The hottest hairstyles for boys

December 21, 2016 — by MCutts0

Today in our post, we’ll look at the most fashionable boy hairstyles and the most stylish boy hairstyles, photos of which should be taken this year by caring mothers and fathers, and show you which awesome hairstyle a boy can best choose.

The most stylish and fashionable haircuts of 2018-2019 are not inferior in terms of the properties of adult men’s haircuts, which deal with this topic much more.

Modern boys can easily give their fathers a chance because the boy’s haircut often looks even cooler than the parents’ hairstyle.

And these are not empty words, because adult men sometimes cannot afford a fashionable haircut for one reason or another, while for their sons they can choose haircuts for boys that follow the bravest, most stylish, and trendiest trends.

Remember that the haircut for a boy should be chosen correctly, only then will the haircut look stylish and relevant for a boy.

A wrong hairstyle for a boy, as in principle and for an adult, can visually distort the appearance of its owner.

When choosing the right haircut for a boy, consider factors such as the boy’s hair type, face shape, whether the child can style his hair, whether the haircut is not short, and whether the hairstyle can be updated.

Popular this year are hairstyles for boys of the classic 2018-2019 that never go out of style, hairstyles for boys in an elongated version, as stylish hairstyles for a boy as "Caesar", "bob", "Under the pot", "Halfbox" "," Bobrik "," Hedgehog "," Iroquois "as well as fashionable children’s haircuts for a boy with pointed, cascade, asymmetrical or even strands of hair.

Most boys prefer short hairstyles because caring for this hairstyle is easier, but many older men choose fashionable hairstyles for boys in the long version.

Children’s haircuts for boys in sports style are no less relevant. Such haircuts for boys can be complemented by a pattern or pattern.

Professional stylists who create new masterpieces of men’s hairstyle deviate from strict contours and patterns and prefer original exclusive techniques.

Dynamic fashion hairstyle for a boy with a slight mess or uneven bangs will look very stylish.

If you choose a haircut for a boy, you will not only forget the child’s external characteristics, but also its character and temperament.

Quiet hairstyles for restless boys with an extra flat character are hardly suitable.

The same active children’s hairstyle is sufficient for hyperactive children. It will emphasize the emotional state of restlessness, harmoniously combined with its inner world.

If the family council raises the question of how to mow a boy beautifully, what type of hairstyle a boy should choose, our photo gallery "The most fashionable children’s hairstyles for a boy from 2018-2019" is very helpful.

Here you will find photos of children’s haircuts for a child of all ages and hair lengths. See what trendy haircuts for boys with a pattern and pattern are made by professional hairdressers and stylists.

Why is the haircut so important??

Adolescence is the time of active personality development. And any external factor, if not moral, can cause at least a lot of uncomfortable emotions. This applies in full to the choice of discounts. A bad choice or an incompetent master can lead to mockery of peers and the development of complexes – generally the young man will experience this until the hair is fully grown, but a properly chosen and done haircut can do a lot:

  • Add trust
  • help treat yourself as an adult
  • attracting positive attention from friends and classmates.

Above all, a fashionable haircut forces the teenager to look at themselves from a different angle. And under the conditions of age complexes, this is a big step towards self-acceptance.

Rules for choosing a trendy haircut for a teenager

To decide on a suitable hairstyle for a child, you need not only take into account the advice of the stylists: the temperament of the boy is important. Gentle lines and calm waves are hardly suitable for restless people, but an active haircut that allows you to try out different types of styling is what you need, as it is combined with self-awareness. In addition, you need to pay attention to other functions:

  • the length and thickness of the hair (for example works "Cascade" not with short hair, and "Canadian" with rare hair looks ridiculous),
  • Face shape (round face fit asymmetrical haircuts with bangs, square hairstyles with voluminous lace and bangs, narrow – "Elongated Bob", triangular – it is better to choose on "Elongated Square" to stop),
  • the age of a boy (for example at 14-15 years the Iroquois looks more harmonious than at 9-10 years),
  • the complexity of the styling (if the boy can’t arrange his hair on his own every day, you don’t have to choose such models).

When talking directly about the subtleties of haircuts, it is important to pay attention to a few points in this regard.

  • shading line.
    This is a smooth transition from short to long strands. The softer this transition, the more precise the haircut looks. However, a lot depends on his model. Some modern hairstyles, on the other hand, require a sharp transition (for example "Hitler Juventus").
  • pony
    If the guy has a high forehead, the falling curls look beautiful on him. But the owners of the low forehead are better off giving up the idea of ​​cutting off the bangs.
  • whiskey
    The shape of the temple area depends on the silhouette of the cheekbones. If the boy is childishly cheeky, you should not shave your temples too much, as in this case the hairstyle will not harmonize with the face. The opposite is also true: when the face is elongated, the long hair on the temples makes the boy look like an old man.

Top hairstyles 2017-2018 with photos

Despite a number of individual factors when choosing a haircut, there are recognized trends.

  • The haircut should be multi-stage, ie combine short and long strands (also "hedgehog" is performed in the modern interpretation by a machine with several nozzles).
  • Asymmetry is most common in a fashionable haircut. The edges can be torn open and the elongated threads – with sharp transitions, for example short temples and a longer crown.
  • Bang should be every self respecting mod. The exception is made only by the types who have a low forehead – the strands that fall off and cover half of the face are contraindicated.
  • If the haircut requires at least simple styling, it means that you need to use at least one hair dryer.

Video: current haircuts for boys in 2018

The modern "Caesar" looks best on medium thick hair, the length of which does not exceed 4–4.5 cm. The bang for this haircut should cover 1/3 of the forehead and be combed forward. This hairstyle is considered ideal for school students and looks particularly attractive on round heads. Caesar does not require any special effort: it is enough to wash the hair, dry it with a hairdryer and then brush it with your fingers.

For the classic "Caesar" characterized by shorter hair. But in both variants the common bang remains in common, the line of which continues on the time zone.

The name of the haircut "Caesar" is directly related to the Roman ruler. If you believe the testimony of Caesar’s contemporaries, the emperor wore a hairstyle, a modernized version of which is popular in our day.

"Under the pot"

This haircut looks great on thick and voluminous medium length hair. Then both the long upper and the shortened lower threads form wonderfully. Caring for your hair, however, is quite tedious: frequent washing and the mandatory installation of a hair dryer.

Sporty and active guys will do the haircut "Playground" Like: This is a bright and catchy model for young people "dandies".

Because the "Job" is characterized by a flat horizontal section of the hair of the crown region of the head.

The advantage of "playground" is that it doesn’t matter what hair the child has (curly or straight, thick or thin). The only disadvantage is that a genetic predisposition to baldness is very noticeable.

The image of a real macho is not only created by behavior, but also by a hairstyle. There is no same haircut in this one "Anderkat" (Undercut). This model includes shaved neck and temples, but elongated crown and bangs. In addition, the transition length is not too sharp.

This option is very practical for young people. First of all, the fact that the hair doesn’t bother, but at the same time looks stylish. In addition, this hairstyle goes to almost everyone. Only owners of the triangular face need to be careful with this model – it can distinguish the angularity of the features even more clearly. Right, "Anderkat" must be laid carefully: foam or wax to give the strands the right direction.

