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February 4, 2018 — by MCutts0

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Not only Otto-Normal-Frau has to struggle with them. Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow also have thin hair – and know how to deal with it. Because with the right cuts, hairstyles and colors, even the thinnest mane becomes an eye-catcher!

Fine hair can also be worn long. Here, bright highlights provide more fullness and structure. The hair is only slightly layered in the lower area, the gentle waves give movement and volume.

cut & Color – the be-all and end-all for fine hair

It used to be the case that fine hair should be worn as short as possible. However, this convention can be thrown overboard today: fine hair can be worn short, medium or long. It is only important that the hair is not too strong. A compact contour optically gives more fullness and makes the hair appear thicker overall. If you want steps, then only in the bottom quarter – otherwise you take too much volume in the length of the hairstyle.

Pixie and bob cuts are very suitable for fine hair. The long bob can also be worn very well by women with fine hair. Gwyneth Paltrow’s mane, for example, is over shoulder length and looks very appealing thanks to the volume spray at the base and an accurate, geometric cut. Cameron Diaz conceals her fine strands with a shoulder-length cut that is only slightly graded towards the face.

The color is particularly important for fine hair: hard and dark tones should be avoided. Gentle strands from blonde to copper to red give the look more density. In particular, lighter highlights make the hair more grippy, since the lightening procedure slightly roughen the hair shaft.

maintenance & Styling aids – dream hair every day!

Health and volume – that is the magic formula, the the Get the most out of fine hair. Fine hair, for example, does not tolerate heavy, oil-based care products. It is better to apply moisture, ceramides and proteins to the mane with light masks.

To give your hair volume, it is best to work with a volume-giving blow-dryer lotion, such as John’s neck booster, before blow-drying Frieda. These products do not weigh the hair down. Spread the spray in damp hair and in the roots and then blow dry using a round brush or simply upside down.

Short hairstyles again Pixie-Cut can also be accentuated with hair gel after drying. Hair wax is not recommended because it is simply too rich for fine hair.

Fine hair unfortunately often tends to become static. A moisture spray, which does not have to be rinsed out, counteracts this. Otherwise, you can also work with a touch of hairspray – this reliably tames every "flying" hair!

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