The idea for a photo shoot in the forest

Forest – this is one of the wonders of nature and the perfect canvas for the photographer. In a matter of hours, it can change its look – from the mysterious and intimidating to the majestic and poetic. an idea for a photo shoot in the forest? We have a lot of them – see and inspire them to create their masterpieces.

wood nymph

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of stories and magic. This /> Of course, the image editing in Photoshop would make the effects of it not easy to get in the process of taking it, but it will be the better as the source material, the better the result.

Your fairy or nymph can be both good-natured guardians of the forest, and your wild defenders, gentle and carefree or regrettable. Try not only to work at the foot of the trees, but to play around with the employees in the branches.

real magic

Very interesting looks fabulous photo shoot in the forest. Photos (creating the idea that can be very different) can help you:

natural beauty

Wood has sincerity. What could be more suitable than the pure, real beauty in nature? Pay attention to this picture if you have planned a photo shoot in the summer forest. The idea is very simple and recognizing a model in a light dress will make you feel comfortable in the warm season.

You will need a minimum of props so as not to interfere with the environment. Makeup and hair model need to be so natural, not bright colors and complicated hairstyles.

Photo shoot in the forest in summer

Ideas for such a survey can vary – from simple to those that require professionalism and training:

  • Picnic on the lawn – it is always bright and beautiful. Especially if you take a big juicy watermelon and a good mood.
  • Balloons – An easy way to add bright colors to the picture. But handle them carefully, don’t use them close to the jaws, or lay them on the lawn or your props will burst quickly.
  • Do you think that the fox is only comfortable and practical>

Autumn photo session in the forest

Ideas for shooting can be very easy in this colorful time of the year. Use bright seasonal colors as a background for your masterpieces:

  • Was it blowing cold? Look forward to winter is coming, dressed in warm clothes.

    This can not only be a coat with fur, but also a nice thick sweater or just one bright Hat and scarf. The main thing – warmth and comfort exuded by photos.

  • Ragged leaves in the air – it’s a classic fall photos. An interesting frame processing makes it possible to present in a new light.
  • Have you tried to decorate leaves of hair or weave a wreath? The lush golden crown looks bright and elegant, and a small one, braided from branches – mysterious and magical.

for lovers

Love story – it’s a great />

useful props

There are a few things that can help make your photos more beautiful and interesting:

  • Swing – the pictures that they got air and carefree, just do not forget to attach them safely in front of the tree. In winter they can be decorated with pearls, tinsel. But flowers, ribbons and flowing chiffon can be useful when you do a photo shoot in the forest summer photo />

Mirror – working with reflections can be very interesting pictures. Change them with Photoshop, you can various Show emotions on the face of a model, or other worlds.

And what you like best about a photo shoot in the forest?


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