"Dima Bilan"

A haircut model named after a popular Russian singer became famous 10 years ago. But today she doesn’t lose her position. Hair from the parietal zone zachёsyvayutsya aligned on the forehead and under the outline of the oval face, but on the back of the head there are elongated strands. The main disadvantage of this haircut is that the hair should look perfect, which means you have to wash and style your hair every day. However, if the child is still small, you can limit the washing 2-3 times a week.

"Canadian" is considered a universal haircut in terms of age: a three-year-old toddler and a 15-year-old teenager will look stylish. Hair implies a short temporal and occipital part and an extended bang. It can be combed on the side, top or in the form of a mohawk with gel or hair wax.

Such a haircut is the best solution for wavy hair, especially if the face is round or angular.

The fashionable haircut "Canadian" celebrated to be 2017. 45th anniversary! In 1972 Canadian ice hockey players who played in the legendary match with the national team of the USSR were circumcised. However, popularity among modern youth has increased following the release of the film about Valery Kharlamov’s film “Legend No. 17 ”developed into a hairstyle.


Such an extravagant name is given to the Canadian variant. In this model, the head and temples shave almost completely. The recommendations regarding hair type and face shape are the same. Right, especially practical young men notice that the "Hitler Youth" is more comfortable, since it is possible to get a haircut once in 1–1.5 months.

Popular earlier haircut "boxing" is back. All hair is cut off under the typewriter, while the parietal area remains slightly longer than the occipital and temporal. All transitions are done with thinning scissors and look pretty.

Boxing has none "Contraindications": It literally goes to everyone. In addition, the haircut does not require frequent washing of the head.

This is a variant of "boxes", in which only the lower part of the head is cut short along the back of the head and hair with a length of 2 to 3 cm remains at the top.

This hairstyle needs a hair length of 5-10 cm. All strands are combed forward and of equal length. The best haircut looks on straight hair, but even in this case, it needs to be styled with styling tools. By the way, thanks to the flowing strands that covered the face, “Grunge” particularly liked men with problem skin.

"scallop" ("Iroquois")

Active and mischievous men feel comfortable with shaved sides and elongated strands on the back of the head and the crown. This hairstyle is only good if the hair is hard in structure. Otherwise, they just hang limply, which makes the picture messy.

Both types of "bob" – both classic and elongated – are unisex hairstyles: an elongated back of the head and temples with a shortened, smoothed crown. This hairstyle looks particularly stylish – it can be straight or laid aside, but always elongated.

Kare really liked children aged 10-12. This haircut looks attractive on thick straight or curly hair.

The only limitation for "Kare" is that the hairstyle doesn’t have to go for boys with a triangular face. This further emphasizes this feature.

"Extended caret"

With increasing age, the boys often prefer the elongated model of the car. This haircut involves separation and also requires daily washing and styling. If the young man does not become one "doings" is ready, it is better to choose something more practical.

Cascade looks attractive on wavy hair: strands are cut into layers and then ground well.

It is necessary that "Cascade" stack each time after washing, but also the ways of making the mass: comb forward, sideways, flip the top layer, twist the ends outwards or inwards.

Extravagant model "Half"

The time of the teenagers is a time of rebellion and the fight against generally accepted norms and rules. And appearance is a great opportunity to show your uniqueness. In this case, you can’t do without extravagant hairstyles. Such hairstyles are not chosen for the type of appearance simply because their goal is completely different: not to emphasize the natural beauty, but to express the inner world – rich and controversial.

If a teenager is not sorry to part long strands for a bright picture, it is a short one "Hedgehog" – and shaving patterns on one side and long strands with bangs (or without) on the other – just what you need for the original image.

An interesting way to style hair – Hair Tatoo. Shaved patterns on the back of the head or on the temples leave no one indifferent. However, it should be noted that this type of self-expression is most likely not suitable for blonde women: patterns on very light hair are not visible.

Video: how to make patterns on the hair

The choice of hairstyle for a teenager is comparable to an achievement: on the one hand, the hairstyle should please the owner (which is an absolutely necessary condition) and on the other hand – be practical and comfortable, not to distract or hinder the child in order to lead a normal life. The second aspect usually concerns the parents. However, modern models meet both requirements and transform yesterday’s child into a beautiful and stylish young man.

Child and adolescent haircuts for boys of the year 2018-2019: photo

Today stylists present us unusual short haircuts for boys in different variations. However, the main trend for an original haircut is a combination of shaved temples of different lengths and long bangs.

Such children’s and youth haircuts for boys will certainly appeal to boys who not only want to look beautiful, but also want to be the center of attention.

This way you can easily experiment and choose haircuts for boys and create original and unique kids and teen hairstyles for boys.

The actual modern hairstyle for boys for today is half-boxing. The combination of shaved temples, long crown and bangs, supplemented by a side parting, looks very impressive.

Such haircuts for boys fit both straight and wavy hair, which is not worth straightening out. A half box with slightly wavy hair looks very natural and natural.

Fashionable hairstyles for boys 2018-2019 are also represented by a Gavrosh haircut, in which individual strands stay long not only on the crown but also on the temples.

This haircut for a boy looks perfect when long strands are laid on one side and slightly forward.

Also popular hairstyles for boys 2018-2019 – different variations of the Iroquois, where you can experiment with length and even hair color.

If your son is brave and wants to stand out from his classmates in a fashionable style, he should certainly like such a haircut for boys.

Another type of children’s hairstyles for boys is the "cap". Haircuts for boys in this style are often used for curly and unruly hair, but you can also do this haircut for straight hair.

The most unusual and original children’s and youth haircuts for boys are haircuts with pictures and different figures that look special and are sure to attract the attention and interest of others. Here you can let your imaginations run wild and create true masterpieces.

Teenage and children’s haircuts for boys 2018-2019 can be very different: you can select individual strands, lengthen or shorten them, create a “mess” on your head with styling tools and style your hair laterally.

There are many variations of modern haircuts for boys, and here it is important not to be afraid of experimentation to find the perfect haircut for the young man.

The most important thing when choosing short actual hairstyles for boys in 2018-2019 is that the hairstyle is comfortable and popular even for the young man and also does not take long to style.

For example, if your baby has curly, unruly hair, you shouldn’t worry. The best way out would be a classic haircut with loose and natural curls.

How to choose a boy’s haircut

The first haircut in a child is done at the age of 1 year when it is necessary to cut off the thin generic strands so that they give way to normal hair. Parents in this matter are radical – they bald the baby. The parents style the hairstyles of the boys until conscious childhood. But already in the lower class, the child begins to dictate its conditions.

So that the trip to the hairdresser does not become a conflict, you should remember a few principles for choosing a haircut for a boy:

  1. Age style is not an obstacle. Even the most incredible shapes can be selected for the baby. The main thing is to recognize who will be busy with hair care and styling,
  2. hair texture Relief shapes look bad on thin and soft hair. And overly tough naughty ones will hang around with average length,
  3. face shape. Soft round haircuts are not suitable for boys with a round face, but they perfectly hide the corners of the triangle and square. The platform is contraindicated for representatives with a square shape. Because acute need for softening, rounded – pull out
  4. Haircut shouldn’t bother you. Details hairstyles should not interfere with the child in kindergarten or at school. Long bangs can affect vision. Beach over the ears – create the habit of refueling them frequently,
  5. Character is important too! For lovers of active sports, it is better to choose shortened options. Subtle creative natures match elongated threads, curls and waves.

