Style rules for chubby women: how to look stylish every day?

Fashion is no longer affected by stereotypes: girls of all shapes can express themselves and look the way they want. That’s why blogger Iskra Lawrence is not ashamed of herself and actively runs an Instagram page about style.

Fashion for plump ladies
A monochrome, white outfit is an excellent choice for a summer walk, because the white color rejuvenates and slims the figure. It is important that the pants and shirt have a different texture and shade.

A decent V-neck is always welcome, especially if you have a beautiful chest.

In the picture below, the length of the dress and its cut have been well chosen. The dress emphasizes the hips, emphasizes the waist and balances the upper and lower parts of the outfit. And a fine print visually slims the figure.

At the same time, the jacket was poorly chosen. Dense fabrics will make you chunky, and green skin will look strange and out of place.

Animal print clothes are a very controversial choice, especially in this shade. The outfit looks vulgar and out of place.

Even the shape of the pants is not suitable for chubby women. The pants are flared too much, making the legs look even thicker. And the jacket is too loose, which makes the woman even fuller.

A wonderful red dress made of dense fabric that emphasizes feminine shapes.

The color is perfectly suited to the girl, and the belt emphasizes the waist. But the whole picture is spoiled by inappropriate length of the dress: it “cuts” the figure.

A black high waisted jumpsuit can work wonders. Overall, monochrome outfits and vertical lines will make you look taller and slimmer.

As paradoxical as it sounds, if you’re chubby and wearing high waisted pants, you’ll need to pair them with a slim fit top. This trick will emphasize your curves and make you more appetizing.

A blouse with a floral print in combination with bright red pants looks great. But for balance, the outfit should be diluted with a dark cardigan.

Unusual, dark-colored jumpsuit emphasizes the beautiful body of the model. A pink coat would be appropriate if it were not for the print: a large cage does not suit full ladies, as it makes the figure bulky and bulky.

The outfit looks impeccable, although the tone is very bright. The color emphasizes the upper body, and due to the contrast with the white shirt, the focus is on the chest.

Do you remember the red dress we talked about earlier? Here is another good model, but this time the dress is just the right length.

The navy blue outfit slims the model, and the good length favorably emphasizes the graceful ankles. High-heeled sandals complete the outfit, making it light and romantic.