Stylist: 5 signs a woman has no sense of style!

I have been working as a stylist for over six years. A faceless and outdated wardrobe is the main scourge of the Polish style. Many girls dress too monotonous and old-fashioned. Let’s see what are their most unfounded mistakes.

# 1. Don’t add a cardigan to every outfit

Are you used to wearing a cardigan over dresses, shirts, blouses, T-shirts and other tops? Give up this habit. A short and thin cardigan can compromise even the most expensive outfit, giving it a cheap and cheesy look. If it is cold outside or you want to dilute the image a bit, wear a jacket or blazer.

# 2. Don’t just wear black shoes, wear other colors too

Black shoes are incredibly versatile and fit almost everything, which is why many women abuse them. But it’s a sure way to get a boring and old-fashioned outfit. Try wearing shoes in vivid and bold colors. You will notice that not only your image will change for the better, but also your mood.

# 3. Don’t wear tight T-shirts

How many times have stylists told the world that tight T-shirts are vulgar and old-fashioned, but women all over the world still buy them. The basic T-shirt should be made of thick cotton, with a small round or V-neck. The T-shirt should fit freely to the body, and not emphasize our every fold and roundness.

# 4. Out of season tights

When and how do we wear black tights? This question worries hundreds of women. Here, too, the stylists’ opinions were divided. However, we share the opinion of Jess Cartner-Morley of The Guardian that black tights should only be worn from September to April.

# 5. Don’t overdo your sexuality

Mini skirts in combination with high boots and a deep neckline are by no means the best idea. Regardless of their age, they look vulgar, grumpy and out of place. Combine the heels with midi and maxi skirts only and forget about the mini skirt and neckline in the same outfit. Generally avoid necklines and mini skirts. Beauty must be emphasized elegantly.