Haircuts for thick hair

Thick heavy hair for boys is a problem as it is difficult to maintain the look of a well-groomed head:

  • The easiest option is "under the pot", if the thickness of the hair allows you to shave short strands at the bottom and leave long at the crown.
  • Graded models are suitable for thick wavy or curly hair: Bob or Caret. The entire volume looks neat and delicate.

Haircuts for fine hair

It is difficult to create clear volume lines from thin hair. Silhouette haircuts come to the rescue:

    Canadian in the usual and shortened version. Short or shaved temples with significantly elongated crown strands – a shape that fits perfectly with fine hair. You can model different lengths of temples,

Short hair models

Haircuts for boys (photos and their names) for short hair are tailored to the needs of the wearer.

Most sports enthusiasts prefer ultra-short hairstyles:

  • Small men can offer hedgehogs. The hair length is chosen from a few millimeters to 1 centimeter. At the crown, the elongated threads do not need a comb – they can be simply placed with your fingers,
  • The length of the strands in the box or polubox must not exceed 3 cm. Good style for short hair for fashionistas. Short temples and the back of the head do not affect sports activities. A border in the half box enables playing with pictures.

Models for medium length hair

With medium-length hairstyles, soft and bold shapes can be achieved:

  • Bob – a favorite hairstyle of many. It has everything not too long and not too short. Stylish. Easily match the images of a romantic or mischievous hooligan. Soothes rough facial features
  • The alternative to the turbulent bob will be a clear kare. It goes with straight, thick, healthy hair. Emphasizes shine and silky hair. Older men can choose a graded fashion car.

Long string models

As adults, adolescents prefer long hair that is carried away by one culture or another.

With these hairstyles, the boys look neat, stylish, and romantic:

  • After all, Kare, but for long strands and with one-sided asymmetry – the perfect solution for straight, thin hair. Especially when the baby is blonde. There is something elven about this picture
  • Fashionable samurai haircut, Half – a long tuft of hair and shaved whiskey. This is the choice of those who hinder long hair but do not want to part with it.

Models for curly hair

Curly hair is moody because it is difficult for her to get the right shape

But there are many options for beautiful pictures:

  • The most common – caret of medium length. The head will look neat. Wipe the hair curly and do not require special styling. The disadvantages are: disruptive strands of the eye and the inability to model a hairstyle with styling,
  • The curly Canadian hair will look stylish and youthful. However, the styling options are limited, just the use of styling.

Haircuts for boys up to 2 years

A two-year-old baby’s hair has not yet got any texture, but this is also not the fluff of a newborn.

When choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind that they are soft, thin and rare:

  • The best choice will be the usual one Little hat Not very short, but not disturbing the baby. Creates the appearance of a substantial amount of hair,
  • If the child is to be shortened, it is better to end the selection on the model. Caesar, with straight bangs that can always be combed to the side. The boy will look cute and his hair will be no trouble for him and his parents.

Haircuts for boys from 2 to 4 years old

Haircuts for boys, photos and their names for ages 2 to 4 are selected based on the fact that children of this age start to examine the opposite sex. The boy turns around in front of the mirror and demands his personal hairbrush from his parents.

At this age, the following will be relevant:

    haircut "Dima Bilan" with elongated strands around your neck will look unusual and will attract girls’ views,

Haircuts for boys from 5 to 7 years old

Preparing for school gives details to the image of solidity. A child of this age is already quite grown up.

He is ready for an independent life in society. Hence the need for order on the head:

  • Paved with side parting and bangs on the side of the cap – will create a kind of exemplary boy. And her version with an abandoned bang back – mischievous,
  • Don’t give it a try and look “under the pot” with a haircut. Flowing straight threads give romance and simplicity at the same time.

Haircuts for boys from 8 to 12 years old

The transition age of boys is between 8 and 12 years old when they approach the threshold of youth pervaded by the spirit of rebellion. You should be allowed to be shaggy or let go of km too long.

Or maybe he wants to cut all hair down to a few millimeters:

  • Shaggy Bob – Shaggy – will create chaos on your head with a decent performance. The more casual the styling, the better the hairstyle looks,
  • Ornate or symbolic pattern, Shaves on the temples, focuses on the boy’s hobbies and mental state. Let individuality show.

Haircuts for teenagers

It’s time to love and hobbies. When a hobby takes up all your free time. Young people show the world that they are already fully grown and must be reckoned with.

This will help them make modern variations of haircuts:

    Anderkat. The maximally shaved temples and the back of the head are combined with a strand of hair on the crown, which is combed back. Sharp transition lines symbolically show the mood swings of a teenager and differentiate>

Haircut hedgehog

The second name haircut “Bobrik” thanks to protruding strands in different directions. The peculiarity of the haircut is its minimal length and the upward threads in the parietal zone.

If you use the technique of Schne />

The shortened version of the hedgehog is suitable for depressed boys or owners of a long face. The requirement for wearers is one thing – the correct shape of the skull without protruding ears. Visually expanding the rounded shape of the head allows an elongated version of the hedgehog, where the parietal locks can reach 4 cm, and on the temples with the minimum length.

You can complement the hair with a little bang that you can swipe in different directions, it is easy to change the image.

Haircut half box

Sports boys are encouraged to carry a half box as this hairstyle comes from the army and sports. It will give confidence. But thin Asthenian representatives are better off avoiding a half box.

Now in fashion haircut for boys and teenagers called Anderkat. photo

It is done with a typewriter and scissors, also for thinning. The transition lines should be soft from the shaved temples and the back of the head to the threads extended up to 6-8 cm at the crown. A short stroke is allowed, usually lying on its side.

Haircut cap

Not as radical as the previous two hairstyles, a hairstyle is a daily option. Moderately shortened temples and the back of the head, rather long strands of crowns that form a cap are nothing abrupt and challenging.

A great option for quiet cute boys. Looks good on short and medium length hair. Short version can be with sharper line transitions if the strands of the “cap” are much longer than the temporal and occipital ones.

With medium-length hair, the haircut can be performed in multiple layers, double and asymmetrically.

Multilayer is used for curly hair. Double represents two levels of “caps”: 1 – to the middle of the ear, 2 – to the beginning of the ear. Asymmetrical length of the temporal strands on both sides.

Canadian haircut

Canadian is considered an elegant haircut. The history of its creation in our country comes from sports hockey.

Popularity deserves versatility – suitable for almost everyone. Exceptions are those with a high forehead or a rectangular face with sharp facial features. Feature haircut – a series of hair in the fronto-parietal zone. Bangs are part of the overall shape and are carried back when worn.

Haircut Iroquois

Warrior Hairstyle – Iroquois. Like the clump of a bird or the coat of arms of the amphibians, it shows its superiority over the rival. For little boys, this is more of a weird way of styling a haircut when the hair is collected from top to top on the head.

