The 5 most beautiful spring hairstyle trends for the coming season

September 14, 2017 — by MCutts0

Bye bye winter weather, hello spring! As soon as it gets warmer outside, they are also in high season: the most beautiful spring hairstyles. Here are the hottest spring trends that are easy to recreate!

Spring hairstyles – the new trends

Goodbye wool hats! Lasts spring with sun & Co. Moving in, the time of flying hairs, deep ponytails and flattened roots is over. High time that latest hairstyle trends to try, which is guaranteed to put every woman in a spring mood. Spring not only has sun rays in its luggage – it also inspires this season Curls! It is very popular now WOB (wavy bob), who lets his wearer walk through the day with soft waves.

Also great: the Bob in combination with a stylish pony. Get long hair with braids overnight Retro ponytail a wavy update. The classic ponytail and all plaited allowed this year – combined with extravagant hair accessories – never missing on the heads. The short hairstyles are voluminous great at the forefront in the look of the 80s.

Colorful into the new season

Need a new spring hairstyle? In addition to fresh cuts, spring also attracts new colors. If you like, take care now Pastel tones and shades in all colors of the rainbow – either allover or in the tips of the hair – for a sensation on the head. Also Strawberry and blue alongside youthful platinum blonde are among the new trend colors of the season.

Granny hair, which is now worn on the streets of all major cities worldwide, remains a trend, especially among young women. In addition to bright and pastel shades, you can now experience them too Natural hair colors a revival: This is how the natural is delivered "Dark Blond" an exciting head-to-head race with the still very popular "Bronde", a cool highlight mix of brown and blonde.

Video: these are the most beautiful hair color trends for 2018

Hello Spring! The 5 most beautiful spring hairstyles

These new hairstyle trends immediately make you want spring:

  • Half up bow: The popular Half Bun is now worn even more casually and looks more like a half-made hair loop that protrudes from the hair tie. A great look that looks stylish despite its nonchalance!
  • Curtain-Bangs: They are a gentle alternative to the radical micro pony: curtain bangs that gently wrap the face like a curtain. Another plus: In contrast to the straight cut pony, the pony grows out again more quickly.
  • Scrunchie looks: The hair accessory of the 90s is back! Scrunchies spice up all sorts of hairstyles this spring and are wonderfully versatile.
  • Octopus Bun: Wow! The already casual Bun enchants this season with a sea-inspired version of Messy. Simply pull the finished bun fluffy – done!
  • Braided ponytail: The loosely tied ponytail is and remains the classic hairstyle. The braiding technique is new this season: simply pull the braid loose with your fingertips after braiding. Voilà! The result is a casual look that harmonizes perfectly with airy spring dresses.

Spring hairstyles – the most beautiful spring trends

The new spring hairstyles not only conjure up visibly more volume, they also make your wearers walk through the warm season with greater exhilaration. No matter if messy buns, casual ponytails & Co. – The new trend hairstyles not only fit perfectly into the new season, but also also awaken feelings of spring!


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