hairstyle: With this hairstyle, some of your hair is colored differently. The hair color is usually dark. The dark hair is wavy to make your look appealing and super sexy.
  • Long sinuous hairstyle of the sinuous curl: This is the casual looking hairstyle that will make you look pretty on different occasions. The hair is curled in a spiral around the ears.
  • Soft waves with a side ponytail: This hairstyle is little different from the casual hairstyles. The hair is curled to improve the look, and a side ponytail is taken out to appreciate the girl’s beauty.
  • Wavy long shiny ombre curls: Girls can look great in wavy hairstyles with ombre locks. This ombre lock for wavy hair can be finished with dark hair colors to achieve an attractive, appealing look.
  • Tattered curls with side-swept bangs: The hairstyles look perfect on girls with fair skin. The tousled curls can be seen across the sides with whipping bangs.
  • Soft loose waves: This is the best wavy hairstyle for girls with long hair. It is easy without much effort. Everyone can choose this hairstyle. You just have to curl your hair and throw it loose. It is the best hairstyle for a romantic night with your love.
  • Airy Waves with bangs: It’s another romantic and stylish wavy hairstyle for girls. It’s easy to implement and present your beauty on a different level.

How do I proceed with Wavy Curl hairstyles?

You have to follow certain steps if you want to look charming with the perfect wavy hairstyle for your long and curly hair.

  • You need to use the moisturizing conditioner while showering. The curly hair needs moisture to look shiny.
  • You need to look for some products that contain moisturizing elements like olive oil, coconut oil or other moisturizers or conditioners.
  • You should use these products before showering or showering.
  • You should dry the hair roots without a diffuser.
  • Choose the hairstyle according to your complexion and face type.

Follow these tips if you want to look perfect with wavy hairstyles for your curly and long hair. It gives your beauty a charm.


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