Iroquois for adult men is a very short temple, and sometimes at the top of the head, with a straight strand of hair from the forehead to the neck. In the modern version, the Iroquois can be used for short hair with a length of up to 4 cm and for long hair with a length of up to 15 cm, which must be styled when styling. Complemented with elongated bangs or shaving patterns on the temples.

Haircut Bob

The bob is a way to correct the errors in the shape of the head.

Bob offers:

  • cover your ears too high,
  • will hide a big forehead, soften the sharp lines of the face,
  • round face will stretch long strands on temples,
  • too long is shortened due to the volume and the different lengths of thread

This is a romantic yet brave option.

It is done with graduation and thinning. A volume is obtained in the parietal zone, which is laid flat on the growth of hair strands of the crown and falling jagged tips.

Haircut “under the pot”

Smooth edge in the form of the head of the hair, which is distributed over the entire circumference – a characteristic of the hair “under the pot”. Not so popular with adults, but good for children

The secret is in soft hair and soft lines. It gives the face and tenderness of a child a pretty face. A healthy hair shines in the sun. Nowadays there are many variations of hairstyles, from shaved temples to multi-level “upper” hair.

Caesar hairstyle

There are legends that say that it gives its wearer clarity and no weighty abilities. Just enter the picture – well maintained.

A special feature is the forward laying of the top strands. Their length is no more than 5 cm. A shortened bang has a straight line. The hair on the temples and the back of the head are cut as far as possible. It’s a good style for boys. However, emphasize the shortcomings of a square area. Shortens the already deep forehead.

Haircut Gavrosh

For children, Gavrosh’s haircut is an interesting way to demonstrate your originality. Short strands all over the head and long strands on the neck are the classic version. There is a trendy style on the temples and neck for rounded faces and thick cheeks. For older men there is an option where the hair at the back of the head is slightly longer than the others.

All stylists agree: Gavrosh is ideal for fine hair.

Haircut playground

Haircut for a boy The website says about the accuracy of its owner. The hairstyle looks perfect only when all hair is perfectly cut from the forehead to the top of the head and form a flat surface as shown in the photo, hence the name.

If the child is neat and his hair is fairly hard, this option is for him. However, a smooth line can give the face undesirable coarseness. Because you should carefully consider the choice of this hairstyle.

Haircut Underderkat

Anderkat became a manifestation of the style among modern subcultures, for example skaters. This is an “island” with relatively long strands at the top of the head in combination with shaved temples and neck. Hair combed back or to the side. With or without a center parting.

To make Underkat look natural on the boy, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the skull and the regular facial features, not recommended for curly hair.

Haircut grunge

Grunge – a variation of the styling of all male hairstyles, suitable length. Freedom, carelessness with accompanying elegance – this is how the grunge style can be described.

Disheveled hair but with taste. Pay attention to healthy, well-groomed and shiny. Fixed with varnish or gel with the effect of wet hair. So many style requirements that only pretty adult dandies can take it.

Haircut Kare

Most women’s favorite hairstyle was no less successful in men. First, owners of curly hair who cannot be put in other hairstyles.

Today caret has found many options:

  • classic
  • graduated
  • asymmetrical
  • elongated,
  • double
  • Bob car
  • kare on one leg.

All of them are applicable to create hairstyles for boys. Only the hair structure, facial features and age should be taken into account. Boys who actively exercise or dance should not be quarantined. But it will suit creative individuals.

Haircut cascade

If a child sees itself as a subculture and can grow long hair, Cascade is best suited for its neat appearance.

He shaves strands of different lengths that form a graduated shape. Straight hair clearly shows layers of hair layers. curly Shape soft curls. Neat curly hair in a cascade. Cascade is an option for teenagers.

Haircut half

The name Halves comes from dividing the hair into two different levels: long at the top and short or shaved at the bottom. The long part is usually collected in the tail or in the beam, hence the second name of the hairstyle – “a la samurai” (see photo).

Despite the fact that this is a picture of warriors, for boys, even small ones, a perfectly suitable haircut.

Haircut Shaggy

Shaggy is the mess. It is a multi-layered soft haircut with thinning. As a result, the picture is confused. And the shape – lush.

Choice for thin hair without volume. Visually enlarges the head – balances it with the body. Elongated strands around the face stretch its roundness. The soft shape of the hairstyle smoothes the angularity of the boyish figure.

Shaved neck models

In sporty boys, extra hair can cause discomfort. It’s worth guessing models with a shaved neck:

  • A platform whose clarity gives the picture brutality,
  • Polubox, as the most practical hairstyle of the modern age,
  • stylish Canadian for romantic natures.

Forehead-emphasized models

A beautiful forehead line and regular features are highlighted:

  • Caesar – straight bangs form an angle with the temple area that frames the face like a frame,
  • “Under the pot”when the edge is smooth, round and softens a square or rectangular surface,
  • The Hedgehog, where the hair on the crown and the top protrudes like needles and visually pull out a short forehead.

Curly model

The hairstyle as a work of art arises from trifles: the originality of even the simplest hairstyle depends on where the strands are combed, what part and what shape the fringes have.

The most interesting variations of the theme of the figure model are:

  • “Gavroche” with shaved temples, more for a child, is a variant of the dragon crest that he definitely wants to be,
  • An analogue of Gavroche is the more radical Iroquois, which demonstrates the restlessness of nature.

Highlighted models

Individual strands of hair can highlight the benefits and hide the blemishes:

  • Grunge is a versatile way to keep threads where they are needed and remove excess in the right places. This style allows you to use long strands in combination with ultra-short hair.
  • Shaggy’s tousled strands create volume and give the picture carelessness. Older boys can be distinguished by coloring.

Pattern of patterns and patterns

Stylish drawings that shaved on the temples and dealt with children’s fashion:

  • A little hedgehog complements the picture with the logo of your favorite superhero or even a picture of a fairy tale character. Tasty and very childish,
  • The half tightened on the top of the straps is decorated with openwork patterns on the temples.
  • Hair patterns that are asymmetrical along the length of the side strands emphasize the color patterns on short hair.

Fashionable pictures 2018

The main trend in fashion for haircuts for boys in 2018 is an experiment with a combination of strands of different lengths. And the more this difference, the more fashionable the appearance.

  • The ideal option for a short haircut that fits in a fashionable direction can be considered – Poluboks, where a relatively long bang follows the temples, the length and the back of the head are minimal. Half box with a pattern on the cut part of the hairstyle – the current trend in the world,
  • A stylized “Gavrosh” is a variant of a medium-length haircut for medium-long hair, in which the long hair remains on the neck and temples.
  • An ordinary hat will never go out of style. Side parting and ragged bangs on the side give it a modern look.

Change the picture of a bang

The shape and position of the bangs in the same haircut can lead to completely different images:

  • Slanted bangs, combed on the sides, give an expressive look and soften the sharp facial features. It is able to visually stretch a square or round face,
  • Straight short forehead focuses on the eyes, open forehead, openness in communication, additional firmness,
  • Hair on the forehead, combed or back, gives a romantic look. The style is inherent in the representatives of show business and is therefore suitable for active children.

