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March 21, 2020 — by MCutts0

Who will become the queen of this enchanted country in this online puzzle game and dressing game? Team up with a group of magic dolls who want to take back their kingdom from their evil rivals. With this big task they need your help to solve puzzles and create fantastic outfits!

Which of these three absolutely adorable kittens do you want to take care of first? They all want to be bathed, brushed and examined briefly. When you’re done with this, you can also choose totally cute outfits for her in this online game.

Why take a normal handbag when you can also have a totally extraordinary one? The princesses in this online game are looking for some totally crazy bags! Accompany them when shopping for handbags that look like cats, cockchafer or even donuts. You can also choose outfits for them.

These cute cats need a lot of attention before they win the top prize can .

This princess has just received a message from a friend. The pond is frozen over! So it’s the perfect day for ice skating in Princess: Ice Skating Adventure.

But what outfit should you wear? Help them choose the perfect outfits for a great afternoon in this one princesses game. You can even decorate their skates with different colors.

Looking for more Princess Skating Games? Then try it Princesses Go Ice Skating and Princesses: Ice Skating Party out.


  • USE THE MOUSE to select items and decorations.
  • CLICK LEFT to use them for the outfits.

Eliza is going on a cruise this summer. She has just arrived on a beautiful tropical island. Help her relax with a delicious smoothie while trying out new makeup and more!

Create your own rock star with Loli and her friends in this dress up game and design game! You can choose hair color, outfit and much more!

For this former mermaid, it’s time to get a completely new style! Can you help her decide what to do with her hair in this makeover game? Get her on hand when she designs a magical new look and also a great outfit.

It is the perfect evening for a bonfire. It was a beautiful, fresh autumn day and these five princesses are in the mood for a party. Can you help them choose the right outfits for this dress up game??

How are you going to color these totally cute bears? In this painting game you can create your worlds imaginatively with all sorts of fantastic colors.

These friends want to spice up their fashion style, so it is high time for new outfits and hairstyles. Do you help them choose cute tops, skirts, sunglasses, and more? Then you can still make them individual bracelets in this great dressing and design game for girls!

This former mermaid has yet to get used to life on land. Now she has got a job as a barista in a café. Can you help her get all the orders done in this business simulation game? From Caffè Americano to Latte, she has to prepare all kinds of coffee and at the same time draw beautiful patterns such as leaves, cats, bears and more in the foam!

Summer selfies are totally popular in social media apps. These three princesses want Post a few summer selfies in this online design and simulation game. Can you help them find the best summer styles before taking their photos? For the perfect snapshots you need the right outfit and the right place.

Wish day is the most magical day of the year! Will these fairies’ dreams come true? Find out in this magical dress up game! Help the fairies choose fantastic outfits, hairstyles and more to celebrate the day they want!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and these three princesses are looking forward to a cozy afternoon by the pool. But what should they wear? Can you help them find the right swimwear for maximum relaxation in this dress up game and design game??

The holidays are starting soon! Do you help this young designer prepare for it in Holiday Deco Handmade Shop?

She wants to decorate her boutique with a lot of great things like Christmas garlands, stockings, lights and much more! She has to watch her budget and fulfill her daily goals Decoration game.

If you want more Christmas games looking for, then try Sisters: Christmas Room Prep and Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol.


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