Tamanna makeup, beauty and fitness secrets revealed

Tamanna secrets behind her beauty fitness

Tamanna’s Nutrition Facts:
  • Tamanna is a huge fan of yogurt, and has been brought to the southern part of the country, she is well known for the nutritional value of yogurt. She contains it in every meal and believes that she cools her body so that she can spend long hours in high heat, shooting. Tamanna is also very fond of fried meat, but w >[ Read: Shriya Saran of Beauty Secrets ]

Tamanna’s training regime:

  • Tamanna hits the gym every day without fail, and her dedicated coach is always with her to monitor her training routine. Abs crunches, weights, cardio and free hand exercises form the basis of her workout routine. It ensures that she works for one hour every day without fail.
  • Yoga is its anti-stress method itself. It combines a number of Asanas the perfect shape, and the results are clearly attainable for everyone to see. Tamanna is considered to be one of the most figure-conscious actresses in the industry, and there are good reasons for the same.

Tamanna Makeup Secrets:

  • Tamanna detests makeup when she doesn’t shoot. She is aware of the harmful effects of aggressive chemicals. She prefers to buy her makeup in New York or Paris and is particularly aware of the brands she uses. They fit their skin and they are comfortable with them. A light foundation of her dark complexion, blush on, lip gloss and a hint to suit kajal is all it takes to look like a million dollars. She pulls her hair into big curls to blow dry natural Appearance for sports.
  • This actress is also extremely careful about makeup before removing the sack. She mentioned time and again in her interviews that no matter how tired she is, she never goes to bed without proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine.
  • Tamanna also uses a homemade pack of turmeric, besan and Neem Scrub leaves as a facial and shoot their skin after a hard day. This rejuvenates the skin and opens the pores while allowing the skin to breathe.

Maybe not all, but some secrets are here, which the famous actress follows to keep a body fit and healthy. Why not try the tips above? You will be recommended by the Stern itself! Please share with us the changes you have experienced.


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