Prom hairstyles

The dress code of the event demands that elegance be kept within the fashion trends:

  • The brave look will result with Anderkat’s haircut with combed hair at the top of the back of the head. You can add modern coloring technologies and styling to the picture,
  • A similar effect can be achieved with the Canadian head, in which all long hair is concentrated in the front part. It is necessary to unite all the threads in one point and form a small mohawk – one of the most fashionable styles of this year.
  • Elegant romance will give the image of a graduate bob with slanted bangs and torn ends throughout the band – the style of a Hollywood teen.

Stylist recommendations

Stylists recommend adhering to the following rules so that the child looks neat and stylish:

  • the hairstyle should not be separated from the child, its job is to complete the picture,
  • Fashionable hairstyles are only suitable for healthy, well-groomed hair, especially for models for medium and long hair.
  • You shouldn’t experiment with children’s hair,
  • apply hair styling as little as possible for young children,
  • Every haircut needs to be styled. This must be taken into account when drying the hair after washing.

The trendy haircuts for boys of different ages in 2018 shown in the photo above allow you to keep their individuality while looking modern. As you can see, most haircut names reflect the essence of the shape. A technique of execution are variations of classic methods.

Video about fashionable hairstyles for a boy

Fashionable children’s hairstyles and hairstyles for boys:

Top 10 most stylish hairstyles and hairstyles for men:

Haircuts for boys 2018-2019: trends, current trends, original solutions

Fashionable mothers know that the haircuts for boys in the years 2018-2019 today contain a large selection of trendy examples that every child will like with every type, hair color, head shape and clothing style.

Trends haircuts for boys to alleviate negligence and repeat the beauty trend of adult fashion.

Haircuts for boys successfully mimic adult hairstyles, which makes the boys very stylish, and youthful haircuts for boys can hide the naive age and bring the look of a teenager closer to the look of an adult man.

Haircuts for boys 2018-2019 can most successfully emphasize the unusual personality and charisma of their owners and express the special inner beauty of the child.

We tried to collect fashionable haircuts for boys from 2-6 years, examples of haircuts for children from 7-11 years, stylish haircuts for boys from 12-15 years, etc..

Agree, these categories are very conditional, as fashionable haircuts for boys are usually individually selected to please the child as much as possible.

Stylists offer fashionable hairstyles for boys 2018-2019 that go on .

Extremely trendy hairstyles for boys: Canadian – the undisputed trend from 2018-2019

Right now at the peak of Canada’s popularity and its variation quiff. In addition, both the shortened and the extended example are very much in demand among younger school children and older men.

What type of haircuts for boys in Canadian technique you choose depends on how well the man is able to groom his hair. However, keep in mind that it is better to give up this idea if the boy has an oval and elongated face shape.

The principle of this hairstyle for boys is that long strands remain on top and the entire length is removed from below.

Canadian is an ideal platform for creating many hairstyles because you can poke your hair in different ways.

In addition, fashionable hairstyles from 2018 to 2019 will fit children of different ages in Canada with straight and curly hair.

Thanks to the unique technique of the haircut, the Canadian looks very neat and fashionable and creates a unique style for the boy.

Original and unusual hairstyles for boys 2018-2019: patterns, drawings, stripes. whole pictures

The first option is of course mega, but haircuts for boys in 2018-2019 with shaved patterns and drawings keep the leading position for many years to come.

Such creative haircuts for boys make a child incredibly stylish, and his picture is memorable.

If you are not averse to creativity and experimentation, we have presented in our huge collection unique haircuts for boys with shaved parts and drawings that you should undoubtedly offer your little son.

Keep in mind that haircuts for boys with shaved details look less impressive on light strands, the expressiveness of the pattern is lost. But even the smallest details can be seen on the dark hair.

Short and medium haircuts for boys 2018-2019

Short discounts for boys 2018-2019 should be considered for comfort and convenience in the daily active life of the child.

Stylists are advised to make haircuts the smallest for boys with a short length, as there is no way to keep a beautiful look of the hairstyle in agitation at the youngest age.

Depending on the hair type, short haircuts for boys will be realized in one age or another in 2018-2019 by fashionable trends such as a cute hedgehog, a naughty beaver or a pretty half-box. Complete short, parted haircuts or bangs of different shapes and lengths.

Often mothers take care of the baby so much that even the most creative and complex idea of ​​how to cut a boy doesn’t scare the keeper of the family hearth.

Such mothers are ready to prefer medium haircuts in the technique of a hat, Gavroche, Caesar.

But for the bravest hairdressers, haircuts with contrasting length transitions are offered, original solutions with shaved parts that look unmatched and unique on the child’s hair.

Stylish hairstyles for teenagers 2018-2019: self-confidence, sense of style, indiv>

Someone, and trendy hairstyles most relevant for teenagers. To understand this fact, the masters offered the boys beautiful and stylish hairstyles for teenagers in a variety of techniques and variations.

Especially at this age, haircuts for teenagers get the status of not only haircuts but also hairstyles, as the boys are willing to stand in front of the mirror for a long time and stack haircuts for teenagers to make them as successful, stylish and extremely effective as possible close.

Fashionable hairstyles for teenagers 2018-2019 can be very short. These are the hairstyles chosen by active athletes who spend a lot of time in training.

But the guys with original thinking and a sense of style, and it’s no secret, with a pretty look, haircuts for boys 2018-2019 with graduation, torn and asymmetrical texture, multi-tiered bangs and experiments with shaved details will prefer.

A few words about styling .

It seems that haircuts for boys do not require special styling, but today, if the boys not only choose ultra-short hair lengths, but are willing to experiment with medium and long hair, the styling is very important and necessary.

Fashion dictates its own rules for hair styling and highlights the styling as a light mess, classic conciseness, simple chic, neatly cut and calm hairstyles for medium hair, emphasizing the natural beauty of the strands.

Styling is welcomed in reasonable doses. With the permission of the parents, many boys are ready to dye their hair, which is very daring and unusual in adolescence.

If you have a small, young man at home, try to understand him and choose both the most appropriate style of clothing and the most successful hairstyle for him. Successful you!

Oval face shape

The oval face shape is considered ideal. Short classic haircuts are suitable for this type of face: short on the sides and slightly longer than the top or simply folded hair on one side. The challenge is to remove the hair on the back, not the forehead, to avoid the roundness of your face. Creating angles and volume on the crown can sharpen a face a bit. I would even add that the male bun with an oval face looks great. At least theoretically, even with long hair.

Haircuts such as:

  • Anderkat (undercut), she is “British”.
  • Back with sweep bangs when the hair is long. Canadian haircut.
  • Haircuts with bangs.
  • Haircuts “boxes” or “Poluboks”.

Round face shape

With a round face shape, you need to create the illusion of height and angles. The hair should be short on the sides and longer at the top so that height and length are indicated. Messy Hairstyle Top – Your Choice.

Always create an asymmetry to achieve a more angular face shape. Men with round faces may have long hair, but must wear it on one side and cut it evenly. There should be a contrast to the roundness of the face. Avoid short haircuts and bangs, as this will further round the face.

