The bob hairstyles short neck the latest haircut

Not everyone is brave enough to cut their hair so short. It is said that short hair is masculine and cannot be changed at all. In fact, the short bob is perfect for women who want to gently emphasize their facial features. In addition there is the bob hairstyle of every woman and nowadays there are so many options for bob styling that it is easy to find the best option.

For decades, the bob haircut has been an indispensable part of our thinking. After all, almost every woman, at least in secret, wants this section of her hairdressing board. But not all women in the world dare to try the hairstyle once in their lifetime. After all, the clear cut was an important step towards changing the type for a long time. Why shouldn’t this be the case anymore? The cultural hairstyle inspires us again and again with its versatility.

Short haircut: bob with curls

The curls mean femininity, Elegance and chic. The short bob looks ideal with all curls. If you have curly hair naturally, you can enjoy your look.

Bob hairstyles with short neck and bangs

The short bob: that determines the haircut

If you are from “Classic bob” speak, then this is a short hair freshener that ends at chin level. Because the cut is just as good as with any other woman, it is a real all-rounder. Stars like “Bond” girl Léa Seydoux (33) or “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev (28) have recognized this. You love Bob because of its versatility. Because if you choose a bob haircut, you can develop wonderfully individually. Almost every year there is a new variant that makes women’s hearts beat faster.

Bob hairstyles with short neck curls

short Bob hairstyles With a short neck

What face shape do the bob hairstyles match an A-line?

Differentiated hairstyles, especially the graduate bob, are most beneficial for women with an oval face. Since the hair is cut straight at a certain angle, you can too round faces be optically stretched. The slanted lead also harmonises perfectly with angular face shapes.

Particular attention must be paid to the pony at the end. For example, women with a round face and diagonally cut bangs look more graceful. Tall, impressed cheekbones can be emphasized perfectly with a straight bangs. If you have a square surface, avoid straight cuts. Wear an elegant, tiered bob hairstyle to visually shorten an elongated face. One of the elements must be a tight, hemmed, short, combed edge.


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