Summer hairstyles 2015 for short hair

March 2, 2018 — by MCutts0

There are many unique summer hairstyles 2015 for short hair that make you look lovable and beautiful. When summer comes, women think about new ways to wear their hair. In summer, you can try a thousand unique hairstyles for short hair, as the warm weather brings ruffled textures and bright paint jobs that are often missed in winter. Here are a few wonderful short hairstyles that you can try in 2015.

Intense red (Bold Red)

A ton of volume and an intense red color can really make your short hairstyle stand out.

Notes on styling

– Use a volumizing mousse for towel-dried hair.
– Slightly part your hair diagonally to one side.
– Use your fingertips to lift the roots, If you Blow dry your hair.
– A small round brush can be used to lift and twist your hair towards the back.
– For additional control, use a medium hold hairspray.

Layered Bob Hairstyle

The layered bob is a slightly different variant compared to the conventional bobs. If you have a slightly longer bob, you can poke your hair up if necessary. You can use your hair too waves frizz. The layered bob offers a fashionable, stylish, appealing look for less working time. Long layers keep your angled bob silky, smooth and perfect for summer. To style your layered bob hairstyle silky and smooth, do the following.

Notes on styling

– Use a heat protection serum.
– Use a hair straightener.
– For more control, use a medium hold hairspray.

Best face shape for a layered bob

This hairstyle works best on square, heart, or oval face shapes and is the easiest for wavy or straight hair.

Short braids

Braids on either side of the middle give your short hair an edgy feel. The best thing is that they are super light and easy to create.

Notes on styling

– Use a volumizing mousse on your dry hair.
– Use a medium-sized round brush to lift and straighten your hair while blow drying.
– Divide each page into two horizontal sections.
– Now braid both sections so that the braid is visible on the outside. Make sure to secure the end of each braid with a hairpin.

These are the some wonderful and popular summer hairstyles 2015 for short hair. You can try these hairstyles in different variations with your short hair. Short haircuts and hairstyles are particularly popular in summer because they look cooler in warm temperatures.


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