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March 5, 2020 — by MCutts0

Stylish long hairstyles for school girls 2019

It’s no secret that teenagers always want to try new things. Well, it’s more than understandable, but it’s important to know what hairstyle you can wear at school. Comfort is the first thing to consider before getting a hairstyle for school. Aside from that, your hairstyle must also be stylish. If we keep these thoughts in mind, we have some stylish ones long hairstyles put together for school girls 2019.

Loose side braid

When it comes to schoolgirl hairstyles, braids are what you want to use the following style, part your hair on the side and sweep your curls on the side braid into a loose side braid. If you have long fringes, try not to hide them, but of course let them fall over your face. If your bangs are too long, just put them together or mix them with the braid. In fact, this is the easiest hairstyle for teenage girls.

Mini braids: long hairstyles for school girls 2019

This is the easiest hairstyle you can ever try, and it works pretty cool for school. Well, start separating your curls in the middle. Take the front side threads and weave them in two mini braids. Take the braids and put them over the neck. Let the rest of the locks drop gently. It’s a great style to take the curls off your face, and it doesn’t look messy at all.

Side ponytail: long hairstyles for school girls 2019

It’s already the sackiest Hollywood starlet trend and it’ll be perfect for school too. Ponytails are always practical and can be rocked anywhere. This ponytail is striking and requires proper hair combing and side cutting. Bring the strands to one side and tie them together with a hair tie. Use the comb to tease your tail. But don’t try to overdo it.

Curly ponytail

If you have wavy or curly curls, you might think of this version of the ponytail, which is no less chic. It’s just a great option for your texture. You can try either a side or medium ponytail. Create a low ponytail that will keep your curls tight and prevent the curls and waves from falling out and getting messy. It’s a great option to tame your unruly strands.

Flip tail

The following ponytail is suitable for all ages. divide she her Hair in the middle and pull it back, turn the sides and bring them backwards. Finish the look by tying the strands together. It’s actually a great hairstyle that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. You can never make a mistake with this fabulous and low maintenance updo.


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