The 30 most beautiful hairstyles for long hair – 30 great long hairstyles

September 21, 2018 — by MCutts0

Our hair is an important part of our look. Beautiful hair gives us confidence, we just feel beautiful. With a chic hairstyle you look neat and appealing. Long, healthy hair is the dream of many women! A long mane just looks great and is definitely an eye catcher. It is a great feeling to run your fingers through your own hair and there are countless ways to style the long curls. If you are looking for new hairstyle ideas, this is the right place for you, because we will provide you with them 30 most beautiful hairstyles for long hair in front. Among ours Long hairstyles will also be one or the other to you be there! Whether gentle waves, step cuts with bangs, ombré or highlights, fringed, curly or even smooth – you will love these hairstyles!

Hairstyles for long hair – layered cut

A layered cut provides more volume for thin and fine hair, it makes the hair appear fuller and visually gives more body. Is your hair rather fine and thin? Then choose a step cut! A little darker or one or two shades lighter highlights appear natural and spice up the hair color.


Tiered fringe cut with bangs – long hair hairstyles

A step cut is a good solution, especially for fine, thin hair, because it gives the hair more volume and makes it look fuller! A gentle ombré, with lighter tips and a darker approach, looks natural and spices up the hair color. However, you should never go lighter or darker than 2-3 tones than the natural hair color to guarantee the natural look.


Side bangs – long hairstyles

Lateral fringes are the ideal choice for a round face! The bangs should fall softly and go to the corner of the eye. A side bangs make a round face look longer and can also be very short. A side bangs is also suitable for a long face! The fringes of the forehead should go straight over the face and extend to the outer corner of the eye. A straight bangs up to the eyebrows also has an elongated face!


Straight bangs – nice hairstyles for long hair

But which face goes with a classic, straight pony? The answer is easy: to an oval face shape! The bangs soften the facial features, conceal a long chin or an elongated mouth. A pony that extends to the upper eyelid is particularly trendy. However, this must be cut more often!


Natural waves – quick hairstyles for long hair

Gentle waves look natural and look like a day at the sea! Those with wavy hair are best left to air dry. This trick can be used to conjure up gentle waves even on straight hair: apply heat protection spray to the hair, then roll up the strands of hair into an S, then heat up piece by piece with the flat iron. This takes about 15 seconds per strand. The waves look very natural if you leave the ends frayed.

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F long hair risks – straight hair with bangs

Long hair should be cut regularly! Cutting off the tips does not make the hair grow faster, by the way, this is a myth, but trimming will help the hair to stay long. Every 6 to 8 weeks, your curls should be freed of split ends! Then not much of the length has to be cut off, about 1-2 cm are sufficient.


Step cut with highlights – long hair hairstyles

Hairstyles for long hair are there many! You can hardly go wrong with a step cut. The hair is beautiful and full, even without much styling in the morning. 1-2 shades of lighter highlights look very natural.

Wasn’t that yet right one Long hairstyle for you? Don’t worry, just read on and you will surely find what you are looking for!


Long hairstyles – quick hairstyles for long hair

Long hair should not be washed too often! When shampooing, the hair is stripped of its natural, nourishing oils. But these oils are important so that the hair stays healthy! The hair can be washed at most two to three times a week. Always use a conditioner after washing your hair! Always apply the shampoo to the scalp, but massage conditioner into the tips.

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Simple hairstyles for long hair – straight bangs and steps

After shampooing, squeeze out the excess water with a towel. Use a broad point comb to remove hair knots from the strands. It is best to let long hair air dry! To avoid frizz and split ends, never rub the hair too rough with the towel. Microfiber towels do less damage to hair than regular towels.



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