Haircuts such as:

  • Anderkat (undercut), she is “British”.
  • Canadian haircut.
  • Quiff haircut (Quiff) is a kind of mohawk.

Square face shape

You are lucky if you have a square face. You can experiment with any hairstyle, as well as more classic hairstyles (look at the hair of a Hollywood actor Cary Grant with side-combed hair) and vice versa with long hair. Bangs and short hair on the sides of a square face look great and are a hallmark of high fashion.

Haircuts such as:

  • Classic fashion from the 50s-60s.
  • Smooth combed back hairstyle ideal for all occasions (both for the office and for a party).
  • Messy, disheveled hairstyle (great for curly hair).
  • Short haircut, also known as “hedgehog”.

Triangular face shape

The triangular face shape looks better when the haircut is shorter on the side and more voluminous on the crown. For example, pay attention to actor Jude Law’s hairstyle. Short hairstyles look better with triangular face shapes. The bangs will look great, the hair is tied to the side too. Short hair on the sides can also be acceptable for this face shape.

For a triangular face, haircuts like:

  • Anderkat (undercut), she is “British”.
  • Strikes back with turns. Canadian haircut.
  • Haircut Quiff (Quiff).
  • Haircuts with bangs and combs on the right or left side.

Heart shaped face

The heart-shaped face is very similar to the triangular one. The only difference is the sharpness of the chin and the width of the cheekbones.

This face shape is usually suitable for all hairstyles with long hair, whereby short hairstyles should emphasize the width of the forehead.

Haircuts such as:

  • Strikes back with turns. Canadian haircut.
  • Haircuts with bangs and combs on the right or left side.
  • Anderkat (undercut), she is “British”.

Cascade Square

No less popular with teenagers, versatile and suitable for both curly and even hair. Complemented by bangs of different textures, parting off takes place at an angle or straight. Due to its complexity, it gives the picture completeness and emphasizes the personality of the young man.

The caret may be modified so that the hair looks like a surfer when wet styling. Carelessly torn curls and long bangs, smooth styling, brush backs – there are many modifications. The main thing is to experiment and create a unique image that allows you to improve and stand out from the crowd.

Classic haircut, in which the length of the strands can vary between 4 and 15 cm: What is relevant today is a shortened bob in a sporty style, which is combined with accessories in a sporty style. With average hair length, such a haircut requires special care. It is necessary to wash your hair often.

For the styling, dry and clean threads are combed well and foam or gel is applied over the entire length. Hit the strands with your fingers and comb back. In order to make the hair look natural, it has to be shaken until the hair falls loose. If desired, a separation can be made. You can use a diffuser to create a volume. Make sure to trim the tips once a month or one and a half times.

stylish "Adult" -haircut

Of course, every teenager wants to look older than he is. In puberty, boys want to look more mature and hairstyles need to be adjusted. For these guys there is a real adult haircut that works well for teenagers:

  1. From the temples and in the crown area, the hair is cut as short as possible almost to the floor. Shaving hair in these places is not necessary. The optimal hair length is 2-3 millimeters.
  2. However, only long hair should be present in the back of the head. Here their length should reach 2 centimeters.
  3. This hairstyle is also very easy to maintain because only the top needs to be combed. The top part can be placed whenever you want, and in any case the model will look great.

Gavrosh – in contrast to a half box, the temples are elongated here, you can comb the hair in different ways, the classic model – with a side parting (not necessarily clear), looks more combative upwards with slightly tousled curls, etc. Mostly valid haircut in children format. This haircut makes the face more open, especially when you put your hair up (important if you have questions about schoolwork or if you want to take cool (or as the “cool” teenagers say) photos).

Boxes and semiboxes

The haircut "boxing" and your "Halfbox" are known all over the world. It does not require long stacking, the heat does not cause problems in summer and does not lose shape under the hat in winter. Universal haircut that goes with almost anything. But it doesn’t look very good if the hair is too thin. The length of the bang doesn’t exceed three centimeters, so this is a great option for school. This is a good choice for young athletes. Hair does not interfere with running and movement.

The peculiarity of boxing is the hair length of 1 to 4 cm. This short haircut opens the face and gives the child masculinity. Curls do not stick out in different directions, so the picture is always on top.

To create a box hairstyle, you need the following tools:

  • Hairdresser and scissors.
  • hairbrush
  • The razor.
  • The machine.


Boxing is a versatile option that is suitable for almost all members of the stronger sex, regardless of the shape of the face and hair color. Hairstyle perfect with any style, always looks neat. This is an ideal haircut for those who are fed up with daily washing and styling. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create this stylish hairstyle:

  • Use straight scissors to mark the hair transition from long to short. For sunken temples, draw an edge just below. With convex temples it is recommended to place the edge a little higher. If a man has a bulging back of the head, it is better to keep the transition line below it.
  • Hair, in front of the transition, cut short with a typewriter.
  • After cutting off the entire head, go to the upper parietal zone and cut off strand by strand step by step.
  • Next, you need to profile the hair to balance out a sharp border crossing. Use a thinning scissors or a razor with a special nozzle. Men with dark, thick hair get a broader shade of stripes. The owner of blonde curls better makes this strip a little thinner.
  • Treat the line that surrounds the face with a razor. The jagged cut will look spectacular.
  • Remove defects in the form of loose hair with scissor tips.


In order to convey the image of masculinity and elegance, it is not necessary to use the help of specialists. Another undeniable advantage of this haircut is its easy execution. With the skills to use a hair clipper, it’s easy to do a hairstyle at home alone. To do this, prepare the following tools:

  • Straight scissors.
  • typewriter.
  • Typewriter nozzles from 1 to 4 cm.

The American military initially cut off the undercoat. Stylish hairstyle distinguished minimalism and austerity. The haircut gradually migrated to the sports environment, from where it was picked up by enthusiastic teenagers. Such styling is relevant to both the elegant style and the informal flow.

Hairstyle does not require special care and is therefore so popular. To maintain its attractive appearance for longer, it is necessary to wash and cut the hair (preferably every three weeks). The haircut retains its shape between corrections. For a change, it is laid in different ways. With the help of a gel or a special foam, you can tousle your hair or split it into individual strands and make a bang (by lifting it up or doing a men’s haircut with a part on the side).

Halfboxing differs from the classic boxing hair length on the crown. If the temples and neck are shaved under a typewriter with a nozzle of 1 to 3 cm, long enough curls are visible on the Temechka – from 6 to 8 cm. This hairstyle doesn’t take much time, but it always makes the owner stylish and masculine.

Creative hairstyles

Many young people prefer reserved hairstyles, simple hairstyles that do not require complicated styling. But there are also such young representatives of the stronger sex who like to experiment with hair and lead others around with joy and surprise! Even the simplest haircut can be supplemented with unusual details. The shaved whiskey, the ornament on the back of the head, bright strands or a mini-tail – all of these mean cool hairstyles for boys.

There is a category of teenagers who wear long hair. And the last trend of the season was the piglet “Kolosok”, which crowned the head of a young fashion fan. This is a very convenient option for learning, exercising, or painting. The hair is laid on properly, nothing restricts the movements and does not crawl in the eyes. But not every man decides to leave the house with such a hairstyle. After all, there is a stereotype that many girls are braids.

