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March 18, 2020 — by MCutts0

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How many women among us fall with yours these days Hair color on. Of course, blonde has been at the top of the list for years and is preferred by many, but colored hair is also often seen. Red, purple, pink and other colors where can be combined super.

The haircuts for the bob style are suitable for every occasion, regardless of the season, whether in spring, autumn, winter or summer. In today’s article, we’ll show you the most fashionable bob haircuts and how to wear them. For the white complexion, it is advisable to wear warm brown tones that create a contrast that emphasizes both aspects, and you look more striking and fabulous, a chocolate tone will always look beautiful.

However, if you are white-skinned and prefer blondes, choose champagne tones. It will look great. Although the dark red tones make you look elegant and sensual, these colors make you look beautiful for short hair.

For the matte skin, the cold tones make it look more youthful, like the blonde ash, the caramelized chestnut and also a reddish mahogany give you a fantastic look.

For brown skin, there are ideal colors that give you more brightness and luminosity, such as red or golden ash. You will incredibly prefer these cold tones for your skin type.

Hair colors for short hair

#If you lose in beauty and elegance, they will Trends for 2018 changed radically.

#The qualities show a mixture of 2 colors in the color, mainly strong copper tones and gold.

#The combinations of imagination can not miss, but in the form of a color gradient that looks even more brilliant because they give a touch of subtlety and charming distinction.

# The overall goals a little behind the blonde Get the closest platinum as the trend towards gray will be a lot and the colors look fantastic for short hair.

#The shades of red will also be in the foreground, in their different shades, as full or intense shades of red that go through the violets and the cherries


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