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Now we are approaching the spring and summer months, the trend that dominates the hair world is the chop. We don’t think so, short hair – but means cheeky bobs that fall around shoulder length. Medium length hair has never been so popular! If you are blonde, there are a number of stunning medium hairstyles that would suit you. We have collected 10 absolutely incredible medium length blonde hairstyles. Each of these will bring life to your hair. They give you a perfect new look for the new season. Let’s go!

Blond balayage medium bob

We’re off to a strong start with this blonde balayage medium bob! Start by cutting your hair into a medium bob. Make sure that the levels are slightly longer on the front of the face and shorter on the back. Cut a page fringe in if you’d like. For color, opt for a dark caramel blonde all over ". Put You one sunkissed effect with light blonde highlights scattered around the front of the face and throughout the hair.

Curly blonde bob with light blonde bangs

Another beautiful blonde, bob, but a little shorter this time. Re-chop your curls to an inch or so under your chin. Opt for a deep side parting to create this fabulous swept fringe effect. Add lots of light blonde highlights, focusing around the front of your hair. Use straighteners to fill your hair with tight curls for this fantastic bouncy end result.

Golden blonde bob with curls

Curls add the perfect amount of light and lift to your cut – so you hug! New this breathtaking sun-kissed style by opting for a medium-length bob. Add lots of feathered layers to the hair create a breathtaking silhouette. Choose from a range of golden blonde highlights – light and caramel-toned. This will create a stunning blonde look. Done with curls everywhere!

Structured Straight Bob

Of course, blonde bobs also look great when you’re watching too! Chop your hair into a bob that falls an inch or so over your shoulder length. Part of your hair in the middle. Make sure there are choppy layers all around the front for the perfect finish. Keep your hair straight, but loosely ruffle it with your fingers. Add texture to the front of the hair for this amazing result.

Curled Up Under The Blonde Bob

Sweet shoulder length bobs are perfect day and night hairstyles. This stunning bob cut is a couple of inches below the jaw. Color your hair a light blonde shade of your choice. Back up, stick to glow a shadow for a golden blonde. Straighten your hair, but curl the ends under. This will give you a flawless, and the end result is super stylish.

Sexy and sophisticated blonde bob

Do you want a look that is perfect for work? New this beautiful mid length bob! Cut your hair over shoulder length. Keep the layers slightly more towards the front of your face in a cool, graduate style. Opt for many luscious blonde highlights to add light and elevate the style. Keep it straight and smooth, slightly curling the ends underneath for sophistication.

Big Disheveled and Barrel Rolled Blonde Bob

For a slightly longer look, no matter how fashionable, cut your hair just below the shoulder length. Opt for a gorgeous and warm golden blonde color all over. Add highlights if you like! Keep your hair parted in the middle. Add large barrel curls from top to bottom. Use your fingers to ruffle the curls to create this extensive and dramatic ending.

White blond balayage with loose curls

Balayage is a trend that works incredibly well with blonde hair, as you can see here. Hold your hair mid-length to your shoulders. Add soft layers during the tip of your hair. Start with your natural color at the root. With the balayage technique, blend-white blonde highlights throughout the end for a sun-kissed finish. Add loose curls all over to show the transition.

Bright blonde bob with soft waves

Soft waves bring a hairstyle to life, in a subtle yet fashionable way. Chop your curls sit perfectly around your shoulder. Hold the ends of one length. Part your hair by the side and choose a fun and lively shade of blonde for all over. You can add some highlights if you like! Using flat irons, add loose curls all over your hair and pull them out.

Blonde ombre beach waves

Ombre is an incredible hair technique that works perfectly with medium length hairstyles. New this look start with dark blonde on top and blending, light blonde. With the ombre technique, you should put two colors together perfectly. Add lots of provocative curls all over and ruffle them up for this fun and fancy finished result.

Which of these stunning blonde medium hairstyles is your favorite? Let us know what you’d like to see further on Styles Weekly!


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