Step by step retro hairstyles: guide to this vintage hair

Did you rock Katy Perry’s retro hairstyle on the recent award feature? Well, it’s not just you who rocks all kinds of vintage hairstyles. Celebs and `normal` people are all in the same for simple retro hairstyles now! Retro hairstyles are timeless, simple and very easy to create, provided you have the right kind of tutorials to help you along the way! In this article we will tell you how to do retro hairstyles step by step.

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How to do retro hairstyle

These are cheap and easy and you won`t even need a lot of resources to copy these styles! So, let’s start doing with how retro hairstyle looks!

The Rolls And Braid Game

The simplest of all hairstyles, that’s a very simple and easy to do. You can add a scarf to make it more beautiful. This is the step by step how to do retro vintage hairstyle:
Lightly comb the hair at the crown of the head and back middle Part of it.

For the braid, make a small one on one side of your hair. Now secure this braid with a little scrunchy.

Do this with the other part of the hair and come together with the braids at the back of the head.

For the remaining hair, tie it into a ponytail and secure it to the base of the neck. Your role and braid hairstyle is done, but you can add a scarf to it as mentioned above. Take the scarf and place it on the middle at the top of the ends of the ponytail. Now slowly roll the ends around the scarf.

This is the pictorial representation of how you can do this vintage hairstyle:

The Petite Victory Rolls

This requires a little patience though! Also remember to look this hair and keep it much better with hair that is at least a day old. Don’t shampoo your hair if you like this hairstyle appearance want. Here’s what you need:

  • curling irons
  • Bobby pins
  • Fine comb
  • Hairspray to hold the hair

Step-by-step guide:

1. Middle part of your hair and take two sections of your hair. Pin these two sections of hair behind your ears and you would use them later

2. Curl-tip two inches of hair into two sections and hang them with hairpins. You can also use curl pens

3. Now take the front sections of the hair that you had held aside in the first instance and straight up until the front part of it is smooth. One-way curl spray your hair when you use the curlers or irons. Bobby your curled roller pen and gently spray it with a setting or holding spray. Be sure to roll your BobbyPin inside out so no pens are showing

4. Step 3 on both sides of the hair so that both sides fit properly. Make sure you knead your curls properly for a gorgeous look. Spray your hair liberally

How to fake bob

Faux bobs were all over the city and are really pretty. While the style takes a little patience and practice, the results are breathtaking! It’s a look that will wonder if you really can make your curls choppy!

Here`s how to do it:

  1. Divide hair into four sections and roll each section carefully – except for some of the hair on the nape
  2. Bra >

These three vintage styles are the most popular at the time. Follow the instructions to get it right!


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