The look of this haircut is fully reflected in its name haircut: protruding strands resemble a bursting hedgehog; for men, the hedgehog has long been a symbol of strength and brevity.

The traditional hedgehog is characterized by a gentle length transition from short strands at the temples to long strands on the crown. Classic hedgehog does not suggest locations. But there’s room for variety everywhere, and even such a familiar haircut allows options all over the head or a reduction in bangs. The bang itself can differ from a simple elongated one.

  • Athletic, ultra-short haircut: since ears and forehead are fully opened, it is desirable that these body parts have the correct shape.
  • Perfect for a boy of younger kindergarten age, boys between 14 and 15 years and men who are active in weight training.
  • No care is needed.
  • To do this simple haircut, it is not at all necessary to visit the master in the salon. With minimal knowledge and the availability of a typewriter for a child or a man, one of the household members can also cut it off.

If you choose a hedgehog, you have to follow a few rules. Otherwise, all possible mistakes in appearance are highlighted with short hair and an open face.

  • The hair must be thick and hard, otherwise the hairstyle will remain misshapen.
  • The face shape is oval or triangular. Guys with a rounded face can increase the length of the crown and shorten it at the temples, and on the contrary, with an overlong face, you can shorten the protruding threads.
  • Average size, for men 180 cm.
  • It is desirable to have clear and regular facial features.
  • Hedgehog is not suitable for men who do not reach the average weight. The hedgehog is contraindicated for full males – it is accused of being overweight.
  • This haircut hides nothing because a short neck, significant anatomical bumps in the skull and open angles are unacceptable.
  • With such a haircut, only hair and no ears can stick.
  • The massive and protruding lower jaw or the protruding chin is also not combined with a hedgehog.

Large facial features are not a contraindication for the hedgehog, but should be thick and voluminous.

Men who want to emphasize masculinity even more can add a hedgehog to an unshaven one, but only if it’s not a narrow face will it become completely thin.

Performance Technology

Before starting the haircut, the hairdresser should examine the head and determine the anatomical features. The flattened back of the head is fashionable with elongated threads and covers irregularities by varying the length by a few millimeters. The length of the male hedgehog reaches 4 cm, of course it is longer with female haircuts.

Cut hedgehogs fashionably with scissors or a typewriter.

  • The washed hair mass is separated by a horizontal separation, then the side and temple lobes are separated by partitions.
  • The hair is cut in the frontal-parietal area, the hair being cut off at the finger clip. The haircut in this part is done with scissors and a comb. In this case, possible irregularities in the head surface should be taken into account.
  • The strands are cut parallel to the first control and cut individually and in the apex area.
  • The back of the head can be cut with a hair clipper or scissors. To do this, place a comb at an angle of 40 gears and then shear against hair growth.
  • With a hair clipper, it counteracts hair growth from the neck. As you move, the top increases the angle between the nozzle and the head.
  • In order to achieve an oval result, strands of different zones are isolated and cut perpendicular to the same cutting length.
  • It remains to be profiled and laid. The hedgehog can be laid in different ways.

Certainly everyone has a similar one "cap" seen. Here are the main features of this model:

How to grow thick hair quickly

  1. Increase sugar intake by adding it to foods and beverages.
  2. Consume more fruits and vegetables: peppers, carrots, apples, pomegranates that contain natural sugar.
  3. Include vitamins A, B (B3, B5, B7, B9), C, E in the diet.
  4. Eat enough dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, and so on.
  5. Use minoxidil to promote beard growth
  6. As an alternative to Minoxidil, castor or burdock oil can also be used.
  7. Boost testosterone levels by consuming vitamin D and eating more in the sun.
  8. To stimulate testosterone production – exercise regularly.

Teen hairstyles can be very different these days. The job of the parents is to help the boy choose a beautiful, stylish, and practical hairstyle that will allow you to go safely to school, training, or a disco.


When choosing a suitable option, the age of the child must be taken into account. When a child is 1-2 years old, they still have thin hair. At this age chose a simple model with a clear edge.

When choosing an option, children aged 3-6 should look for comfortable and simple models.

Modern options include Caesar haircut, hedgehog, and boxing. On the soft hair of babies can you see it not as tough as adults. Approach the hot time.

Popular drawings on the head for boys. In this case, the shape of the head should be perfect and the structure of the hair should be tight.

A school cut for a boy is practical for school children. No special care is required for them.

For long models applies – cap. The transition from long to short strands goes smoothly.

Beautiful hairstyles for boys must meet the following conditions:

  1. Shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It is convenient to deal with them or to play with them.
  2. It is better if the child chooses a suitable model himself and he will like it.
  3. Young children do not match complicated patterns, mohawks or colored strands.
  4. Fashionable haircuts for boys 2016 are selected based on the child’s head and the type of face.

If the shape of the head is not very correct, you should not choose models that are too short. In this case, the options are longer.

The following models are selected:

  1. Caesar’s hairstyle is various short bangs, as well as strands of no more than five centimeters.
  2. The cap consists of two types: with a smooth transition from the top of the head to the back of the head, with side bangs.
  3. Haircut pot for a boy comes to thick strands. It is characterized by short bottom strands and long top strands.


Trend options are reduced copies of hairstyles for adults. Graduate models are in demand. They are characterized by cascading strands. Suitable ash gray and golden curls.

Beautiful hairstyles for brunet boys are obtained from multi-layer hair. This is done by combing damp curls that keep their shape after drying.

Boxing and halfboxing is considered a convenient and stylish option. It is suitable for all hair types.

Made with longer Canadian bangs. In this case, shortened closures are performed in the temple area and on the neck.

Long hairstyles for boys are popular. For example, different types of beans.

The ideal option for every season is a hedgehog. It is maintenance free and short length, you can make the model look festive. At the same time, gel is applied and protruding strands are carried out.

Cool hairstyles for boys are made with a scythe and long bangs. School children who love sports, suitable for cutting the type of playground.

The optional ladder fits curly strands. All ages are recommended vehicle types. It is done with a bang on the eyebrows.


It’s worth considering fashionable hairstyles for teenagers. Young people try to find their own style and stand out from the crowd. This model has special requirements. It should be comfortable, emphasize the advantages of the face and hide the disadvantages.

Popular models are cascade, hedgehog or hat. They are characterized by simplicity and are considered bright and fashionable.

Consider the following trendy hairstyles for teenagers:

  • Grunge style is overlaid with elements of clutter,
  • The Canadian is characterized by the cut off neck, the volume at the top of the head, fits straight and curly curls,

  • Caesar is a short haircut for a boy who has bangs,
  • Haircut cuts look on plump cheeks or angular faces, it’s usable for most people
  • Haircut dragon for boys is complemented by patterns in the temple area.


There are many modern styles. It’s worth considering both the most popular and original teen hairstyles for boys.

There are options that are not only fashionable, but are also in demand for their convenience. Some styling is suitable for active games.

Others create an intelligent picture.

The following hairstyles for teenagers are worth considering:

  • Active young men match football hairstyle. Elongated strands in the back of the head that merge into the tail. At the same time, shaved whiskey.
  • Hairstyles with original drawings like teenagers. Patterns are created on the temples or in the back of the head.

  • Haircuts for teenage boys with sharp strands allow you to create a creative picture. Looks of any kind on hair.
  • Laying with an offset center is considered dynamic. It is characterized by long curls on the crown and short temples. These hairstyles with bangs for a boy are in demand among teenagers.

  • Tomba is a hairstyle for a boy of 12 years. It looks like a little bob. The length of the strands varies between 3 and 7 cm.
  • An extravagant option is Mohawk. You need a special gel for laying.


Young people often choose hairstyles for movie characters. Variants of the army type and representations of figures from well-known films are in demand.

In order to choose the right styling for children in puberty, a few conditions must be observed:

  1. Strands should not fall on the eyes and interfere with sports or daily activities.
  2. When choosing, the structure of the hair, face type and characteristics must be taken into account.
  3. The choice is made taking defects into account
  4. Option designed to emphasize dignity.

Haircuts for little boys and teenagers should like their owners.

To correctly determine the choice, it is recommended to consider the suggestions in accordance with the face shape:

  • A child with a round face fits an asymmetrical style that visually lengthens the face. Look at options with bangs. It is worth paying attention to the haircut cap.

  • An elongated haircut for a boy fits the trapezoidal shape of the face. It is supplemented by additional volume.
  • The oval face type offers a wide range of fantasies as it is considered the ideal option for any picture.

  • Volumetric types of haircuts go with an elongated face.
  • Long oblique bangs make the triangular face more proportional.
  • Asymmetrical options match the square area.

Which option not to choose and it will look good on strong as well as healthy curls. If blunt threads in children should rethink the diet.

For a haircut to look good, it needs to be supplied with vitamins and trace elements from the inside.

Vitamins B and A and trace elements such as zinc, chromium, silicon and selenium are important for healthy hair. They can be obtained from fruits and vegetables of green color, milk, fish and liver.

Highlights when choosing haircuts

Factors to consider when choosing a haircut:

1. Pay attention to the characteristics of appearance, color and hair structure.
2. Important factors are the shape of the head and the shape of the face.
3. The character of the boy, his inner world is also taken into account.
4. The complexity of hair care.
5. The most important thing is the choice of the child. The children often know what hairstyle they need.

Stylish hairstyles for boys – features

What should be a stylish hairstyle for a boy?

• The hair must be of different lengths.
• Haircuts can be made asymmetrical with sharp transitions.
• The presence of bangs is desirable unless the child has a very low forehead.
• Shaved pictures are a fashion trend for children of different ages.
• Fashionable hairstyles for boys this year with a visual separation of the sides and top of the head. In this case, the occiput and temple area of ​​the hairstyle are as short as possible, and the crown and bangs are long strands.

Stylish hairstyles for boys between 7 and 10 years old

Here are the following trendy boy haircuts, photos of which reflect this bright trend.

Consider stylish hairstyles for boys in detail. Each hairstyle is individual and a professional master will help you choose the right picture. Together with him, you choose the perfect haircut for your child!

There may be options with long and short strands. The strands on the temples and the back of the head are cut shorter than on the crown. Cut bangs at the master’s discretion. Suitable for straight and wavy hair. The highlight of this classic and simple hairstyle is its diverse styling. Halfboxing is the perfect hairstyle for school and sports.

Popular with the smallest mods because it looks very stylish and touching at the same time. It is associated with a long occipital part and the total volume of hair. The temples are left strands of medium length. Fit the hair forward and slightly to the side.

Suitable for owners of thick, lush hair. This season is characterized by the contrast of fluffy top and shaved bottom. It is characterized by its simplicity and gentleness and is suitable for boys with a calm character. Looks good with wavy and curly curls. The photo shows this hairstyle in the short version, the longer version is more suitable for boys between 3 and 5 years.

Haircut with highlights

The option of naturalness and simplicity in a bottle when the child is ready to constantly style his hair.

It is best if the curls are about 4.5 cm long and the bangs are cut off in the middle of the forehead. Ideal student. Simple, comfortable hairstyle and at the same time stylish, without problems with care and styling.

Fast and easy haircut for boys, characterized by long strands on the side and at the top of the rounding on the back.

If you’ve considered the stylish hairstyles for boys and take into account the peculiarities of fashion trends this year, you and your child can choose the right option for you. And make the hair special with the help of professional masters and a variety of hair care products!

See more photos of hairstyles for boys ages 7, 8, 9 here.

Stylish hairstyles for teen boys – photos

A child’s puberty is a difficult phase of personality development, in which the child tries to express itself in everything, including with the help of a hairstyle. Properly chosen fashionable haircut is a promise of self-confidence and recognition of peers, a little boy is starting to pay a lot of attention to his appearance and try to change something about himself. In order for these experiments to be successful, we should consider what should be considered when choosing a hairstyle and which hairstyles should be fashionable for teenagers in 2018.

• Pay attention to the thickness and length of the hair. This depends on what types of haircuts you can do with your child and which ones you can’t.
• As with babies, the shape of the head and the shape of the face are important.
• The complexity of hair care and styling.
• Age. Some hairstyles in older children look more harmonious and natural.
• High whiskey – looks good on children with an oval face shape.
• Cut bangs directly under the eyebrows. Must be asymmetrical or torn.

Cool hairstyles for guys in 2018 can be found here.

Now we’re going to take a closer look at stylish hairstyles for boys and teenagers. How do they differ from haircuts in boys aged 7-10 years because of their important characteristics?

Shaved temple haircuts

In recent years, the most stylish and popular hairstyles have been on the podium. Distinguished by originality and courage. Perfect for a boy guide. The sides of the hair are shaved short, and a wide strip of curls remains from the forehead to the back of the head. Fits with the help of special hair care products.

Hairstyle tennis

Masters modify this type of haircut at the expense of textured strands. While laying, you can comb the bangs or experiment with the separation.

Fashionable hairstyle option for men with curly hair. The back of the head is cut short and long threads remain on the crown. With the help of styling, you can create interesting and varied hairstyle options.

Comfortable, simple and brutal.

Hedgehog hairstyle

Stylish haircut for boys, stacked with a gel or mousse.

The variant of a stylish haircut for older boys differs by a short neck, the strands on the temples are cut a little shorter, on the crown there are long, evenly cut strands. The laying is done laterally with a clearly defined separation.

This hairstyle was also rated by small mods.

Bob and Bob-Kara

Features popular at all times haircut – a long bangs and volume on the back of the head.

Teen hairstyles for boys are characterized by a variety of styling options. Young people consciously make decisions and take care of their hair independently. If younger boys primarily have simplicity and comfort, then fashionable hairstyles for teenagers aim at self-expression, at the desire to attract attention and to create a certain image. You can try teen hairstyles with a completely different length and shape and try experimenting with colors. Trendy hairstyles for boys give your child the opportunity to show their individuality, make their own decisions and properly care for their looks.

More popular teen hairstyles for boys can be found here.

In conclusion, I would like to state that there is no clear separation of haircuts for boys aged 7 to 10 years and adolescents. And even more little dandies try to keep up with the older boys and copy their image.



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